Durarara!! – Ep 14 – Unrest Prevailing

Posted on May 01 2010

Well, it looks like Durarara!! is back to its normal self (that is, a show that has an interesting premise but makes decisions that I think are dumb) so I guess I should return to normal, too (that is, a blogger who’s critical and not totally convinced that this show is any good). You knew all the positivity wasn’t going to last, right?

The Doc’s father is staying with the Doc and Selty and he brings with him some comic relief, which is enjoyable and provides a nice contrast to his later, more nefarious, actions.

That said, we find out from him almost immediately – because he let it slip by accident, insert eye-roll here – that it was indeed him that stole Selty’s head so many years ago. Of course this can’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the delivery of this piece of information was so unsatisfying. Instead of being a big reveal or treated as a tidbit that, you know, has some kind of lasting effect on Selty and the plot, it just slipped out and then led to a lot of goofiness between him and Selty.

Like, instead of being a serious conversation about something serious (HELLO! He STOLE her HEAD!) it’s just another occasion for a chuckle. A note to the writers of Durarara!!: if something is meant to be taken seriously by your viewers, treat it seriously. Jeez. (And if that’s not meant to be taken seriously, then…that’s dumb.)

While Selty is looking for the Doc’s dad to give him a whuppin’, she comes across Mikado in the park looking sad. They talk briefly about the tension in the city and the Slasher and Selty promises to do some digging. She all but sends Mikado on his way with a pat on the head.

I don’t remember these two being so buddy-buddy, but I’m not sure if that’s because of bad writing or bad memory. Hey, I’m an old lady. It happens.

Later, Selty chats with Shizuo about the Slasher and reminds him (or reveals to him for the first time?) that the Slasher tried to cut off her head, which would have resulted in death if she had a head and was a human, and he FREAKS out. Weird. I know these two have some kind of deep friendship or whatever, but now I find myself wondering: why? Is he in love with her too? Is Durarara!! going to dissolve into some weird love hexagon?

Selty gets the heck out of there (good girl) and heads to see Izaya (interesting choice). After a bit of banter, he tells her about the myth of Saika, a Demon Sword that can cut through souls. Perhaps this is the origin of the Slasher? They both think so! (I think maybe Saika/the Slasher is Selty’s long-lost, abandoned, out-of-wedlock child.)

He always warns her that acting so human-like will cause problems when she does get her head back, which I hope is a juicy bit of foreshadowing.

Back home with the Doc, Selty rehashes her conversation with Izaya and the Doc knows way more about Saika that he ought to. More secrets. I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you! (He later admits that his dad had Saika and that’s how he was able to steal Selty’s head. This relationship is such bad news!)

Now for the most interesting part of the episode, given how goofy he was earlier: the Doc’s father (I really need to learn his name) goes to see Izaya. He says he’s not concerned with the getting the head back ASAP, as his people are more interested in studying Selty’s body at the moment. He also knows about Izaya’s plot to test where the head is a valkyrie by introducing it to war.

And then he says: the war you have in mind would be better fought among Selty’s friends and loved ones than strangers. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!

Back at school, Sonohara gets harrassed by that creepy teacher again. Kida shows up to rescue her and drops the name Haruna Niekawa which makes the teacher literally drip sweat. Curious! And gross!

As they retreat, Kida flat-out tells Sonohara that Mikado is nuts about her even if he’s dragging his feet in telling her. Then they…go their separate ways. Wow. What a boring scene.

As the episode closes, Sonohara has returned to the scene of last episode’s Slasher attack and the Slasher is seen lurching up behind her. A knife glints in the night! IS SHE GOING TO DIE?!

I’m of two minds to what I’d like to see happen.

#1: She should die. Let’s face it, Sonohara is kind of a wasted character. She’s not that interesting and she hasn’t done much thus far. BUT her death could be a huge driving force behind whatever is coming, especially for Mikado and Kida.

#2: She shouldn’t die. At worst, Sonohara is harmless. At best, she hasn’t had time to grow into a cool character yet. If she lives, she might get to do something interesting. Plus there’s the teacher arc that I’d like to get to the bottom of.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see – about that particular plot point and so many others. Maybe all these weird things that I think are bad/lazy writing and silly storytelling are actually leading Durarara!! in a worthwhile direction.

It could happen…right?

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  • Retrobrigade May 6, 2010 at 7:13 PM

    Heh, referring to Anri, If you watch episode 15, you’d be like, “WHAAAAT?”

    They drop a pretty big bomb in that episode

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