EagleEyes’ Top 50 Anime Characters – Part 1

Posted on Feb 09 2011

Fan service, Samurai Furries, Cavemen, fan service, Explosions, fan service, Sailor Scouts, Androids, Shinigami and fan service! I am not going to lie, this week is going to be fun. So join EagleEyes as he presents part 1 of his Top 50 anime characters!

EagleEyes Top 50 Anime Characters:

The Top 50 Part 1 – #50 to #26

This list is based on personal preference. Any questions of comments in relation to any of the characters that appear are welcome in the comment section bellow.


    Honorable Mention – Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

  • Series: Bleach
  • Why they have made the list: One day long ago, an angel was born with a singing voice so beautiful and sweet that she was cast away from the heavens. Well….. Not really but Nell has earned an honorable mention for her singing voice. Whether it be “Every Fight” or “Kokoro Oasis” she has certainly left a lasting impression on all of us.

    #50 – Misaomaru “Don” Kanonji

  • Series: Bleach
  • Why they have made the list: BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Don Kanonji manages to scrape in at #50 due to the fact that his character alone convinced me to watched Bleach. Not being overly impressed by the early episodes, the arrival of the Don spurred me to keep watching, mostly due to his over the top antics and hilarious dialogue. Sadly though, as you will find out during this list, I have a bad habit of liking characters with limited screen time. A lack of appearances outside of filler have stopped the Don from getting a higher placing.
    #49 – Polly Esther / Guido Anchovy / Speedy Cerviche

  • Series: Samurai Pizza Cats
  • Why they have made the list: Not that I actually recall to much of the show’s story, or the character’s personalities for that matter. What I do recall is a large sense of nostalgia for the first anime series I ever saw, so it is only fitting that these characters make the list. They also benefit from one of my guilty pleasures; 90’s dubs that attempted to Americanize dubbed anime. I mean come on, they call out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their theme song, claiming to “Have more fur than a turtle ever had”.
    #48 – Flint Hammerhead

  • Series: Flint the Time Detective
  • Why they have made the list: For pretty much the same reason as the Samurai Pizza Cats, Flint Hammerhead has made his way onto the list for the unparalleled power of nostalgia…. Well that and an awesome theme song. Whilst the series was essentially one of the many Poké clones of the time , Flint was able to differ himself enough and show some caveman charm to earn #48 on my list.
    #47 – Masane “Melony” Amaha

  • Series: WitchBlade
  • Why they have made the list: The lovely Masane is the first somewhat sombre character to appear, and joins Flint as one of the few protagonists to actually make a position on the list. Separating herself from the more light hearted comedic characters on the list, she has earned her position for the love and devotion to her daughter. Not only does she deal with an onslaught of vicious machines looking to take her life, she must also deal with a battle with the government to retain custody of her daughter. If this was a list for mother of the year, she would definitely be #1.
    #46 – Timita “Ton-chan” Mari

  • Series: Air Gear
  • Why they have made the list: Let me just say, if you haven’t already watched Air Gear that you should do it now! With that out of the way #46 on the list is Ton-Chan. Whilst Air Gear is not a series that requires a comic relief character, Tomita shows other characters exactly how the role should be played. Whether it be her suggestive fantasies or absurd overreactions to the plot, she provides the perfect break from somewhat darker parts of the story.

    #45 – Rika Nonaka

  • Series: Digimon Tamers
  • Why they have made the list: Whilst she fills my much loathed role of Tsundere, Rika has stood out to me as one of the few likable human characters from Digimon’s season 3. Season 3 took a more realistic approach to the Digimon series and Rika was, in my opinion, the most relatable and quite frankly the most lifelike character in the series.
    #44 – Mail “Matt” Jeevas

  • Series: Deathnote
  • Why they have made the list: Speaking of my love for minor characters, Matt certainly personifies the minor character type perfectly. Whilst his appearances were few and far between, any time he was shown it was in relation to a vital moment in the plot. Combine this with a stunning exit from the series, he proves the saying right that “The flames that burns twice as bright burns half as long”.
    #43 – Sailor “Ami” Mercury

  • Series: Sailor Moon
  • Why they have made the list: For the longest time my favorite character from the Sailor Moon franchise was Sailor Mars, but recently that changed. Whilst Mars had always been the hot-headed powerhouse of the team, the one who stood the least proved to be most valuable. The reason for my new found favoritism to Mercury is mostly due to the realism she brought to the series. In other shows, when characters transform they would become unstoppable superheroes that could defeat any foe. This certainly wasn’t the case for Mercury, as she still remained the same nerdy girl, but applied her own personal skills to any situation she was in. It is always pleasant for a character to utilize their brains.
    #42 – Brigitte “Rosie” Stark

