Simulblast! Week 008 Of Winter 2014

Posted on Mar 04 2014

Simulblast Week 008 Winter 2014

How do you understand an anime episode if you don’t know what is being said? Let’s find out!

This week’s challenge: Watch the episode without sound (or subtitles) and guess what happens. Why? Because we said so!

Wake Up, Girls! (Episode Eight)
Player: Kanashimi
Class: Boss

Simulblast Wake Up, Girls!

You take away the decent music for the opening and it becomes pretty substandard. On the flip side, I doubt anyone’s voice for me makes the show, but if there’s a new song for Wake Up, Girls! then I’m out of luck. Oh, never mind, there’s a new song called “I don’t frickin’ know because he held up a CD with Kanji” for the idol festival that the jerk producer is entering them in. Welp, guess I won’t be hearing that anytime soon.

Back at I-1 the president is talking about something over the megaphone. If I was gonna guess, they have some sort of involvement in the Idol Festival because why wouldn’t they? In addition, several girls are kicked out as per usual. I’m also sure they did their stupid chant at the end about not thinking. Some girls are left… crying, I believe, and several older members that we’ve partially be introduced to try to rally everyone’s spirits up.

The more experienced idols are talking about something in the cafeteria. Gonna guess it has to do with that producer since he’s in the next shot with the president of I-1. Are they conspiring together? They’re totally conspiring all evil like. I have no idea what their plan is, probably to get them to fall on their feet.

Matsuda and the girls are looking up the Idol Festival on his laptop. I think I finally understand I-1’s involvement, since they have all these stages everywhere, the competition probably ends up on one of their stages. Wow, even Matsuda looks excited. And was that a plan for a new office from Tange? Is there a cash prize? Hmmm, everything is fishy! Also, the animation in this episode is at an all-time low. The animation has never been stunning, but some of the girls literally look like they were drawn at 3AM on a weekday after studying for finals.

Minami stays behind to chat with Matsuda about… a piano book? I mean, she was hesitant in a previous episode to continue since she didn’t want to become an idol anyway. Perhaps this is her leaving to pursue stage acting. Matsuda looks completely shocked, and, if that’s the case, I am, too. Why not talk to Tange? On the other hand, the girls are in a pancake house eating food, but then some of her old co-members of I-1 walk in for no reason. Everyone looks surprised like it’s not normal to eat pancakes or something.

Oh no, jerk girl is coming over to chat with Mayu. I don’t even know this girl’s name; I just know she’s got a B tattooed to her forehead. She says something serious, probably threatening, and slams the door to the café as she leaves. The rest of Wake Up, Girls approach Mayu and ask if she’s okay, but she appears to shrug it off.

Oh hey! It’s otaku guy defending Wake Up, Girls! on 2chan again. While netizens defend Wake Up, Girls they practice their new dance. Airi has trouble and Mayu tries to help her, but Mayu is being increasingly pushy; I can tell. There’s some drama brewing, and it’s most likely due to what that I-1 girl said in the café. I hope she threatened her with space robots.

There’s some exposition here I’m obviously missing, but it appears Airi is confiding in Minami. It doesn’t appear that Minami has told anyone else about her goal to leave just yet.

The producer essentially bashes their dance and Mayu speaks up after their crushing insults. Mayu and Nanase begin to yell at each other, most likely having to do with I-1, and Kikuma gets in the middle to make them stop. Mayu runs off with Airi on her tail and Nanase is rather emotional from the whole ordeal what with the tears. Annnnnd to be continued… This episode felt like a lot of filler and more bashing. These girls subject themselves to so much crap; even without sound I could tell they were constantly getting disrespected by I-1, the producer, and everyone else.

Kana Challenge Successful

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Sakura Trick (Episode Eight)
Player: Midnight
Class: DJ

Simulblast Sakura Trick

So um, I think Yuu was hit in the head with a volleyball during gym. They go to make out in the nurse’s office, but Mitsuki is in the other bed. That could have been really awkward. There are PARENTS in this anime?! Ones that you can actually see? Okay, I’m going to level with you I have no idea what’s going on at this point.

Haruka calls Yuu. Oh! It’s something about wedding planning. I think Haruka is attending the wedding of a family member or something. Or maybe it’s Yuu, whichever? Who’s getting married!? I am so confused! Well, whatever. They go, try on dresses together, and kiss.

You know they’re thinking about getting married. Oh I bet one of them is going to catch the bouquet. Oh no, it was Haruka’s Mom. Isn’t she already married, or was Haruka born out of wedlock? Flying flower petals, doves; This is really cute. I just wish I knew whose wedding this was. Haruka and Yuu talk about something after the wedding and snuggle.

