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Posted on Jul 14 2011

Being part of the staff here at 91.8 The Fan is a seriously great thing. It’s rewarding in so many different ways I can’t even count them all. However, there is one benefit in my mind that reigns supreme above all others. By being part of 91.8 The Fan, I get to call myself a comrade of Kroze. Kroze is incredibly awesome and for The Fan to be able to recruit him must mean The Fan is incredibly awesome as well.

I can sing the praises of Kroze endlessly. Kroze; the man who was once the herald of YU-GI-OH: The Abridged Series. Kroze; who can raise hundreds of dollars for charity by selling people the privilege of touching him (with weapons… moving at a high velocity; but still! Hundreds of dollars!). Kroze, who now podcasts with Hatch every Saturday night here at this very station. Kroze, who’s name I can scream endlessly.

I can’t barely fathom this idea; but I suspect that there may be people that do not understand the greatness that is Kroze. The chance of this is very small, but any chance that a person does not know Kroze’s greatness is to big of a chance for me! I shall prevent such a thing by telling you the following tale.

Long ago, in the year 2010, I learned through Little Kuriboh’s Youtube account that he and Kroze would attend AnimeNEXT 2010 as special guests. Intrigued by the prospect of meeting them, I decided to attend myself. However, meeting them would proved harder then I thought.

When I arrived there, I learned that there would be a YU-GI-OH Abridged panel. I attempted to attend the event but but was turned away by volunteer guarding the door. Apparently, the event was full by the time I got there and they couldn’t admit any more people because it exceed capacity. I was upset that I couldn’t get in but maximum capacities must be enforced for safety reasons. At this point I would like to note that I attempted to enter the panel at least twenty minutes before it started. I would also like to note that the panel was being held in one of the main stages that could hold at least a hundred people. Yet with these factors favoring me I still was unable to enter because so many people beat me to it. With the possibility of looking upon the face of Kroze at stake, I should have expected no less.

Behold! The Face of Kroze!

Later on, I decided to walk through the Dealer’s Room, looking at the various wares being offered. There I discovered the YU-GI-OH Abridged booth. There, I found Kroze. At first I did not believe it was really him. I asked him, “Excuse me; are you Kroze?” All he said back was, “Yes.” A moment later; the realization that I looked upon the face of Kroze struck me. I began madly leaping into the air yelling, “IT’S KROZE! IT‘S KROZE!” again and again. A moment later I fell to my knees. Such was the presence of Kroze that I lost my will to stand. Endless tears of joy began to gush from my eyes. I tried to hold them back but it was no use. The promise I made to myself not to cry in front of Kroze evaporated like the chances that Square Enix wouldn’t make endless Kingdom Hearts sequels. Kroze is truly an intense experience.

Regaining my composure was a slow but inevitable process. Once I stopped crying, I decided to buy a YU-GI-OH: The Abridged Series T-shirt. Their inventory was stretched thin by the time I got there. I couldn’t get an “In America” or “Screw the Rules” t-shirt. I had to settle for a hair guy t-shirt. With Kroze drawing in the crowds, I can only assume to be lucky that any t-shirt was left to purchase. When I had a moment alone, I donned the clothing that I brought.

I also learned that there was a YU-GI-OH: The Abridged Series autograph session later that day. I decided to attend it. There was Kirbopher, the guy who does the drawings for the series there. I also had the opportunity to expose my Beaver (Warrior card) at LittleKuriboh (so that he could sign it). Lastly, there was once again, Kroze… I managed to contain the endless tears of joy long enough to request that he sign the hair guy shirt that I was now wearing. Kroze, in his infinite wisdom and kindness, did sign the very shirt that I purchased and was now wearing.

Now, you may think that Kroze is awesome merely by signing my shirt, but that is but the tip of the iceberg. Even I didn’t realize the true power of Kroze until later that day. You see, a while later I found myself in an elevator. There were also several women in that elevator. One of them must have recognized that my t-shirt was from YU-GI-OH: The Abridged Series. She said to me “nice shirt,” confirming that subtle bond that many fans of a series share. Wanting to show off, I turned around and said, “Signed by Kroze himself, no less,” as I pointed to the spot where Kroze signed his name.

Behold! The handwriting of Kroze! On a T-shirt no less!

What happened next was unexpected. It was as if an emotional bomb exploded. All composure in the elevator evaporated in an instant. This group of anime appreciators transformed into squealing fangirls. They were yelling; they were screaming; they were suggesting I sell my autographed piece of clothing for big bucks on eBay. They were experiencing what some would call a “fangasm.”

Soon enough the elevator opened and I continued on my way. I honestly felt good at the reaction I caused. It was not until many months later that I realized the true significance of that situation. It’s a fairly common thing for a person to have a powerful reaction when meeting a celebrity. Had they have the same reaction upon meeting the likes of Vic Mignogna or Steve Blum no one would bat an eye. However, they didn’t react at the sight of Kroze, as I did. They reacted to a t-shirt with his handwriting on it!

Have you ever heard of people screaming because they saw an autographed piece of clothing? That’s insane! How adored must a person be in order to inspire such deep fandom? How charismatic must that person be to garner such adoration? Those questions are beyond me but I do know this; Kroze possesses both the massive adoration and the unheard of charisma to pull it off.

Now that you have heard this tale of Kroze, those of you who may have doubts about his greatness (even though I’m sure people of that nature can not exist) must at the very least be curious. Surely you must wonder about Kroze and wish to experience him for yourself? Well wonder no longer because Kroze is available for all to enjoy! You can hear the voice of Kroze every Saturday night (10PM Pacific Standard Time) here at 91.8 The Fan! KROZE!

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  • nerdwerld July 16, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    Kah Kah Kah Kahroze!

  • Kayarath July 17, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    If you thought this article was great, you should have tuned into the July 17, 2011 Kroze and Hatch show. Hatch actually live read this! It was totally awesome!

  • Kanashimi November 28, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    I came back to this article a year later. It’s still creepy.

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