Fan Friday – Battle For 91.8 The Fan – Chapter 1 – Recruitment

Posted on Aug 06 2010

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Chapter 1 of the Battle for 9.18 The Fan: Recruitment

The city of merchants, Estis, was alive with the bustling sounds of people buying, selling and trading good and services for a price. Mixed into this loud commotion, the sounds of battle rang out the closer to the large coliseum you got. Today was the day the monthly tournament took place, and because this was a place where everyone could come peacefully to trade without worry of war, both sides of the warring nations used this tournament as a place to recruit potential soldiers to their cause. The main reason for this place being a recruitment round was the lure of battle, fame, and wealth made it so nearly all warriors came to the arena at least once in their lifetimes.

Two contestants walked into the simple sand covered arena where most of the battles took place, ready to fight the other into submission. The announcer, perched above the battle on a platform above one of the entrances into the arena, began to speak,

Welcome one and all, to yet another thrilling fight between two warriors, here to test their skills against one another! Before you eyes, in this very battlefield, these warriors will fight until their opponent either gives up, or is unable to continue fighting. Now, let me introduce the warriors. Coming from the entrance below me. The young female many thought was joking when she asked to participate, and one many claim won’t win today’s match. Introducing, Kisa Janelle Torren!

The audience erupted in both cheers and boo’s, most cheering for the one they bet money on. Kisa slowly walked out of the dark tunnel and into the brightly illuminated arena, squinting as her eyes adjusted to the light.

Coming from the entrance opposite me, a giant brute of a man, who is surprisingly a beginner in these tournaments himself! Everyone yell your loudest for the fan favorite in this fight, only known by the name, Orson!

Orson walked fast and steady out of the entrance, his long legs making his strides long. Stopping just as he entered the arena, Orson pulls a large club off of his back and slams it into the ground, sending a shockwave of dust across the entire arena. “Let the battle commence!” yelled the announcer as the audience starting screaming out towards their chosen fighter.

Kisa was the first one to take action once the match began, dashing quickly at Orson, her cutlass held gingerly in her hand. Eyes focused on the approaching target, Orson raised his club high above his head, and swung downwards towards Kisa immediately when she came within range of the club. Hitting the ground and slidding between his legs, barely avoiding being hit by the club, Kisa easily bounced to her feet, and in one swift movement, kicked Orson between the legs, sending a wave of pain to ripple through his body. Taking it like a man, Orson spun on his ankle and slammed the club into Kisa’s side, taking her by surprise and sending her sprawling across the ground in pain. Trodding slowly towards his target, Orson perched his club up on his shoulder. “You are definitely an agile little girl. Moving so easily to attack me from behind. But it looks like my club put you in your place.” said Orson, stopping just beside her.

Pulling herself onto all fours, Kisa looked up at Orson. “Stay still. I’ll end this now, and let you rest.” said Orson as he quickly raised his club above his head yet again and slammed it down, causing an explosion of rock and dust to burst into the air, blocking everone’s field of vision. Just before the club struck, Kisa transformed quickly into her dog form, bursting away from danger quickly just as the club hit the ground, and vanishing into the confusion, rushing towards her cutlass on the ground where she was originally hit. Taking the handle of the blade in her mouth as she dashes by, Kisa rushed back at Orson while the dust was still hovering in the air, and transformed mid-dash, and jumped at Orson, swinging and cutting the tendon’s on the top part of his elbows, making it nearly impossible for him to use his arms. Landing, just as the audience and announcer began to regain their vision over the fighters, silence fell as they looked upon the scene, wondering what had happened.

What a turn of events! Kisa, who before was on the ground in pain, has somehow retrieved her weapon and struck back at Orson, dealing out serious damage to the giant.

Yelled the announcer just as Orson dropped his club, unable to carry it with his arms in the condition they were in. Orson looked around, and calmly began to leave the battlefield, accepting defeat instead of pushing on with no means of defense. Taking a sigh of relief as the announcer called her name as the victor, Kisa rubbed the giant bruise across the right side of her body where the club had slammed into her, and slowly made her way out of the arena. Looking down at the battle, two figures watched from a exclusive spot above the rest of the audience. “These fighters are talented, and both are rather intelligent.” said a devilish voice from beneath his hood. “Yes, and I rather admire the females ability in the heat of all that chaos, to incapacitate her opponent instead of going for a killing blow.” said a kind and gentle, womanly voice, almost the completely opposite of the person she was talking to. “I disagree. To take complete advantage over the battle to kill your opponent, is a skill not many have.” the man said, looking towards the door to this area, and as if reading his mind, a cloaked figured entered. “Go and recruit that man. What was his name? Orson? We’ll see what we can do with him.” said the man, as the cloaked figure vanished through the doorway he had just entered. “This has been fun, but I’m heading back. Let’s hope we don’t meet again outside of this arena.” The women let out a laugh, that felt out of place after the blatant threat she just received. “Yes. Let’s hope we don’t.” said the girl as she stood up, and leaned over the railing, eyes locked on Kisa until she was out of sight.

So what are you in for this time?” said Jinn Remona, standing in the medical wing of the main military building in the Kingdom of Euphanthene. Jinn was the the official doctor of the kingdom, usually being the first on the scene to handle the serious injuries in battle, or when no other doctor was around, the regular injuries. Sitting on a nearby bed in front of Jinn, Katanashi Jesus Maxwell frowned down as the doctor examined the large gash going from the middle of his chest to the top of his shoulder. “I was training, and having a few drinks. It was going perfectly fine, until I fell on one of my swords.” said Katanashi, his eyes completely unfocused. Jinn sighed lightly, opening a jar of water of the nearby desk. “I’ve warned you on countless occasions that your drinking problem would continue to get in the way of your usual training. Do you listen? Most of the time. No.” said Jinn, the water flowing out of the jar, and following Jinn’s hand like a stream, and Jinn focused the water around the wound. The wound quickly began to stitch itself together. “I’ll warn you again this time as well. This wound was very close to causing serious damage to you.” said Jinn, and within a few short minutes, the wound was completely sealed shut, and Jinn released the remaining water around the wound. “Alright, you’re set. Now get out of here.” said Jinn, as he returned to his desk nearby. “Thanks doc. Say. You wouldn’t happen to have some extra water laying around, would you?” said Katanashi as he headed for the door. “Yeah. So you can injure yourself again? Get out of here before I have to call on the Fuhrer to handle you.” said Jinn quickly, and in response, Katanashi’s hand instinctively moved up and rubbed the top of his head. “Alright doc, I get the message. I’m off.” Jinn sighed as Katanashi left. “Let’s hope the Fuhrer is safe in returning here from her recent travels.” said Jinn, continuing the work he was doing before Katanashi showed up.


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