Well, on to part two. Mitsuki gets a call and she looks rather distressed, slamming her head into the pillow. Then we get… awkward flashback hour? Oh, that was still about the wedding. Oh hey look, Yuu is playing one of those motion capture dance games.

She’s pretty good at it. The character on the screen is pretty cute. Oh Yuu, why do you have an Xbox. No, bad loli. No Xbox!

Oh, is this a New Year’s thing? Christmas maybe? There’s lots of pretty lights, and it’s winter based on their clothes. Mitsuki knocks Yuu into Haruka and they back away from each other. Are they having a fight? Haruka and Yuu haven’t gotten close all episode. Are they pretending for the sake of Mitsuki?

Where are they even heading? How can Katone stand to wear such a short skirt in the middle of winter? Oh I guess they’re going shopping. Maybe it’s Christmas Eve? Things get a little awkward when they see a big heart that says love and run away from each other. Well, since I have no clue what’s going on, I’m going to talk about how cute everyone’s outfits are. Shizuku is wearing a super cute white getup that reminds me of Russia with her pretty white hat. Yuu has a cute white jacket, black pants, and fur lined boots. How cute.

Oh here’s something I understand. Yuu and Haruka are walking together. We flash back to them kissing at the wedding. Did something get awkward after that? Was the phone call that Mitsuki got outing the girls’ relationship? Oh wow, what a pretty light show on the ice. Yuu looks at Haruka as the snowflakes and heart lights move on the ice and she says… something… and takes Haruka’s hand but Haruka pulls it away. This must be trouble in paradise. I haven’t seen them able to stay off each other since episode one.

Now they’re alone, the hearts still flying in the air, and Yuu kisses Haruka. I feel like this might actually be really important. I might need to double back and watch this with subtitles before I review next week’s episode. Oh well, whatever relationship issues they were having have been solved as they kiss deeply. We get what looks like a special Christmas ending. Awww it’s so cute! Who the hell is this long haired chick!? Is she going to be a love interest for Mitsuki? I haven’t seen her before this ending. My brain hurts! Anyway… that’s me trying to review this episode without sound… I’M LOST!

Midnight Challenge Successful

This player has been docked 5 points for grammar problems in their summary.

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Gundam Build Fighters (Episode Twenty)
Player: Elk
Class: DJ

Simulblast Gundam Build Fighters

This episode’s challenge was a bit hard for me, since this episode seems really story heavy from the next episode preview last episode. I’m going to miss out on a lot of it, at least this first time through.

Right now a bunch of PPSE people are working on Project AS on a ton of laptops? We see a glimpse of a Gundam, and then straight to the OP.

Korean subbed OP break! If I could read Hangul I’d totally have the same OP experience as last episode, but I can’t. Thanks Korean subs!

Now we’re at an airport, and some old dude is talking with Aila and her handler. Now we’re meeting a little kid who seems related to the old dude. The kid is really excited, but Aila looks sad. Episode 20: Japanese words translated into Korean.

The Chairman is really freaked out that Reiji and Sei have made it past Nils and is looking for Baker. She seems to be hiding under a desk, avoiding him. Nils and Reiji are talking, but Nils is booooring, so Reiji falls asleep. Sei says something about his dad, who is eating noodles, still sad about missing his wife, and then Nils gets all fired up and tries hypnotizing people?

Mao shows up, and he’s still depressed about the girl from the hotel shooting him down. Everyone argues, and Fellini seems to be annoyed by the ruckus they’re making elsewhere. He heads out and runs into Ramba Ral. They go for a walk and talk about Aila and the Qubelley Pappilon. He hops on his vespa and takes off.

Meanwhile, Aila is studying the Wing Fenice. For some reason Sei is hallucinating that he is Amuro Ray getting slapped by Bright, and Nils thinks he’s an idiot.

Whaaat? For some reason, Kirara, the Gunpla idol, is interviewing China. No idea what she asked her, but it made her embarrassed.

But no, it’s time for action. Aila vs. Fellini. Field 4: Mountain. Every other fight Aila has won instantly with her invisible funnels. Fellini expects these, and the English part of the fight music still contains words that would have parents in English speaking countries scolding their kids for watching it. Aila is thrown off guard from the destruction of the funnels, and sends out more non-invisible funnels. The Fenice dodges their blasts and shoots them down as everyone watches.

