The Alpha Gamer #3: Enter the Main Event with Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Posted on Jun 04 2014

Alpha Gamer Dodgeball Derby Disco

It’s Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!!!! It’s the main event of the evening and I will be everyone’s guide to the intense ball-flying- tire-screeching, metal-crunching madness that is Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball! There are so many balls of steel that even Duke Nukem would be proud!


As with the other games I’ve reviewed so far, RRDDD is a Steam Early Access game. It was created by 88 Apps and has gone through quite a number of impressive improvements since its release at the end of March. In two short months the game has vastly improved its graphics (which are really great), 2014-06-04_00005added many game modes, and even included a patch released today that added gamepad support. It’s very easy to see that the game is being improved a lot through the attention of the game’s developer and with the help and suggestions of the Steam community. So what exactly is Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball?

2014-06-04_00008The name pretty much spells out the gameplay: players take control of robots on wheels and race around an arena, chucking balls in each other’s faces. There are quite a few game modes to choose from that add some variety to the mix, such as pulling off stylish kills in Score Attack, playing a dodgeball/basketball hybrid in Hoops, facing off against an increasing number of bots in Horde mode, and even a training mode to help new players learn the ropes. No matter the game mode chosen, the name of the game is dodgeball, and that means throwing, catching, dodging, and winning! Players must drive their robot to victory and utilize boosts and jumps to their advantage; they have to be alert, fast, and accurate if they want to pull off tricks, destroy their enemies, and score big. It’s pretty fun trying to survive an all-out barrage in a free-for-all Deathmatch.

2014-06-04_00015One of my favorite things in RRDDD is the variety of levels; Despite there being only seven arenas, each one feels unique, and no arena feels too large, cluttered, or boring. Every arena also lights up and flashes in time with the awesome soundtrack; the disco part of the game’s name certainly makes for some nice ear and eye candy!

2014-06-04_00009Of course no game can be perfect and that is especially true of a game that has opened up to the public during their alpha or beta stage of development. RRDDD’s developer is still hard at work eliminating bugs and improving features. Aside from that, there are a few personal quirks that I’ve noticed but can easily brush aside, such as the balls feeling a bit too floaty after being thrown, the boost time being a bit too short, and how difficult it is to catch a ball thrown at you. There are also not too many choices when it comes to customization yet.

2014-06-04_00014In the end, RRDDD is shaping up to be a solid, fun game that should be supported; it’s fast, fun, and easy to grasp. With a dedicated developer continuing to build the game up higher and higher, I have no doubts that the finished game will be a solid success. If any further convincing is needed then check out the amazing trailer below. Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball gets the Alpha Gamer Seal of Approval and can be found on Steam for $9.99

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