Durarara!! – Ep 09 – Love and Cherish

Posted on Mar 28 2010

I don’t know about you all, but this episode really excited me. As you know, I’ve been a little disappointed with Durararara!! lately but this episode totally makes up for it. OK, Durarara!!…I’m ready to be friends again.

Part of what I loved about this episode were the many WTF?! moments sprinkled throughout like so many delicate flower petals. There was also some great story propulsion and we’re left with some things to think about, too, all of which make for a great 24 minutes of anime.

In the flashback storyline of episode 9, we have the story of Seiji and his sister, Namie. They grew up pretty close and Namie always had a less-than-sisterly love for her little brother. This was shattered when Seiji glimpsed Selty’s head (which was in their uncle’s possession) and fell instantly in love. So, clearly, some issues in this family.

Time goes on and Seiji falls ever more in love, while Namie gets more and more pissed about the whole situation. Finally, in high school, the head goes missing from the pharma lab. Namie is pondering that when she gets a phone call from Seiji: I just killed somebody, what next?

Uh. Okay.

Never one to cast aside her beloved brother, Namie rushes to his side, to find that he’s murdered Mika – remember her? She’s Sonohara’s missing friend and Seiji’s stalker. It also turns out that Seiji was the one who stole the head (shocker, I know). Namie promises to fix everything. Seiji sits quietly and eats some noodles.

Perhaps assuming that the process wouldn’t work or if it did work the result wouldn’t be human-like, Namie puts Selty’s severed head onto the dead girl’s body. Turns out that was a bad idea, because now she’s got all the bodyparts and the ability to interact, so Seiji’s more in love with her than ever.

They run away together and now we’re caught up.

In the present-tense storyline, Namie goes to Izaya to get help finding her brother. He toys with her a bit – so evil, so entertaining – but in a matter of minutes he’s located Seiji. Meanwhile, the girl knows something’s up and she manages to dump Seiji’s cell in a fountain so he can’t communicate with his sister. Probably a smart idea.

A mysterious third party is texting with the girl and warns her that they’re still being followed. She insists that Seiji run away with her ASAP, but he resists. They have a little fight in the park, which Selty and Shizzy see.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Selty recognizes the head! She tries to stop the girl, but the girl pitches a fit and screams and runs away! Shizzy tries to help but Seiji steps in and stabs him with a pen…two pens…one in each leg! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!

Well, I’ll tell you. Selty runs after the girl, who is intercepted by Mikado, who for whatever reason decides to help her and they run away together. Shizzy chases Seiji and they talk it out. Just kidding – Seiji makes a ridiculous speech about how he and the girl are soulmates and then stabs Shizzy AGAIN with a pen, this time through the hand. Shizzy knocks him unconscious, but lets him live, which is nice.

Later, Seiji goes back to his sister who promises to help him out of his mess and reunite him with his lover, because she knows that he knows that she knows that he can only love the girl because of her (his sister’s) intense love for him. In a brief moment of clarity, Namie admits that this is a totally screwed-up way to live.

Also, Selty goes home to the Doc and laments her inability to catch up to her head. In another weird moment of maturity and insight, the Doc asks her what she planned to do if she did get it. Have a talk? Demand that she get it back? Rip it off the body? Selty doesn’t know, but feels like if she gives up the search for her head, she’s basically wasted a huge chunk of her life and wouldn’t know how to sustain herself without that driving her, which is valid. Quandry.

Oooooh – and the person the girl was texting seems to be Izaya, who is absolutely giddy at the wacky mess that’s coming to light. You little minx, you.

Oh, and Mikado and the girl have tea at his place. Look out, Seiji! Mikado is TOTALLY mackin’ on your lady!

Like I said, some really great evolution of our storyline here. Things are beginning to come to a head and I CANNOT WAIT. I’m really excited that the story is starting to get emotionally and morally complicated and I hope it maintains this level of intrigue.

One question, though: If the girl with the head doesn’t remember anything about her life-as-Selty, how does Seiji know her name is Selty? HMMMMM.

Next Time: The First and Probably the Last
Mysterious. Tinged with sadness. Yes please!

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  • toyNN March 28, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    Agreed. The meandering side-/back- stories from the last few eps really started to come together in this ep. Crazy and interesting. As if a pen attack would faze Shizuo! And I guess Selty’s head can remember 1 thing…name.

    (I’d been oblivious that Durarara is already set for 26eps – having the backstory eps on all the side characters seems more understandable)

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