Fan Friday – Top 5 Anime Games

Posted on Nov 27 2009


On today’s Fan Friday Submission Zhirr gives us his list of top 5 anime games. Did your favorite make the list? You’ll have to read and find out!

Hi Fanatics, this is Zhirr presenting to you his personal top 5 anime games. So I like anime and I like games so what’s better than either of them? Well both of them combined =P *Note that I don’t know EVERY anime on earth so feel free to suggest me some that you like. There’s only one rule, only one game per anime.

5. One Piece Gear Spirit (DS)

One of the best anime and a pretty good game. It’s a lot of button mashing and wishing to have the good card to beat up opponents, but there’s a good choice of characters and being able to play with up to 3 friends is always a plus =P

4. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3)

Ah, finally the anime is being interesting again with Sasuke vs Itachi. Ultimate Ninja Storm is a spin-off of the Ultimate Ninja Series on the PS2 and I must say that the 3D fighting is pretty good, with all your favorite characters like Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke, even Kimimaro. The story mode is pretty short though and if you don’t have any friends to beat, it gets old pretty fast without online play, but it’s still fun beating the crap of everyone with my Itachi/Kisame Super Combo =P Using the Fire Ball jutsu and the Water Shark jutsu at the same time as never been so satisfying XD

3. Bleach Dark Souls (Jap) (DS)

Why the Japanese version? Because the english dubs sucks… Really. Anyways, Hollow Ichigo, Kenpachi, Hisugaya, even random dudes and maids (wtf) they’re pretty much all there. This one is a little more complex since, instead of button mashing, you better do some air combos and use your special attacks or bankai the best way possible to win the match. The bankai cut scenes are fun to watch, every time you do it you’re like: HELL YEAH IN YOUR FACE and every time someone else do it you’re like: OH SHIT GOTTA BLOCK.

2. Jump Ultimate Stars (DS)

Why play only one anime game when you can have ALL OF THEM in one place?(ok they’re not ALL there, but it’s better than nothing XD) Jump Ultimate Stars is genius. Make your deck, put each of your favorite manga characters in it (since it’s based on the manga and not the anime) and beat the crap out of everyone who dares say that their favorite anime/manga is better than yours! If you don’t understand how it plays, then you can say that it’s pretty much Super Smash Bros. on the DS with anime/manga characters. You have 3 kind of attacks, light, heavy and super (let’s call them that). light and heavy attacks can be done in all directions (up, down, left right, and no direction) and each character has only 2 super attacks depending on the level of the koma (character thing in the deck) no direction and up. Online is great except those bastards who always block and spam the same attack (I mean wtf dude play the game), but it’s pretty much like that in any 2D fighter online so who cares.

So which is number 1? What can possibly be better than the one that has it all? You’ll see… =P

1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble X

IMO, Reborn is the best anime EVAR and when this game came out (pretty recently, I was playing the other flame rumble game before) I shat bricks. If you don’t know what Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is, I suggest you go watch it LIVE RIGHT NOW. Every character of the Reborn universe is there, either as a playable character or support character. They are separated in 4 groups, the Vongola Family, the Millefiore Family, Varia and Kokuyo gang. Each character has a type of Dying Will Flame which is used to open box weapons (which are later saw in the future arc). They all have unique abilities and attacks. Even different versions of the same character has different attacks. You can either go through the long story mode with each character, go in arcade mode to beat the boss at the end (very though and does cheap attacks), battle your friends or do a family battle mode, which consists of choosing 4 characters in your customized family (the soldier, the corporal, the under boss and the boss) which will all fight in the same battle. So those are 4 vs 4 battles and when your soldier dies, the corporal takes his place and so on. The battle system is pretty simple, every character in the battle has equal amounts of life bars depending on the situation ( if it’s 1 on 1, 2 bars each and if it’s 3 on 1, the 1 has 3 bars and the 3 have 1 bar each) and they also have a flame bar which, when you have enough, you can do special attacks. The amount of flame the attack uses depends on the power of the attack.

I think I’ll stop here. Hope you enjoyed and since I don’t submit often, some constructive feedback would be appreciated =P and DON’T FORGET TO WATCH REBORN! RAWR!

Great Article Zhirr, and don’t forget if you’d like to see you Fan Friday Submission on the front page send it to

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