Durarara!! – Episode 13 – Suddenly and Precipitately

Posted on Apr 24 2010

This episode brings in a new OP and ED and you know what that means, right? The second arc of Durarara!! has officially begun! And…hey, are you sitting down for this?

I actually like it.

This episode is a vast improvement over recent weeks and it’s definitely been successful in getting me excited about the series again. There’s some new faces in the intro and a few hints at new story-lines and subplots that seem interesting. This second arc might just be exactly what Durarara!! needed to keep it from falling into the pit of mediocre anime.

To celebrate the second arc and my regained fondness for the series, this week I’m only going to talk about things that I like in the episode (I’ll be back with my usual moodiness next week, don’t worry). So it’s all happy thoughts and I’m totally not going to talk about how gross it was when Kida and Mikado talked about Sonohara like an inhuman object even though she was standing/walking right there next to them! UGH!

First thing I really liked: the new cop character. Guys, he has a SCAR. And he rides a motorcycle! With a gang of other cops! And they all rev their engines at once! He’s a rogue agent that can’t be controlled!


I’m glad that Selty had such a strong reaction to him, too. That foreshadows something big between the two of them and I can’t wait for. Izaya didn’t really live up to his potential for me – from now on it’s Team Bad Cop all the way!

Always likable: Selty punches the Doc. That never gets old!

Turns out, the Doc’s father is in town and Selty has to go collect him. Even though we know from past episodes that this guy is a major creeper, I can’t help but like someone who shows up in a horned gas mask. Well, not “like” exactly. I guess what I meant to say is, “be intrigued by.”

Does anyone else find gas masks innately creepy? Borderline scary even?

Also likable: when the three goofballs run away from Selty, there’s a crying baby noise. Aww, Durarara!!, you’re so playful.

Izaya isn’t quite out of the game yet, of course. He’s plotting a war after all. His only appearance in this episode is a short exchange with Simon in Russian. Ooooh, I’m looking forward to this unfolding!

I have to also point out that the art in this episode is ten times better than it was before – so much so that the setting almost looks like a different city. Not to mention the little details that make an episode come alive. The scene where Sonohara and Mikado are walking and they’re dappled by sunlight? Gorgeous.

And finally, a very likable scene was Sonohara’s run-in with the zombie girls. Not because I like to see Sonohara being picked on, but because it kept me guessing about what was going to happen next and what they meant about her past and if we can trust how she appears and if there’s really something dark about this seemingly bland girl…and then…!

I tell you what: bloodbath via The Slasher was not one of my guesses.

See, guys? I can pull off a little positivity now and again. It’s not all grumpy-face and discontent here at The Hound Blog. I’ll even throw in another freebie: I like the new ED! Better than the first one, actually.

Next week: Unrest Prevailing
My excitement for this series is so renewed I might bring back the sandwich metaphor! DELICIOUS!

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  • christmas4477 June 23, 2010 at 5:56 AM

    Gotta say that I’m liking the new themes as well, second ending is infinitely better that the first. But after the final scene with Anri, I can’t help but feel that the Slasher is connected to her mental state somehow…

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