The Wandering Witch Draws Down on Cowboy Bebop

The Wandering Witch Draws Down on C

Welcome, all, again. Today we look back on anime's own gateway drug, Cowboy Bebop. As you have no doubt already heard, Netflix is again taunting the gods of ...
Siege Spots – Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! (PS4)

Siege Spots – Cook, Serve, De

Have you ever dreamed of running your own restaurant? Have you ever dreamed of being the only employee at your own restaurant, forced to juggle tasks and keep up with ...
Gone Fishing! The Wandering Witch Between the Sky and Sea

Gone Fishing! The Wandering Witch B

Welcome, all, again. My past two reviews have focused upon shows that allude to serious matters, from the challenges of shaping an adult mindset from the normal morass of ...
The Wandering Witch Dreams of Bunny Girl Senpai

The Wandering Witch Dreams of Bunny

Welcome, all, again. After last season's disheartening dearth of entertaining shows, I just can't keep up this season's bountiful offerings! One which I have been particularly enjoying is ...
The Wandering Witch Exults in Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary

The Wandering Witch Exults in Xuan

Welcome, all, again. A new viewing season has begun, and this one seems to offer many more selections to my taste. In fact, I'm very excited about two ...
The Wandering Witch Salutes Bodacious Space Pirates

The Wandering Witch Salutes Bodacio

Welcome, all, again. As what I consider to be a lackluster viewing season finally winds down, I am eagerly--desperately--hoping for better things to come. Meanwhile, I have used ...
The Wandering Witch Relaxes with Konohana Kitan

The Wandering Witch Relaxes with Ko

Welcome, all, again. These past few years I have proudly stuck to a very simple promise to you, my readers: I only review what I like. Why would ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Dorothy Elias-Fahn returns to the Korner to chew gum and kick butt; and she's all out of gum.
The Wandering Witch Confronts Mongol Invasion in Angolmois

The Wandering Witch Confronts Mongo

Welcome, all, again. As I'm slowly getting a handle on the new season's shows, I can't help but notice how similar many storylines seem: the plots; the settings; even ...
The Wandering Witch Falls Hard for Comic Girls!

The Wandering Witch Falls Hard for

Welcome, all, again. As this viewing season winds down, at least one favorite show of mine is really ramping up: slice-of-life offering Comic Girls, which follows the efforts of ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Kayli Mills

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

After what seems like forever, you can now listen to our interview with voice actress/singer/online personality Kayli Mills!
The Wandering Witch Dives into Amanchu! Advance

The Wandering Witch Dives into Aman

Welcome, all, again. I'm pleased to say that this viewing season has actually turned out to be stronger than I initially expected. A few late entries sneaked into ...
Siege Spots – Dragon’s Crown Pro

Siege Spots – Dragon’s

Did you ever play D&D and think that you'd rather stop talking and just run around and hit things? Dragon's Crown Pro is the game for you.
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Ewen Cluney

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Today we have Ewen Cluney, who brought over the Maid RPG over to western shores.

iStalk – 033

Posted on Mar 05 2009
iStalk – 033
Today we find out about a sequel to Hayate Combat Butler, Astro Boy Shows up in a new anime short, we have a list of all the must know winners from the 3rd Annual Seiyu Awards, and Kana has an accident!

iStalk – 032

Posted on Mar 04 2009
iStalk – 032
Today we find out about a new sports manga, Final Fantasy 7 gets more crap made for it, Canadians have something to be happy about, and a little girl is still missing

iStalk – 031

Posted on Mar 03 2009
iStalk – 031
Today we find out about where to see Linebarrels Of Iron for free, Shaman's King manga finale is posted for free online, a mangakai turns out to be a dirty unfaithful whore, and Phoenix Wright gets a second musical... wait, there was a first one?

iStalk – 030

Posted on Mar 02 2009
iStalk – 030
Today we find out more about the Konami VS Upper Deck legal battle, Lucky Star OVAs get licensed, new character sheets are released for Tears To Tiara anime adaption of the Playstation 3 game, and we get more information about the DragonBall Z re-release.

Kana’s Komplaints: The Current State Of Gaming

Posted on Feb 28 2009
Kana’s Komplaints: The Current State Of Gaming
This week's editorial deals with video games, a medium that goes hand in hand with anime in most cases. We hope you enjoy this opinionated video, and comment on your thoughts on the current state of gaming.

iStalk – 029

Posted on Feb 27 2009
iStalk – 029
Today we have a free downloadable anime for all you Xbox Live Users, 918thefan has a huge announcement, a museum devoted to anime and manga enters planning stages, and Astro Boy seems to be back on schedule for its October 23rd Opening.

iStalk – 028

Posted on Feb 26 2009
iStalk – 028
Today we learn about a new 365 episode anime, Square Enix sues the crap outta someone, 5,000 lucky people will see Full Metal Alchemist 2 before everyone else, and Marvel and Tatsunoko schedule an anime crossover.

iStalk – 027

Posted on Feb 25 2009
iStalk – 027
Today we find out about three new anime being offered on Crunchyroll, a cooking anime is launched in Japan to help children learn to cook, iTunes starts offering free anime, and we have some news about a real stalker.

iStalk – 026

Posted on Feb 24 2009
iStalk – 026
Today we learn about a new Gundam Series, Miyazaki starts working on a new project, and Viz Media lays off some more people.

iStalk – 025

Posted on Feb 23 2009
iStalk – 025
Today, Viz Media makes an announcement about its streamed anime titles, and Best Buy enacts a new marketing strategy.