Durarara!! – Ep 05 – Cry Wine and Sell Vinegar

Posted on Feb 13 2010

I think it’s safe to say that Durarara!! is picking up speed and finding its feet as a series. Things are definitely progressing. I love that!

This is another long post, but unfortunately this is sort of series where I can’t avoid getting a little long-winded. There are so many different story lines and SO MUCH STUFF happens in an episode that I’m already forced to leave a lot of it out in the interest of space. If for some reason you’re just reading the blog and not watching the series: GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

OK, first thing’s first, Selty gets ATTACKED! By a girl with a SWORD! And then her wound talks to her! I know, it blew my mind, too. But it’s also kind of…awesome.

Then we flashback to see the events leading up to the attack (this isn’t explained, it’s just a bonus from me – you’re welcome).

Our narrator for this episode is Kida, who I’ve been calling Buddy because I couldn’t remember his name. Kida is sort of obsessed with finding himself a girlfriend and he pretty much hits on anything two X chromosomes. HOWEVER: he also completely unnecessarily attacks and wrestles with and then tickles (yes, tickles) Mikado, so I stand by my original assessment of their relationship: they’re totally gonna make out. But it’s only episode 5…we still have time.

Anyway, except for Mikado, Kida has decided that Sonohara is his #1 choice.

The creepy teacher hanging out in the background of previous episodes also gets (semi) explained this time. He creepily tells Sonohara that he was told by another (probably just as creepy) teacher to “take good care of her,” which makes my flesh crawl. Why are so many of the men in this series so freaking weird?!

Luckily for everyone, Kida shows up and embarrasses the guy and promises to spread sexual harrassment rumors. Later Sonohara reveals that the teacher has been known to “date” students and one girl in particular, Haruna Niekawa, switched schools all of a sudden to get away from him. OR MAYBE HE KILLED HER.

Sonohara also reveals that she used to have a friend, Mika Harima, who was a dominant personality and used Sonohara as her little disciple. Mika was stalking a guy and then, presumably, he rejected her and she got sad and took some time off. Turns out, her disappearance wasn’t so bad for Sonohara, because she’s learning to be a more confident, independent person. Kudos to her.

Later, Mikado says he thinks the stalked boy and the missing Mika are probably together somewhere and they ought to help him out. He even suggests getting Dollars (remember, the gang?) involved. I’m not clear on why he thinks that’s a good idea, but…whatever.

After they split for the night, Kida reflects a bit on his naive friend and lets us know that he has some serious darkness in his past. Then he stands outside a girl’s hospital room window.

Kida goes to meet up with his other friends at the sushi place and asks them about Dollars (the gang). He’s worried that Mikado might reach out to them and doesn’t want his friend getting involved. Sort of sweet, actually.

Meanwhile, Mikado thinks he sees the stalked/perhaps kidnapped boy on the street and runs after him. The boy basically says, “screw off, I’m eloping.” And who’s that lady with him? It’s the girl with the scar! WHOA!

Kida sees Mikado but (literally) bumps into some gang members [the Yellow Scarves – give me a break…are real Japanese gangs this dumb?] and gets dragged off with them. Then Mikado sees Kida and goes in to save the day.

Here is where we reach the beginning of the episode: Selty gets slashed, a guy runs past yelling about monster, Kida and Mikado run away, the demon slasher girl slashes the gang members. Then Kida and Mikado laugh about the whole ordeal, but I’m pretty sure they don’t know that the gang dudes have been brutally attacked, so I don’t suspect it’s a creepy laugh. Yet.

OK, so, a few quick scenes at the end of episode:

Remember the girl (I think it’s a girl) whose window Kida stood outside? Izaya goes to see her. It’s not clear yet how they’re all connected, but she definitely knows both Izaya and Kida and is a part of Kida’s dark past. And she doesn’t seem scared of Izaya, even though we all know dude’s a psycho.

Then the writer-guy (one of those things I left out!) goes home and says hi to…Haruna Niekawa! The girl the creepy teacher got all creepy with! I guess he didn’t kill her afterall. =/

Then, finally, we’re back to Kida, Mikado and Sonohara heading to school. Kida has a moment of reflection in which he says that seemingly unreleated things that are later revealed to be related happen all the time in the city and if it turns out that the seemingly unrelated things happening to him and his friends do turn out to be connected he doesn’t think their relationship will change.

What does it all mean?!

Next Time: Always On The Move
Vacation time already????

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  • kagra280 February 13, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Im confused already…. Although I have been the whole time. XD

  • hounddog February 13, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    It’s definitely a series with lots of story lines – both overlapping and independent. I hope we’ll get to the end of it and go, “ohhhhhh, I GET IT NOW,” but I can’t promise anything. =P

  • kagra280 February 27, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    OMG im on episode 8 and theres a major plot twist! i freaked out! UPDATE!

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