The Papillon takes a shot, and her handler looks at the “Embody System” which must be the system that requires her bodysuit and helmet as a controller for the Gunpla. Her handler puts it in overdrive after a call from the old man from earlier which seems to put Aila in a great amount of stress or pain. This gives the Qubeley a performance boost, and it starts damaging the Fenice with greater speed and coordination.

Mao, Reiji, Nils, and Sei haven’t gotten to the arena yet, and they get there in time to see the Fenice heavily damaged with the Papillon standing in front of it. They can’t believe the Fenice could be in such a dire situation. The Fenice strikes out in desperation and misses. He gets a call from Kirara, but it just pushes him more. The Fenice gets a lance through the chest, but he grabs the lance and says something about Italy. He goes to self-destruct, taking them both out, but Kirara starts yelling at him. His finger hovers over the self-destruct, but he doesn’t push it. Instead, he concedes defeat, to the surprise of the main characters.

Then Aila starts attacking the already defeated Fenice, and the handler is surprised. It seems like the Embody System has taken some toll on her. Reiji enters the battle in his Beginning Gundam to defend the Fenice and is immediately completely destroyed by the Papillon’s power.

Korean ED break!

After the ED, the Battle is straight-up aborted instead of ended, and Reiji runs after the Papillon pilot who has fainted. Her helmet has cracked, revealing part of her face, and Reiji sees her. He confronts her, then the episode ends. Next episode, the Build Strike faces off against the Qubeley.

Elk Challenge Successful

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Nobunagun (Episode Eight)
Player: Bobby Henshin
Class: DJ

Simulblast Nobunagun

Hello, everyone, and welcome to episode 8 of Simulblast. So the challenge for this week was to watch the episode without subtitles and try to figure out whats going on. Let’s do this! Okay! So we find Vidocq talking to the Bunny-in-the-Tank leader of Dogoo and the old woman commander. Seriously, why haven’t we learned their names yet? They are chatting in a room covered in paintings. After that it looks to be a holodeck-sorta room (in which Vidocq is showing… lots and lots of fish), as well as a globe with arrows going around the world along with a big one going through the panama canal. I assume they are talking about how, in the last episode, the Invasionary Objects made it all the way to the panama canal without them noticing and changing their normal migration patterns, meaning that these things are getting too smart.

We cut to Team 1 followed by one of the eye cameras that belong to Galileo. They find a hole filled to the brim with monsters. We then cut to Nobunagun waking up on the beach. Asao shows up in a sexy swimsuit and (I assume) greets her. We look back at Sio, and now she is wearing a bikini. She starts to become shy; when we look over, there is Jack The Ripper laying in a beach chair in his swim trunks. Looks like Sio is trying to explain something to Asao when Jack’s voice starts to get all flirty. That’s when we turn around and see him hanging over Gandhi, who is in a loin cloth… Do not want! Then Newton comes out, also in a bikini, and does a flirty voice with Sio. Asao sounds like she is disappointed and starts to fade off into the distance as Newton tries to make out with Sio. That’s when she wakes up from her dream.

She turns around in her bed after realizing it was a dream I think and she finds Newton 2 inches from her face. She freaks out and flies across the room. We cut back to Team 1 as they try and fight their way into the whole, which is short lived as we cut back again to Team 2 conversing in the mess hall. I really wish I could read what they’re saying, but the challenge shall be completed! Jack seems ticked off about something, as usual. Then they are run down a hall in their battle gear to the missile launch pad. That’s right, it looks like they are going to be fired out of a missile!

Back again to Team 1. They are examining the hole again, finding several tick-like objects, when it looks like the princess of Team 1 feels a disturbance in the force! They book it on the next Cyx motorcycle. They are chased by a giant squid-like object, and Galileo’s camera ball is crushed. Franks is trying to save Galileo, but Vidocq says two things, and now they are trying to get the ball back. Also it looks like Galileo’s left eye is being destroyed! turns out that the AU weapons actually combine with the user, meaning that, if the weapon is damaged, they are damaged. But here comes Team 2 to save the day! They get the ball back and drive the squid into the ocean.

At the mess hall we see Jack getting into an argument with the princess when they meet Nobunagun for the first time. The little green-haired boy from Team 1 is disappointed at the fact that the picture and the real Nobunagun don’t match. Vidocq shows up and gives everyone the cold shoulder. They yell at him about… something… and now everyone is yelling at each other. With the clip of her cane, the old lady commander shows up, and everyone is surprised. After a few words we are now outside in full weapon mode as all teams are now fighting the giant squid. Each team takes on a tentacle, but it turns out that, when they slice off the tentacle, a small monster is fired out that explodes on contact. The tentacle then grows back.

