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Posted on Aug 27 2010

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This week’s article is submitted by Parth Makeo


Warning: The following article has scenes of intense violence, reader discretion is advised.

Project One: Prologue

At a convention, for scientists, Many creators from many fields and regions showed ideas and prototypes of soon to be made creations. One scientist had a vision of making androids who can fight along side humans in wars and protecting peace. Not many people found the idea good or even worth money to spend on, and the ones who did always changed the answer. He was about to give up when a brown haired woman looked at his concepts closely. “I’m sorry, but my section is closing. Not many favored the idea of androids anymore.” The scientist said to the woman. She stood up and adjusted her glasses to the creator saying “I do. The thought of Androids fighting with humans seems odd but if we can create an A.I that act and feel like a human as well, it might work.”. He looked at her with an eyebrow raised “You would help me?”. She gave a smile to him “Of course. My name is Mysti Lara. and you are?”. He reached a hand out to shake and said “Rhodes Kinger.”

As the months past, nearly two millions of dollars and much coding went into making the first prototype. They were about to ship the Android to Sponsors but Mysti said that she wanted to work longer on “him”. And after two more months, The Prototype was finally presentable. It stood a tall six and a half feet tall, A chain gun on his left arm and the look of a human, complete with short brown hair and red eyes. He was dubbed Project One till a name could be made.

Rhodes trained Project One on how to use his gun easily and mounted a second small handgun cannon under his hollow elbow for emergencies. His accuracy was 100% in standard and moving tests, even for a rapid fire weapon with a huge kick. He continued testing in Close Quarters and out in the open, he excelled each one ten times over. But under all that training, Mysti trained his mind to understand the world. Such as the difference between a circle and a square, Males and Females and even giving him her special program ‘Independence’. With it, he is able to make decisions on his own. Project one was both a killing machine and a thinker.


Mysti was bringing Rhodes his coffee to his study. She knocked on the door to hear no reply. She found the door was unlocked and walked in. “Dr.Rhodes? Are you here?” She said out loud while putting his coffee on the desk. She then caught a glimpse of a note hanging from the drawer. She was curious and pulled it out. She begun to read the note before her eyes widen with fright. It read….

“My Speech for when i take over the world.
Ladies and Gentlemen! I, Rhodes Kinger, Will rule over all of you from here on out! As your new ruler, if i catch anyone defying my orders they will be killed on sight with no second chance. Furthermore, If a group were to reb..”

She placed it back in the drawer quietly and closed his door on her way out. “What were you doing in my room?” Rhodes said from her left. He came up close to her, waiting for an answer. She replied “I was putting your coffee on the desk like you said. Now, i must get back to work.” and walked fast in the other direction. She entered the lab where Project One was held and activated him. After an extensive start-up he placed his feet on the ground and looked at Mysti. “Mother? You looked worried. What happened?” He asked with a concerned tone. She grabbed Project one’s right wrist and told him “It’s what is going to happen if i don’t get you out of here. Follow me.”.

She rushed with Project One down the halls and up the elevators to the exit. Along the way, they had to sneak by guards and make lies. After going up ten floors, they were able to see the exit. They walked outside, into the sandy desert, only to be blocked by a wall of guards with guns pointed at them. “Aw, you almost made it. Too bad that it has to come to this.” Rhodes said with a devilish tone, walking through the wall and in the middle. “Now, give Project One back and we will not kill you. If you fail to follow my order, then i will have to kill you and get rid of Project One.” He said, holding a hand out like he was waiting for Mysti to grab his hand. Project One stepped up and pulled his gun out “No. You will not harm Mother. Not while i stand here!”. Rhodes just laugh at Project One before pushing a button on a remote to disable his ability to move. “Mother?! What kind of lies has she taught you? Project One! You are nothing more than a Mindless Killing Android!”.

Mysti backed up a bit before getting caught by Rhodes. A dagger was pressed against her neck. “Now, Will you come back or will you die here?” he said licking his lips at the thought of killing her. “I..I rather die here than work for a monster like you Rhodes!” Mysti screamed with tears flowing from her eyes. Project One was unable to move one inch of his body. He was forced to watch the conflict unfold that would scar him for life.

“Alright, but remember, You asked for it!”. Rhodes stabbed the dagger through the side of her neck, then pulling out and cutting it off with one swift swing. He held her head by the hair and looked at her face with fresh tears. He laughed so maniacally that it echoed through the sands. The troops took the body back inside to dispose of it while Rhodes walked up to Project One once more. “Some Mother she turned out to be. Unable to protect you, unable to defend herself and now look at her.” he said while tossing her head in front of Project One’s face. He could not say one word but his tears coming from his wide eyes could say it all for him. A Guard then asked “What should we do with the android, Rhodes?”. He thought for a minute till he said “Put him in a crate and toss him in the ocean along with the trash dump!”.

Project One was then brought back in the base to be shut off and placed inside of a crate. Even in his off mode, the image of Mysti’s decapitation was still there. Forever burned in his memory.


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