Durarara!! – Ep 08 – Life is Transient

Posted on Mar 14 2010

A very strange, disjointed episode this time around – with another BIG REVEAL at the end. I’m hoping all these little threads get pulled together at some point, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Durarara!! still does not feel up to par for me. I can’t put my finger on why exactly.

Suffice to say that, except for a few parts, I was largely bored by this episode. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one bit of information that matters at all, but I might as well write about everything in case it turns out to be vital down the road.

We spend a good bit of time with Selty and the Doc in this episode. She’s feeling a little depressed about the whole not-having-a-head situation and she’s dreaming about it and wondering about what kind of memories she’s lost by not having her head nearby. The Doc, of course, is not the best shoulder to cry on. He’s more excited about the fact that it is Selty’s first day off in 265 days and he wants to spend it with her, all alone, probably doing something nasty.

Selty reflects that she might feel someting for him…something like love. Ew. And THEN she decides to spend her day off cooking for her. To demonstrate her gratitude for everything he does for her. And then I threw up a little. Gross.

Some meanwhiles – I don’t know if any of these will turn out to be important:

  • At the high school, Mikado was running late and forgot to wear a tie or bring his wallet. Is this important? I don’t know.
  • Karisawa is trying to find Yumacchi to return his lost cellphone. Then a random blonde girl comes up with a sign and a notebook, encouraging Karisawa to write down what she’s looking for.
  • Dotachin is hanging around outside Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. He passes a kid on the street, who runs at the gate with fireworks strapped to his belly and a lit one in his hand.

Selty cooks for the Doc. It’s so terrible that he starts to cry (yes, really), though he tries not to let on that it’s that bad, and Selty has a bit of a tantrum and sucks all of the food she’s made into a black blob that hovers around the table. The Doc postulates that she might be a bad cook because she doesn’t have any taste – like, literally, she can’t taste things, so she doesn’t know what’s delicious.

Selty mopes about her missing head some more and the Doc tries to tell her that she’s fine the way she is, missing head and all, but she doesn’t feel fine. She feels like she wants a head! And a face!

She storms out and then – doorbell. The Doc assumes it’s her, but it’s actually a shady-looking dude who needs the Doc’s services.

More meanwhiles:

  • Mikado helps Sonohara look for her missing shoes. She runs off (shocker) after talking about her parents a little and then he notices the shoes laying in the athletic field.
  • Selty and Shizzy stand in front of a vacant lot and talk about how they can’t remember what used to be there. Selty wonders internally why she acts like she’s human – and also admits she can feel her head somewhere in the city. Then she remembers the building that used to be in the lot.
  • Mikado runs into the blonde with the Lost Items sign and reads a few, then writes something.
  • Selty returns to the Doc’s house and he’s not there, but something about his absence strikes her as strange…

The Doc is at Yagiri Pharma, taking care of the kid with the fireworks. Something about the kid’s girlfriend being kidnapped by the company and not remembering anything. The shady dude asks the Doc if he can erase the kid’s memory. Doc says no, and the shady dude mentions that he’s keeping “their biggest secret,” so they know they can trust him. I imagine it has something to do with Selty’s head and thus THE DOC IS A JERK.

Selty runs into the Doc later and he begs her to come out to eat with him because he hates eating alone (pooooooor baby). He gets a “special set” of sushi (including sour cream sushi and fried chicken sushi…) and 2 fortune cookies. Selty’s says “Lost and Found Object,” and when that makes her happy the Doc says, “I don’t know if I like you that happy.” (HUGE JERK.)

His says, “Unrequited Love.” (HE DESERVES IT.)

Some more meanwhiles:

  • Mikado brings Sonohara her shoes. She says thanks and shuts the door in his face. Sweet girl. I watch a lot of Law & Order, so I assume she’s being abused.
  • Seiji and the girl with the scarred neck stand in front of a fish tank. She’s jumpy, scared. He asks about her memories and when she admits she has none, he says he doesn’t care about her past or future because their present is eternal (uh…okay…). THEN HE CALLS HER SELTY!!!!!

As the episode ends, Selty dreams about her old self, reunited with her head. IT’S THE GIRL’S HEAD! Or rather, THE GIRL HAS SELTY’S HEAD!!!!!!

Yagiri gave her head away to some other girl! Yagiri is kidnapping girls and swapping their heads! Yagiri is kidnapping girls and swapping their heads and making Seiji weird brainwashed girlfriends out of them!


Next time: Love and Cherish
Seems to be Seiji’s sister (she works for Yagiri, remember), so maybe we’ll get some more details…

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  • toyNN March 16, 2010 at 10:44 PM

    Great eps review – agreed it was sort of all over the place. I did like the Selty/Doc interactions. They make Selty very *human*.

    I thought the un-named girl with the scar was tied to that Yagiri Pharma but – Selty’s Head! didn’t really see that twist coming.

    Looking forward to your eps 9 review/summary

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