Everyone is arguing with each other. Which I think means they are coming up with ideas on how to stop it. The squid launches a large explosive monster at the ship. Everyone now realizes this, and only Nobunagun realized in time what was happening. Saint Germain steps in front of the commander; I have no idea what that will accomplish. Sio steps in front of the ship and, instead of shooting the monster, shoots the top layer of the ship a little so the bomb just misses the ship. The bomb flies past and everyone is safe! All except Sio, who gets hit in the head with debris and falls into the ocean. Some orders are yelled and the episode ends. Wow… watching an anime with no subtitles is hard. I really need to learn Japanese. Well, that’s it for this week. I will see you all again.

Bobby Challenge Successful

This player has been docked 10 points for grammar problems in their summary.

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Log Horizon (Episode Twenty)

Player: Siege

Class: Content Provider

Simulblast Log Horizon

Since I’ll be watching without audio or subs, I decided it would be best to listen to showtunes while I watch. I’m not sure if that will affect anything, but it’s certainly gonna be a catchy time.

Shiroe looks super upset about something as he gets a call from the Spoiler Land of Spoilers. I can imagine what they just told him was the spoiler from last episode. Which, from here on, I’ll stop referring to as a spoiler. Just go watch Episode 19 already.

Now let’s pay close attention to the actual OP animation. It’s really exciting I guess. Not the best time for a slow musical number to play in the background. I feel like I’m not getting 100% of the effect here.

Alright, so, since you’ve all watched 19 by this point, how ’bout that Rudy? How about that thing? The thing where he’s an NPC? Crazy stuff.

Shiroe calls in his griffin and runs to the rescue. He’s talking to them while flying which is super rude. He could hit a sky-pedestrian or something.

Meanwhile, the kids are all yelling. I don’t know what they’re yelling. But presumably it’s about something nice. Maybe they’re having an argument about pizza toppings. That can get pretty heated. Who puts fruit on a pizza!?

One of the adventurers fell in battle I guess. Either that or this is a demonstration of revival? I don’t know. I have no way of knowing. It would be different if there was a major difference between NPCs and Adventurers, but that really defeats the whole message the show is going for.

I’m sure someone is talking, but I just watched Shiroe blink in the sky for a solid minute. I bet it was important and stuff. They’re kind of lazy with that stuff now that I’m actually paying attention. They use a looping animation on the side of the person listening instead of ond the side of the talker.

Also, Crusty doesn’t have a shirt on and the princess is embarrassed. I’m almost certain those are unrelated. Maybe there’s some romance going on, but I don’t exactly sail this ship so I don’t exactly care. The couple I do care about is Bard Girl (whose name I don’t know) and Rudy. A ship which, might I add, is currently in jeopardy.

Shiroe stares intently at Rudy and checks his pulse. There’s a plan being formed or something. Shiroe looks really determined, so that makes me think there’s a plan here. It looks like he’s sapping health from them to give Rudy more health. Or is it MP?

Hooray! Rudy’s alive! No clue how. MMO stuff, probably. And then we hit the halfway point. We come back to everyone crying. I guess they couldn’t come to agreement about pizza toppings. That’s nothing to get so worked up about, though.

Shiroe’s holding a contract up and I feel like it’s important. Or maybe it’s a tally list for pizza choices. I’m gonna go with that.

Actually, I know it’s a contract because this episode is called “Contract.” But otherwise I don’t know anything about what’s going on. I’m gonna have to go back and watch this again for my own benefit. Whatever it is, Shiroe is angry about it. And he’s making Rudy sign it. Is he signing away his right to something? His right to be a person of the land? His right to be in the group? His right to vote on the pizza delivery? Who knows? People who watched this episode with subtitles, I bet.

I’m inferring that he’s probably contracting himself into being an Adventurer. That doesn’t seem like something that can happen. If that’s really what it was then this show has lost some points from me. I want realism from my MMO anime!

Rudy gets to be brutal for the next few minutes and mows down enemies. If I had to guess, the princess is disenchanted with him after seeing him fight. Or maybe she’s into that.

Shiroe is sitting on a cliff giving one of his famous episode-ending speeches. Or so I assume. That just tends to happen. I guess not, though, because we get some static as Rudy wakes up in the church. He must be an adventurer now. Boo. Maybe they’ll retcon it next episode and he’ll die for real.

