Bargain Player – Recon CS-6 Review

Posted on Apr 05 2012

I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching lately, wondering if gaming is really something worth writing about. Sure, they’re a lot of fun to play and all, but who really wants to read about a game they could be playing? And even if they did, the market’s already so flooded with other game reviewers that why would anyone want to read my foolish opinion out of them all? So I got to thinking, what else do people really enjoy that no one really writes reviews about? And then I had an epiphany.


After all, it’s Nerf or nothing. And who doesn’t enjoy pretending to murder their friends and family and random strangers with small foam darts! So I’ve decided to become the Bargain Player and take a look at one of my favorite Nerf guns, the Recon CS-6.

Truly, this is the perfect gun for any Nerf enthusiast. Complete with 5 separate pieces, this gun consists of a modular design. Want to use it as a primary weapon? Deck it out with all five pieces in order to make an awesome assault rifle. Tell all your friends that it’s an M-16 and then try not to get beat up! Want to pretend to be Colonel O’Neill (two Ls, not one!)? Go ahead snap the rifle butt onto the base and now you have a pretend P-90! Just want a freaking weapon that isn’t bulky as heck? Throw everything else back in the box and use the base as a pistol. The possibilities are endless! (Editor’s Note: Possibilities are not endless.)

The base pistol, being the most important part of the Recon CS-6, is extremely well made. Using a spring powered slide on the top of the weapon to fire, this semi-automatic beacon of frenetic foam is clearly a two-handed weapon, meant for only the manliest of small anemic children. On top of that this weapon uses an ammo clip than can hold up to six rounds, meaning that with a few extra clips (available at your local toy store!) you become an unstoppable semi-effective pretend killing machine!

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there, as the Recon CS-6 also comes equipped with a sweet rifle butt attachment to add stability to this non-lethal weapon. On top of that if you do manage to get your extra Nerf clips (Buy them now!) you can store one of them inside of the rifle butt for quick reloading action! Or you can use the laser sight (some batteries and screw driving required) in order to line up your shot inaccurately, because aiming is for losers!

Speaking of aiming, the Recon CS-6 also comes equipped with an iron-sight attachment, just in case the laser sight wasn’t good enough! Because when I’m in the middle of high octane shoot out I want to aim using iron sights! Finally the Recon CS-6 also comes complete with a mandatory barrel extension, just in case you’re feeling sorry for your friends and you want to slow down your bullets with the barrel’s extra friction. See, this gun is both functional and polite! Truly this is a gentleman’s weapon of choice.

So what are you guys waiting for? Go out and buy this amazing piece of ballistic foam technology. It even comes in a variety of different color schemes, to differentiate your CS-6 from all of your friends’! Tune in next week when we take a look at the Vulcan Blaster and discuss why a belt fed machine gun was a necessary addition to a children’s war game. Until then, this is Bargain Player, heading out!


Oh, and by the way…


April Fools.

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