Kayarath’s Adventures In Pitching Anime Concepts

Posted on Jan 12 2012

Anime can be about anything. From love and war to samurai and spaceships, chances are there’s an anime about it. There are some things that aren’t anime, and that makes me sad. No matter how broad something is, there’s always stuff left undiscovered. There are lots of things that would be great in anime form! I can’t convince the studios to make them but I can suggest them here for you to consider!

My first candidate for inspiring an anime is Ron Paul! For those of you not well versed in American politics, Ron Paul is a Texas Congressman know for his libertarian beliefs. As of January 2012, he’s knee deep in the royal rumble that is the 2012 Republicans Presidential Primaries. While many Republicans may say the government should get out of your life, Ron Paul means it! He even voted against giving Mother Teresa a Congressional Gold Medal because the Constitution doesn’t list that as a duty for the government! Ron Paul is a rare type of politician who follows through on his beliefs, even when it’s not in his best interests to do so. Due to being somewhere between crazy and awesome, he has a small but very loyal following.

Few people have their name on a blimp...

A Ron Paul anime would have plenty of things to cover. There could be arcs about his air force career or his congressional life. If you need a filler episode, have him deliver a baby or two. Other episodes can explain his political views like why the dollar should tied to the gold standard, the evils of the Federal Reserve, or the positive effects of increasing state rights (like legalizing marijuana). The idea of a Ron Paul anime is actually more plausible than you think. If there’s a Ron Paul blimp, there can be a Ron Paul anime!

Another great anime concept would be KROZE. KROZE!!! It may be personal bias, but a KROZE anime would be the best thing ever. It’s KROZE; animated! What more could you want? There’s no need to explain or justify why this would be the best idea ever. I’m sure millions of people would tune in to see KROZE’s adventures as he goes to conventions, works with Hatch, or simply hangs about being KROZE!

I would also like to take this opportunity to explain my feelings on KROZE. Many people believe my love of KROZE is like that of a fangirl for her favorite voice actor. They couldn’t be farther from the truth! When I look upon the face of KROZE, I feel not the fangasm of joy and excitement, but something far deeper! To me, looking at the face of KROZE is to experience fulfillment on the same level as a Muslim who touches the place where Muhammad first encountered God, a Christian who has found the Holy Grail, or a Buddist reaching Nirvana! I dare say that my feelings on KROZE is beyond explanation!

He's the badest Heeb this side of Tel Aviv.

The next anime pitch I’m suggesting is not beyond explanation, but close to it. It’s The Hebrew Hammer! To sum this up in few words, he’s basically a Jewish Shaft. To sum it up in more words, The Hebrew Hammer is a made for TV (specifically Comedy Central) movie about the hyper radical defender of Jews everywhere, The Hebrew Hammer! When Santa Claus is overthrown by his evil son, the Jewish Justice League must bring down the Hammer in order save Hanukkah from being snuffed out! Movie highlights include countless parodies/jokes on Jewish culture, Andy Dick, and a protagonist who duel wields shotguns. If you think I’m making this up, I’m not! Go ahead and Google it! It’s an intellectual property ripe for the picking! I bet it would turn out to be an awesome anime!

It’s True! It’s True! No, I’m not dattebayoing (this word was made by verbing the Japanese word dattebayo, which is used to add emphasis to a phrase. Naruto is known for overusing it) my previous sentence. That’s the name of the novel I wanted to recommend as being anime ready. I wanted to include at least one novel in this. It’s True! It’s True! is the “autobiography” of Kurt Angle (Angle wrote it with the aid of a professional writer). Yes, the same Kurt Angle who now wrestles for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Simply put, the book is perfect fodder for shonen anime. Before he got into professional wrestling, Angle’s dream was to win an Olympic Gold Medal to honor his dead father. To achieve his dream, he undergoes ridiculously brutal training and wrestles despite doctor warnings and having a broken neck. If that’s not a shonen plot, I don’t know what is! If there’s demand for another season, it can cover his time as a professional wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and elsewhere.

Hope Rides Alone

If you want something darker for an anime, there are few worlds darker then The Protomen’s. If you’re a regular listener, you’ll need no introduction to the dark rock opera epic loosely inspired by Mega Man (if you’re not, you should be! Just sayin’). Their CDs are designed to tell a complete story with each song being a chapter in it. It’s done so epically it’ll never occur to you just how ridiculous the concept actually is. It would be such an awesome anime! The biggest problem I can see is that it does draw from the Mega Man universe. To avoid the deathtrap of copyright and intellectual property laws, character names and such would have to be changed. The Protomen’s connection to Mega Man is so loose that their story wouldn’t be hurt at all by making those adjustments. At the very least, the soundtrack for it would be great. I even know the perfect band to do it.

My final suggestion for an anime would be us, 91.8 The Fan! The world’s first 24/7 live DJ online anime radio station would be perfect anime material. I even have the pitch ready! Brie wants to spread her love of anime and Asian culture to the whole world, but it’s harder than even she would imagine! In between dealing with voice actors, surviving conventions, and herding the bunch of cats that is 91.8 The Fan staff, she’s the mascot of the world’s first anime themed radio station! It’s a mile a minute but it’s everything she wants and nothing she doesn’t! Doesn’t reading that make you want to watch it right now? Sadly, it is but a dream, but dreams can come true, can’t they?

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