Symphogear – Episode 3 – Passing in the Night

Posted on May 03 2012

Hello and welcome back to another awesome edition of the YuleBlog. Will our heroines have destroyed each other like they were poised to do in the last episode? Let’s find out!


Well, it looks like Tsubasa didn’t beat Hibiki to a bloody pulp. She still hasn’t gotten much better at fighting though. According to the head guy, it’s been a month since then and things aren’t going well. Well it is only the third episode, I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.

Looks like all this extra work is taking its toll on Hibiki. Kinda hard working full time as a superhero and still doing homework. Flashback time. This scientist is kinda creepy the way she talks about Hibiki. These armed gear must be the sword and spear that Tsubasa and Kanade had. Tsubasa’s has evolved a bit, but Hibiki doesn’t seem to have one yet.

Who the heck is this guy to be able to block that huge sword like it was nothing? Not only did he make a huge crater, he blew his own shoes off. These agency people are more interesting than they first let on. Here in Tsubasa’s flashback, we see that she still can’t stop thinking about Kanade’s death.

Suddenly, we have an urgent text. Time for a meeting so I guess homework will have to wait. Nothing like depressing words while you get changed. Looks like we might get an explanation about Noise today. From what I can tell, the Noise has been around forever, but it was usually pretty rare. It seems like it’s all gathering around here for something called Durandal.

Now, I don’t know how actual history works, but I do know that Durandal is the name of Eliwood’s sword in Fire Emblem. Seems like this Durandal isn’t too different. While Heavenrend and Gungnir are mostly fragments, Durandal is mostly complete. It sounds like it takes more song power to trigger it though. On top of that, someone is trying to hack the computer to find out more about Durandal.

Ryoko sure does like to talk about herself. I feel like I need an adult every time she’s let loose near Hibiki though. And now Hibiki is in trouble again. I like how everyone else keeps saying this isn’t an anime. Good thing we finished all our homework, too bad we have to skip out on watching shooting stars because of work though.

Hibiki’s friend is more understanding than most people would have patience for. Now it’s time for an Aoi Yuuki song performance. Looks like she’s getting the hang of fighting, even without a weapon. It helps when every punch or kick works just as well. Getting angry also seems to trigger something. Reminds me of the berserker mode from Evangelion.

Good thing Nana Mizuki showed up to finish off the last one. Who is this new person? And why are they wearing the relic from episode one? Since Symphogear is all about cliffhangers, we’ll have to find out next time.



Who is this mysterious new armored person? Are they friend or fiend?

You can watch Symphogear either on Funimation or Niconico! Both are the same, but Niconico has a unique comment feature, so check it out after you’ve watched the episode at least once to avoid spoilers!

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