Kana’s Korner – Interview with Landon McDonald

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Do you like Dragon Ball Super, Hunter X Hunter, or One Punch Man? Then you don't want to miss this!
Alice & Zouroku (& the Wandering Witch)

Alice & Zouroku (& the Wand

Welcome, all, again. A new viewing season has begun and, to be honest, I'm not quite sold on it. Not yet, anyway. There are a number of ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Eliza Jane Schneider

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Today's guest is Eliza Jane Schneider! Hear many stories including how she put the South into Mafia 3, how she intertied a ton of roles from South Park, the ...
Siege Spots – Persona 5 Review (PS4)

Siege Spots – Persona 5 Revie

After 20 years of Persona, and 8 years after Persona 4, Persona 5 is finally here. This very Japanese RPG series has grown tremendously since its beginnings, and Persona 5 ...
Nerd’s Weebviews – We Are X Review

Nerd’s Weebviews – We A

X Japan, the biggest band you have never heard of, or at least that is the tagline from the documentary film, We Are X. The film follows the life of ...
The Wandering Witch Lives Vicariously!

The Wandering Witch Lives Vicarious

Welcome, all, again. Today we will discuss Seiren, a slice-of-life series which follows protagonist Shoichi Kamita and his interactions with three very different girls. Now, the purpose and ...
The Wandering Witch Ponders Lucky Number 13

The Wandering Witch Ponders Lucky N

Welcome, all, again. Please let me apologize for there being no January column--a death in the family compelled my travel overseas and otherwise consumed my attention. I am ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in J1-Con

Kayarath’s Adventures in J1-C

I made it my mission to cover every convention in my area. While I have a ways to go, I did mange to knock one more off the list. ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in More Indie Games

Kayarath’s Adventures in More

Too Many Games, too little time. Between the cosplay, the guests, the marketplace, and everything else, it's quite easy to miss the games of Too Many Games.
The Wandering Witch – Learns the Drop Rule

The Wandering Witch – Learns

Welcome, all, again. I'm very excited about this month's review(!), having chosen to finally discuss March Comes in Like a Lion. In truth, I've been saving this one, ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in Street Festivals

Kayarath’s Adventures in Stre

Every April the sakuras fall and the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia hosts the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival. I've been covering that for years but this year I'm ...
The Wandering Witch — Gets Left for Last

The Wandering Witch — Gets Le

Welcome, all, again. We've begun a viewing season chock-full of magical girls and witches, and so--especially with October bringing Halloween--I just had to pick one such series for review. ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Fal-Con

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Today Kana talks with the people behind Fal-Con, an anime convention taking place October in Alabama.
The Wandering Witch – Joins the Family

The Wandering Witch – Joins t

Welcome, all, again. I've decided to make good on my threat, so I'll be reviewing 91 Days, one of those often-referenced-but-seldom-seen "instant classics." That's right, they really do ...

iStalk 2/17/17 – Sakura Quest, Shaman King, Your Name

Posted on Feb 17 2017
iStalk 2/17/17 – Sakura Quest, Shaman King, Your Name
Today, Sakura Quest promo reveals release date, Shaman King anime reboot turned down, and Your Name english songs previewed by Radwimps.

iStalk 2/7/17 – Hikaru Utada, The Red Turtle, Nichijou

Posted on Feb 07 2017
iStalk 2/7/17 – Hikaru Utada, The Red Turtle, Nichijou
Today, Hikaru Utada speaks out against new copyright policy, The Red Turtle wins Annie Award, and Funimation gears up for Nichijou home video release.

iStalk 5/2/16 – Garnidelia, She and Her Cat, Black Rose Valkyrie

Posted on May 02 2016
iStalk 5/2/16 – Garnidelia, She and Her Cat, Black Rose Valkyrie
Today, Garnidelia performs in San Franciso, She and Her Cat complete edition to add new footage, and Black Rose Valkyrie game trailer shows off the plot and more.

Kayarath’s Adventures In Centimeters

Posted on Mar 26 2015
Kayarath’s Adventures In Centimeters
What is love? A crazy little thing? A second hand emotion? What you ask before you say baby don't hurt me no more?

iStalk – 1082

Posted on Jun 17 2013
iStalk – 1082
Today, Makoto Shinkai comes to Anime Expo, Aniplex acquires some anime, and the Blue Exorcist film is coming to US theaters.

iStalk – 1051

Posted on Apr 26 2013
iStalk – 1051
Today, Pacific Rim director to make live-action Monster adaptation, Children Who Chase Lost Voices wins awards, and Kiki's Delivery Service gets live-action movie adaptation.

iStalk – 1006

Posted on Feb 22 2013
iStalk – 1006
Today, Sony talks about it's future, Makoto Shinkai's The Garden of Words trailer posted online, and Capcom has an upcoming game for the Playstation 4.

iStalk – 989

Posted on Jan 30 2013
iStalk – 989
Today, Kim Jee-Woon talks about possibilities of live action Jin-Roh, Makoto Shinkai's new anime film to be adapted into a manga, and Bloody Vampire is coming to the 3DS.

iStalk – 945

Posted on Nov 15 2012
iStalk – 945
Today, Children Who Chase Lost Voices goes on sale, Sentai Filmworks announces some more anime, and out-of-print Cowboy Bebop soundtracks get re-issued.

Otakon 2011 – Chasing Lost Voices With The Owl In The Rafters

Posted on Aug 17 2011
Otakon 2011 – Chasing Lost Voices With The Owl In The Rafters
This past May, Makoto Shinkai's newest feature-length animated film, Hoshi o Ou Kodomo - Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below debuted in 20 select theaters(including IMAX) across Japan, grossing an approximate US$240,978 on opening weekend, and saw its American debut, complete with English subtitles Saturday, July 30th at Otakon 2011.