  • Series: Valkyria Chronicles
  • Why they have made the list: The fiery red head of the Gallian militia’s Squad 7 blasts her way into #42. Rosie was one of my favorite characters in the Valkyria Chronicles game and doesn’t disappoint in the anime series either.
    #41- Sakura

  • Series: CardCaptors
  • Why they have made the list: I have a bad habit of liking the favorite characters of my friends, and Sakura will be the first one to make this list. Now Jubilee will probably frown at this, but the Sakura I have included is from the English Card Captors series as opposed to her Japanese counterpart, if only for the reason I have not seen the Japanese Card Captor Sakura. Nonetheless Sakura’s bubbly personality has charmed her way to #41

    #40 – Fuko Ibuki

  • Series: Clannad
  • Why they have made the list: Speaking of liking my friends favorites…. I will have to blame a certain starfish for this one. Fuko Ibuki made the horribly sad Clannad so much more enjoyable. In fact, without her inclusion I may very well have been in a coma of sadness even to this very day.
    #39 – Yolei Inoue

  • Series: Digimon
  • Why they have made the list: When making this list I promised myself two things; no Pokémon and no Digimon! With those choices no longer valid, I went one better with the partner of my favorite Digimon. Yolei is awkward, geeky and a bit of a controll freak, making her the perfect contrast to the rest of the goody goody kids from Digimon season 2. Ohhh and did I mention she is Hawkmon’s partner?
    #38 – Uryuu Ishida

  • Series: Bleach
  • Why they have made the list: Energy bow? Check! Awesome voice actor? Check! Manly sewing skills? Check! Need I say more?
    #37 – Suigetsu Hozuki

  • Series: Naruto
  • Why they have made the list: Naruto was the series that really got me into anime, and at the beginning of that series there was no character more awe inspiring than the demon Zabuza…. However, as we all know, he didn’t stick around too long, so imagine my joy as his spiritual successor was introduced. A far cooler, more likable Zabuza is our #37
    #36 – Mikan / Shiraume Noyamano

  • Series: Air Gear
  • Why they have made the list: Foreshadowing! I knew I needed to include the Noyamano sisters somewhere but I could not decide on who was better than the other, thus they share this spot. Whilst not predominantly featured in the anime, the girls of the Sleeping Forest have done just enough to capture my heart and the #36 position

    #35 – Frederica “The Cleaner” Sawyer

  • Series: Black Lagoon
  • Why they have made the list: This woman cuts five men in half with a chainsaw, in a matter of thirty seconds……. my choice for #35 was quite easy.
    #34 – Naomi “The Red Comet” Fluegel

  • Series: Zoids New Century
  • Why they have made the list: Without a doubt, New Century is my favorite series of Zoids, and with even less doubt, I can say this is one of my favorite characters from the series. As “The Red Comet,” Naomi is cold, cutthroat and downright deadly in the cockpit of her customized Gun Sniper. A worthy choice for #34 on my list.
    #33 – Balalaika / Mr Bai Ji-Shin Chang

  • Series: Black Lagoon
  • Why they have made the list: Now I could have nitpicked and separated the two characters, but I didn’t want to upset the losers crime syndicate. Leaders of the Russian Mafia and Triad respectively, Balalaika and Chang share a love/hate relationship… well mostly hate, but they have come to work together to stop their most menacing foe; incestuous transgendered vampire children.
    #32 – Saeko Busujima

  • Series: High-school of the Dead
  • Why they have made the list: Matrix boobs….
    #31 – Kohta Hirano

  • Series: High-school of the Dead
  • Why they have made the list: Hirano has earned his way onto this list in a far different manner than Miss Busujima, though it would be impressive if he had his own matrix boob sequence. Outside of his classification of an outcast and gun enthusiast, he is shown to be perhaps the most level headed of the cast, (if only by a little). His reactions to events, and the solutions he presents, seem to be far more strategic than the other characters mentality of “Let’s get from point A to point B whilst making as much noise as possible!” So congratulations Kohta, for bring some sense into a fairly senseless anime!

