91.8 The Fan

Oops. Looks like you’ve made a bit of a mistake there, Susie. The numbers are, in fact, 91.8.

But there is no 91.8 on the radio dial!
You exclaim, flustered by your upbringing with terrestrial broadcasts.

Fear not, young denizen of the interwebs! Allow us to explain: 91.8 is actually a reference to our profession. The 9th letter of the alphabet being “I” and the 18th being “R”. These letters stand for “Internet Radio” which is, of course, what we do. Now do you understand, little Timmy?

Now I know!
You shout with glee, celebrating your new found knowledge.

Yes, young Billy, and knowing is half the battle!. The other half is violence

This has been a public service announcement, 91.8 The Fan is in no way affiliated with G.I. Jim, Mattal, or any childhood toys, TV shows, or TV shows about toys that may or may not have made you into a violent schizophrenic in your later years.

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