Durarara!! – Ep 22 – Declaration of Disbandment

Posted on Jun 26 2010

OK, so, remember the ending of last episode where Sonohara was being escorted away by some Yellow Scarves and the Dollars message board was lighting up with details about where she was and Mikado was staring at his computer all, “durrrrrrrrrrr?” Well guess who’s still got his DURRR-face on!

Most of the first half of this episode is a funny bit of cat and mouse between Sonohara and the Yellow Scarves. She gets help along the way from a bunch of different Dollars members in the form of directions and protection and a pink bunny outfit. It’s an elaborate sort of chain of events in which everyone works together to demonstrate how super duper awesomesauce the Dollars are and how the world goes all sparkles and unicorns when they work together. YAY DOLLARS!

BUT THEN…Kida saves her! He helps her elude members of his own gang! Before dragging her down a dark alley and yelling at her and acting like a big mean jerk. Stay classy, buttface.

AND THEN, after she’s left Kida and his whiny crybaby “Mommy never loved me” moment, Shizzy ultimately saves her by doing what he does best: getting mad and hurting people. Selty shows up to take her home and along the way she notices Mikado standing on a bridge in the rain.

That genius is getting wet and thanking the Dollars for their efforts and reflecting to himself that he knows what the “most important thing” is now. I hope the most important thing isn’t being an effective leader and team member because he’s the ONLY ONE who didn’t do anything to help Sonohara. As soon as things got rough he went totally hysterical and ran around town like a chicken with its head cut off (odd, considering every detail of her location was mass-texted to all members constantly) while looking oh so concerned and demanding information. Seriously, Mikado? Seriously?! DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, indeed.

Anyway. Sonohara wakes up at Selty and the Doc’s place and Selty tells her to stay with them for a while and not go to school and she told Mikado…uh…what, exactly? No idea, but it’s totally cool, everything’s taken care of.

Back at the secret clubhouse, the Yellow Scarves are getting restless. Kida hasn’t been around lately so the butterfly dude elects himself leader and then orders everyone to start a violent campaign against the Dollars. Cut to Kida walking all mopey around town. I’m pulling out my tiny violin.

Mikado, meanwhile, has decided to disband the Dollars. Why? Who knows, he’s certainly not sharing. I guess the most important thing is to not have a big super happy awesome club where the members help people out. Because that would be TERRIBLE. He even dismantles the website, so you know he means business!

Sonohara and Selty have a little chit-chat about Kida and Mikado and all those things they don’t know but how they’re such good friends to her (except, really, neither of them are). Selty tells her that Mikado is like her (how?!) and heads out to track him down so they can have another chit-chat.

AND THEN THE YELLOW SCARVES SHOOT SHIZZY!!!! I know, I know. Complete freaking tragedy! Low blow! Poor sportsmanship! Luckily, though, he was shot in the leg and the side and I feel confident that those are totally survivable anime wounds.

Then we get a bunch of scenes of Mikado looking sad and Kida walking in the rain and Mikado unable to sleep and Kida getting rained on and Sonohara looking out the window and OH MY GOD, angsty teenagers are just as annoying in anime as they are in real life! Ugh.

What this series desperately needs is a smarter, older, cooler (dare I say, hounddog-ish) character to come along and say, “stop feeling sorry for yourselves, morons! If you don’t like how things are, grow a pair and do something about it! And by the way, stop treating each other like jerks – you’re supposed to be friends!” Or else Izaya should just kill them all off, all three of them. At this point I’m sick and tired of how saaaaaad everyone is. Boo hoo hoo, Durarara!!. I’ll give you something to be sad about…!

Next Time: Complicated and Confused
At least it doesn’t seem to be raining anymore.

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