Kayarath’s Adventures In Listening To Voices

Posted on Jul 28 2011

The Voice Actor is a very usual occupation and the people who become Voice Actors are an interesting lot. They are known to occasionally gather at anime conventions (like AnimeNEXT). If one was to observe them for a prolonged period of time, you could learn many things. I have done such a thing and now I will share what I have learned with you.

Lesson One: There are lots of awful jobs in the world. News Radio can be depressing because there’s a lot of bad news to report. Retail and Sales are no slices of pie either, but it does get worse. A “pet executioner” is just plain sad to do. There’s even a job called “Strawberry Shortcake Girl,” and yes, it is the worst thing ever.

Lesson Two: Getting into voice acting is like getting a high level in an MMORPG; you need to grind! Getting acting experience, of any kind, is a vital step towards working as a voice actor. You’ll also may need to wear panties on your head. Hey, I just report the stuff.

I don't care that you caught a Vulpix or whatever playing Pokemon! Now put these panties on your head and get to work!

Lesson Three: When you voice a character for a long time, they can become a part of you. They can teach you things like the importance of confidence, integrity, and gentle strength. Other times, you wish the characters you voiced weren’t so spineless. In Nodoka’s (a.k.a. “Bookworm” from Negima!) defense, she’s a lot braver in the manga.

Lesson Four: Replacing another voice actor’s role as a popular character is very difficult. These are very big shoes to fill. Imagine the pressure of voicing Ash from Pokemon! It would be too much for some people. Fan expectations can be very high and they may very well lynch you if you fail to meet them. It requires a very large amount of practice to get all the mannerisms down.

Lesson Five: There are good cons and there are bad cons. AnimeNEXT is a good convention. Greg Ayres is willing to go on record as saying that. He worked as staff as some cons so he would know more than most. There also bad conventions that mistreat staff, don’t pay voice actors for their appearances, and are badly managed in general. I won’t give names here though, because I don’t want to promote bad cons and because I shouldn’t badmouth a con I never been to.

Lesson Six: There is demand for Hydrogen fuel cell cars, especially with wings. Time travel is also on the list of wants. MAKE IT HAPPEN SCIENCE!

Vic Mignogna loves the ladies, and the ladies love Vic Mignogna.

Lesson Seven: I am embarrassed on humanity’s behalf! Why? VIC MIGNOGA! I was warned that he’s incredibly popular but nothing could prepare me for seeing it in real life. It’s been estimated that there were between 115-150 mass screamings during his panel. Vic interacting with his fangirls during his panel is exactly like Tamaki hosting customers during Ouran High School Host Club. It’s no wonder he wanted to play Tamaki so badly. What’s more amazing it that this is a regular occurrence. Vic Mignoga is scheduled for about 23 conventions over a 12 month period; that’s about a convention every other week! Still, if you can stand the screaming, I recommend you go see his panel anyway. He has a convention only treat that really is worth watching.

If you’re wondering who said what, Michelle Knotz (the voice of Jessie from Team Rocket) taught lessons one, four and six. Bill Rogers (voiced Pokemon’s Brock) contributed to lessons one, two, four, and six. Leah Clark (Nodoka and many other girls from Negima!) helped in lessons three and six. Trina Nishimura (Milly in the Trigun movie!) assisted in lessons six. Robert Axelord (KNEEL BEFORE ZED!) supported lessons five and three. Lesson seven is brought to you by Vic Mignoga (Edward from both Full Metal Alhemist series) of course. Tom Wayland (Pokemon’s voice director) supported lesson one. Greg Ayres (the Pope kid from Trinity Blood) was there for lessons two and five.

If you’re really interested in learning more, consider going to your local con and meeting the voice actors that go there as guests! We also interview them regularly here on The Fan! What I told you today is just the tip of their iceberg formed of coolness. You can learn so much more when you meet them. For example, you can learn the definition of the longest word ever, the cutest cat name that can exist, or how amazing adorable old men can be; seriously! Robet Axelord can actually be described as moe! I’m not kidding at all!

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  • nerdwerld August 4, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    Yeah, I didn’t know of the popularity of VA until this year at Otakon where all the fan girls cried Tatum… it was quite a scary experience.

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