Symphogear – Episode 2 – Noise and Disharmony

Posted on Apr 26 2012

It’s time for another rousing edition of the YuleBlog! This week, we’ll dive right back into where we last left off, so let’s stop wasting time and get right to it!


When we last left our plucky heroine, if you can describe Hibiki as such, she was transforming into one of those awesome musical warriors. Kinda wish I could do that, but I bet you have to be a girl to do it. How sexist. That’s right, Gungnir is Kanade’s old weapon/armor/whatever.

Let’s take this time to talk about Synchrogazer. Another of Nana Mizuki’s awesome anime themes lately, it has a lot going on in it. You have Hibiki and Tsubabsa transformed and fighting Noise, but who’s this other chick the show? We’ll have to learn more about her later. So as we saw in the first episode, every fight sequence is accompanied by its own insert song. Hibiki is voiced by Aoi Yuuki, the person who voiced Victorique in our last series, Gosick. she has a nice singing voice. Too bad Hibiki doesn’t quite have the hang of this whole thing yet. She’s not doing bad for a first-timer though. That and she has to watch out for this little girl.

Here comes the cavalry in the form of Tsubasa. Nana Mizuki will show us how it’s done. You charge in with swords and energy blasts and that is a huge sword. Tsubasa has obviously been at this for a while. Well it’s nice to have a drink, but now we’ve dropped it from transforming back. It looks like having your life saved comes with a nondisclosure agreement. Makes me hope my life isn’t put in danger. And now Hibiki is being taken away by this organization.

Here we are at school at night. Now we’re in an elevator, which apparently goes at mach speed. Just where exactly are we being taken? So much for smiles won’t help, we’re having a party thrown in Hibiki’s honor. I like how this guy wears a tie, but just tucks it into his pocket. Looks like we’re deep in the heart of some FBI type place.

They obviously know what’s going on, so hopefully they can tell us. But first, we have to agree not to tell anyone that we’re super transforming singing warriors. And we also have to strip. Wait, why do we have to strip? Now we’re back in the dorm with Hibiki’s friends whose name I can’t remember. Apparently Tsubabsa is going international, which is always good. Nothing can possibly go wrong from not telling our best friend about what’s going on. Why don’t these girls sleep in their own separate beds.

Meanwhile, in the a shower with Tsubasa, she’s having flashbacks of fighting with Kanade. Obviously she’s upset of how Hibiki is using Kanade’s suit. As you can imagine, being a part of some super secret organization kinda sucks away most of our free time. Oh we had to have an examination yesterday. Stripping suddenly makes sense now. Everything seems normal after the first transformation, aside from the fact that we can do it.

It’s time for explanations, so everyone pay attention. Tsubasa’s relic is called Heavenrend, an appropriate name. Looks like it takes the idle form of a necklace. There are a bunch of crystals like it, and Tsubasa only has a fifth of the original. I would imagine having more makes you more powerful. By singing, you activate the power of the relic and use the power to transform it into a Symphogear. But if Tsubasa’s is a necklace, we did our relic come from?

If you all take moment to think back to what happened two years ago, Hibiki kinda got shot by something and almost died. Turns out they were fragments of Gungnir from when Kanade tried to block the Noise attacks, and now they’re stuck right next to Hibiki’s heart. Kanade is a super touchy subject for Tsubasa, probably because she hasn’t been able to talk to anyone about it. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Suddenly we’ve turned into Spiderman.

Since no one else can fight the Noise, we kinda have to rely on Hibiki and Tsubasa. I wish I knew where exactly the Noise came from, but hopefully we’ll get to that later when it’s more important. In classic fashion, Tsubasa doesn’t want to work with Hibiki right away. we’ll have to go through several episodes of bonding to fix that. And now we’re under attack by Noise. Time to go fight.

It doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot of them. Except they turned into one giant monster. That’s just a bigger target for Tsubasa. Hibiki comes on with the assist, and Tsubasa finishes it off with a big flashy attack. Great teamwork guys, what are you gonna do next? Oh… they’re gonna fight each other. This seems counter productive, but we’ll have to wait for next time to see how it turns out. For now, we have the true ending. It’s a pretty decent song, but I like Synchrogazer better so I won’t be talking about it too much.


QUESTION TIME! A little expository, but I feel we’ve learned plenty of vital information. How long will it take for Hibiki and Tsubasa to actually get along? Only time will tell!

You can watch Symphogear either on Funimation or Niconico! Both are the same, but Niconico has a unique comment feature, so check it out after you’ve watched the episode at least once to avoid spoilers!

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