    #30 – Ururu Tsumugiya

  • Series: Bleach
  • Why they have made the list: I just realized that in my newfound dislike for Bleach that there are still multiple characters that I actually enjoy to watch. Unfortunatley for our friend Ururu here, that Orihime is taking all her screen time. Earlier I spoke about Don Kanonji being a minor character, well Ururu may not be far behind him. This is a concept I truly do not get. Why introduce such an amazing character only for you to never utilize them and have a plethora of filler characters in their place? A meek looking girl with a rocket launcher? Why wouldn’t you use her?
    #29 – Rakshata Chawla

  • Series: Code Geass
  • Why they have made the list: In a series of super natural powers, giant robots, and government corruption, my favorite character somehow managed to stock out by…. sitting on a couch. Whether it be in an office or the command room of a Floating Fortress #29, Rakshata can be found on the closest comfortable couch. Whilst many see Lelouch as the main reason for the success of the Black Knights, we all know they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the couch loving, chain smoking Rakshata.
    #28 – Rain Spider

  • Series: Desert Punk
  • Why they have made the list: This man is the single reason why you should watch Desert Punk. Not the story, not the fan service, not the fight scenes, not the fan service, not the fan service…… Ok, well maybe the fan service, but Rain Spider is pretty cool too! Not only is he a cowardly villain with no redeeming qualities, but he is a cowardly villain with no redeeming qualities that has a whip!
    #27 – Android 18

  • Series: Dragon ball Z
  • Why they have made the list: After the Frieza saga, (Which quite frankly dragged on forever), Dragon Ball Z needed a breath of fresh air. Android 18 provided this, albeit cold android breath of death and destruction. After defeating the galaxy’s strongest and most feared warrior, the fact Goku and the Z fighters were taken down by a teenage girl makes me giggle. Whilst she did cave in at the end and become a good guy, I will always remember her for the thousands of people she slaughtered *manly tears*
    #26 – Cynthia

  • Series: Claymore
  • Why they have made the list: In a series of cold hearted, silver eyed, murderous women, being nice kind of sets you apart. Joining my list of characters I have slowly leeched from my friend, Cynthia is truly a fish out of water in the world of Claymore. Whilst others are fighting vicious creatures, Cynthia can be seen in the background…. Smiling. I don’t know if that aspect of her is creepy or charming, but what I do know is that she is #26 on my list.

And so ends Part 1! Make sure to check back in two weeks time to find out who made the top 25!If you would like to ask a question or leave a comment, please do so below or send me a message on the forums right here at 918TheFan.com

EagleEyes, out!

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  • Jubilee February 9, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    4 of my top 10 so soon?


    • Kibs February 9, 2011 at 12:38 PM

      EE just can’t like anyone originally ohu

      • Jubilee February 9, 2011 at 12:42 PM

        Not true…he technically likes Sakura’s evil alter-ego. 😮

        • EagleEyes February 9, 2011 at 12:49 PM

          She is not evil…. Just American….

          • Jubilee February 9, 2011 at 12:57 PM

            Exactly D:

          • AnarchoElk February 9, 2011 at 3:20 PM

            As a Canadian I should be saying “same thing”

  • toyNN February 9, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    Great list EE. Excellent inclusion of Ururu – she at least gets one good battle in during the Visored/Arrancar arc.

  • twillÿ February 9, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    Fuuuuko. <3

    • Kate February 10, 2011 at 8:07 AM

      This, people. Learn from this. This summons our starfish.

  • nerdwerld February 9, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    Android 18 FTW! Can’t wait EE for the top 25. Since none of my favorites have appeared here except Android 18 shall see them in the top 25 or my wrath shall come down on you like a Tasmanian Devil.

  • Rhetorical Gamer February 9, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    2 More weeks?!?!? Ill wait with baited breath EE!!! 😀

    • EagleEyes February 9, 2011 at 6:50 PM

      I will try to make time go faster :p

      • toyNN February 9, 2011 at 10:38 PM

        Take an extra week and make a video version of your top 25….that would be special. Are we worthy?

  • Amui February 9, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    20 bucks says Freddie Mercury is #1, both the real Freddie Mercury and the homage to him in Cromartie High School.

  • Quostin February 9, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    Where is my favorite characters?

  • nerdwerld February 9, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    20 bucks says Freddie Mercury is #1, both the real Freddie Mercury and the homage to him in Cromartie High School.


  • Shidohari February 10, 2011 at 4:29 AM

    very good list EE…thanks

  • Kate February 10, 2011 at 8:10 AM

    I can think of three characters that’ll appear on the top 25. I approve of 18, though.

  • stellarhush February 11, 2011 at 12:10 PM

    This makes me happy.

  • mollybibbles February 11, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    You failed me, EE. We need Moyashimon microbes!!!!!! They rule all things adorable and dangerous!
    Overall, though, your choices are, well, choice. Nice picking, mister man. 😀

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