Siege Challenge Successful

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Engaged To Unidentified (Episode Eight)
Player: Kayarath
Class: Content Provider

Simulblast Engaged To Unidentified

This episode continues the Konoha arc, which has nothing to do with Benio! Konoha is the school council sectary and an adoring fan of Benio. In her attempt to get closer to her idol, she develops deep animosity toward Mashiro. Konoha wants to know how Mashiro is so close to Benio. Could it be that Mashiro is using magical powers to cheat herself into Benio’s household? The horror! That’s morally wrong! Of course, Mashiro has completely different reasons for living with Benio and wishes Benio would just leave her alone.

The concept of wanting to live with Benio is so revolting to Mashiro she literally breaks down into tears upon hearing of it. That concept is enough to stun even Hakuya, and that man doesn’t stun easily. After getting revived by a chocolate bar Hakuya gave her (how thoughtful of him to carry one for situations like these), Mashiro explains that it has nothing to do with Benio. Once that misunderstanding is cleared up, Konoha starts checking outs Hakuya. Since they’re the same race, and meeting others of their kind is so rare, Konoha proposes that they get together. Kobeni arrives just in time to hear that, and is quite shocked by it. How will Hakuya respond? I think we can figure that out…

But what about Benio though? This episode has nothing to do with her yet I mentioned her several times? Well, Kobeni wants to keep out of it to protect Konoha’s secret and decides to tell her that it has nothing to do with her. Benio is heartbroken by being told that and spends the episode in a corner of woe. Will she be a part of the next episode? Will Konoha take no for an answer? Does Hakuya like big butts, and can he not lie? Tune in next time to find out!

Kayarath Challenge Failure

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Kill La Kill (Episode Twenty)
Player: Knightshade
Class: DJ

Simulblast Kill La Kill

What’s up everyone? Knightshade is back again! So this is going to be a bit different due to this week’s challenge. Because of this I’m going to do the challenge part only, so don’t take any of this too seriously, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% to 100% of this actually happened. So, without any more delay. Here is Kill La Kill episode 20!

So we start off this episode with a cool back shot of Ryuko saying how she hates Senketsu for stealing her iron or something like that. She then continues to talk about how she’ll never wear him ever again; God, she needs to get over that minor theft of a household iron. Anyway, she keeps screaming, Mako says what I assume stupid stuff, and Ryuko puts Mako in her place because Mako gets a bit sad. Ryuko says more stuff, and Nui appears with that stupid grin. So glad Ryuko cuts her the hell up. We then get Ms. Mommy-touches-her-kids, and she goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs by getting in everyone’s faces for some reason and disappears. Ryuko has a fit and leaves the gang in a kind of cartoonish/sad way. Ryuko then steals a motorcycle and goes to her old school, I assume to kill her mom before she needs more restraining orders on more kids.

We then get a boardroom meeting and we see Satsuki naked hanging in what I can only assume is her mom’s BDSM dungeon. Good God, what is with her and touching her kids?! Anyway, we see her friends leave to rescue her in a pretty cool-looking battleship. Cut back to Ryuko, and she breaks everything; I mean she is ticked off! We then see Nui and Ryuko fight for a good few minutes, and Ryuko stabs Nui in the heart. Nui looks like she’s in pain, and I am so happy for that! Sadly, Nui was joking, and she rips out her own heart and shows that Nui also has spaghetti for a heart. Also, Ryuko is about to get some new cloths (aka Junketsu) as she is getting taken over and all that good stuff. Satsuki gets recused, dons Senketsu, and confronts the now possessed Ryuko. Now I really want to see this fight!

Anyway, guys, this was tough due to me not watching the episode with sound or subs. However, I would be surprised if I was spot on for the dialog. Even without sound, this episode still was pretty awesome. It also left us on one hell of a cliffhanger; so with all that, my imagination, and more, I give this 9 silent movies out of 10. Now, give me the next episode already!

Knightshade Challenge Successful

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Nisekoi (Episode Eight)
Player: Zero Gravity
Class: DJ

Simulblast Nisekoi

This player did not turn in their episode summary for the week. As such, they will not be awarded 50 flat points or the additional 30 for doing a challenge. Zero is considered a no-show and as such has lost a dollar of his original bid. He has two more chances before he will be kicked out of the competition.

Zero No Show

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Week 008 Tally

  1. Kanashimi: 2,657
  2. Midnight: 2,216
  3. Elk: 2,098
  4. Bobby Henshin: 1,725
  5. Siege: 1,530
  6. Kayarath: 1,460
  7. Knightshade: 1,440
  8. Zero Gravity: 900

Next week’s challenge: Describe your anime as a Broadway Musical!

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