The Alpha Gamer #1: Getting Tipsy with Drunken Robot Pornography

Posted on Mar 05 2014

Alpha Gamer Drunken Robot Pornography

Welcome to the first installment of The Alpha Gamer, hosted by 91.8 The Fan’s gaming enthusiast, Power Surge! Every month, I will be swimming through the uncharted waters of Steam Early Access and taking a close look at some of the more interesting and promising games on the radar. This month, Dejobaan Games’ Drunken Robot Pornography takes to the stage with an almighty flurry of lasers, robots, and booze.


For the last two years, Dejobaan has been working closely with its many fans to cook up a crazy game about a bar owner who is forced to clean up the city of Sky Boston (in the future, everything is floating in the sky). His robot bartender has gone mad and is creating massive robots to wreck the city. The game first began to assemble itself when Dejobaan opened up an 2014-03-05_00006alpha for the members of its fan club; anyone who signed up for the free club would receive the game to play and test. A year and many great updates later, Dejobaan moved the game to the next phase and placed DRP in the Steam Early Access program. Another year passed and more updates were downloaded, until the game was finally released in full on February 19, 2014.

Though it’s technically not an alpha game anymore, I’ve had the fortunate chance to play the game during the three major periods of alpha testing. When I booted up the finished game, I was amazed at just how much work had been put into this game since I first played the game two years ago. Dejobaan has worked extremely hard to spit shine and polish the game for everyone to enjoy, and it shows a lot. Dejobaan’s great sense of humor, great game design, and simple-yet-enjoyable art all combine for a great time.

2014-03-05_00013As I stated earlier, the game is about the player having to save the city of Sky Boston from the huge, monstrous robots that are terrorizing the city. To accomplish this, the player must don their AI powered suit, appropriately named Suit, and use a powerful gun to take apart the rampaging Titans, piece by piece. The suit has a jetpack that allows the player to jump and hover around the various arenas for short periods of time; meanwhile, the gun can be temporarily upgraded through the various power-ups that are scattered around the stage.

2014-03-05_00010The stages are large, colorful, and contain tons of opportunities to get vertical; however, the Titans are what set this game apart from everything else. In DRP, the Titans are all massive conglomerations of robotic parts and weapons; Titans can behave in numerous ways based on the way it has been constructed. Fortunately, they all suffer the same weak point: their extremities. In order to quickly and successfully take out a Titan, the player must shoot down the outermost extremities of the Titan, essentially picking it apart one piece at a time. Once the “arms and legs” have been taken down, the core is susceptible to fire before finally going out in a massive explosion. It’s all very satisfying to say the least.

Aside from the story mode, DRP also boasts a few challenge modes such as Drunken Robot Battle Royale. Each week, Dejobaan creates a special challenge that the community can take on in a bid for the top of the leaderboard. Check out this awesome video Dejobaan made to see what the game is like and how the Battle Royale works! The other challenges include Cocktail Hunter, a mode where you try to collect as much booze as you can, drop it off at a designated spot, and rack up major points; and Titan Survival, where you try to last as long as you can against the Titans.

DRP WorkshopFinally, DRP contains a great way of adding additional content to all of its players: the Steam Workshop. In the Workshop for DRP, players can create their own Titans or arenas using an easy-to-learn building program. These amazing creations are then uploaded to the Workshop for everyone else to download and play with. Many players have already come up with extremely creative Titans to fight!

I can honestly say that I don’t have any real qualms about Drunken Robot Pornography; it’s really well done and lots of fun. Perhaps the only issue I have is that you can’t quite control the menus with a gamepad. Otherwise, using a gamepad is perfectly feasible, if a bit loose in the aiming without some sensitivity tweaking. The game can be a bit frustrating sometimes, but the difficulty settings are there for those who want an easier fight. It is easy to see how some people may think it is too hard for them; the game can be described as a 3D bullet-hell game. Personally, I think that’s what makes DRP fun.


In the end, this game is built well, contains a great amount of Dejobaan humor, and is a good challenge for those who want one. I give Drunken Robot Pornography the Alpha Gamer Seal of Approval! Buy it on Steam now for $14.99!

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