Simulblast! Week 010 Of Fall 2013

Posted on Dec 17 2013

Simulblast Fall Season Week 010 2013

It’s time for some product placement! Keep your senses sharp during this week’s Simulblast!

This week’s challenge: Review/preview/promote official merchandise from your show during your summary. If there’s no merch that suits you, make one up!

Meganebu! (Episode Ten)
Player: Kanashimi
Class: Boss

Simulblast Meganebu

Sleep deprived with a ton work to do… Let’s hope episode ten of Meganebu! can lighten my spirits a bit. Okay, this one starts with huge, red warning signals. Akira, the president of the Glasses Club, picks up a box that literally looks like Jumanji. I mean that; it has the four headshots of various characters (except with some punk accessories to avoid copyright) and some jungle music plays in the background. It is, without a doubt, the most bizarre reference I’ve ever seen an anime make.

They open the board and it’s totally the same frickin’ board from Jumanji. It’s a game titled “Glasses Something-Or-Other,” so that was Akira’s sole reason for picking it up off the side of the road. I expect everyone to get eaten by lions at this point. However, all of the pawns have glasses, and when Akira rolls for the first time the green sphere in the middle displays the message, “Your lenses fog up when you wear a mask.” Suddenly, every member in the clubroom has a mask appear on their face and their glasses, besides Hayato’s, of course, begin to fog up. Akira demands that Hayato do something, since he’s the only one that can see, and as such he reads the instructions located on the side of the board. Here he finds out that, if he shouts “I’ve been there,” they will move onto the next turn.

Takuma takes a turn, and from there they wash their faces over their glasses, get oil on them from cooking, as well as various other things. Obviously, though, Hayato constantly puts the game on pause since he can’t relate, and eventually everyone else quits. However, no one can get out of the school because, as a fans of Jumanji know, the effects won’t end until you finish the game in full.

Suddenly appearing is Takuma’s model and designer brothers who strip and reveal Slytherin robes. Yes, you read that right. I have no idea what is going on either.

The now wizard brothers wave their wands and make pies fly into the club members’ faces, and due to the whole glasses deal they can’t see, but sprint away regardless. From here, Hayato tells them that they can’t end the game or else their glasses get taken away. They have very little time to discuss this, as the lunch lady from a few episodes ago appears with a chainsaw, referencing Texas Chainsaw Massacre… obviously.

The boys run down the hall to escape only to run into two of their teachers with the Series 4 De-Atomizer. I’ll let that sink in. Yes, that’s Men In Black. Has anime finally recognized our Western childhood? Why? What trick is this? I feel like someone hired a foreigner to direct just this episode and just fooled everyone on the Japanese staff by putting in as many cameos as possible.

The boys find a safe haven on the roof, and continue to play their game of Jumanji while their teachers, brothers, and lunch lady try to find them. They play a few more rounds, but eventually their teachers zap away the stairs to the roof. The beginning of Akira’s turn, though, means he has to do something drastic. He makes a move to take off his glasses, leaving the imposters giggling at their victory; however, he instead drops his dice. Obviously, they land on six, the remaining moves he has to take to reach the goal because reasons.

“Despite all that, will you continue to wear glasses?” Oh, time for the dramatic speech… We fast-forward, and a member from the student council finds the board game and wonders if his club would like to play.

And that was half of the episode! Yes, half. I don’t know whether to celebrate or cry. Either way, we find the club’s two teachers discussing their job. The nurse, Kyousuke, was late and is lamenting about how much of a failure he is. The other teacher, Hotaka, encourages him to drink, and thus he gets plastered in typical Asian fashion. In his drunken stupor, he declares he’ll submit his resignation letter and runs off to a park, where he begins to snuggle on a raccoon statue.

The other teacher is frustrated with Kyousuke and brings him to an old character we saw back in episode three, the restaurant owner who had some completed business with a ghost. As the three talk, we get a bit of flashback from the gruff teacher. He apparently was pretty much Akira as a kid and had fun blowing things up, and the restaurant owner was actually the club advisor who reprimanded him. Kinda makes me wonder why he’s so harsh on Akira.

However, this youngster version of our teacher has a feud with a rival school. As such, when he finished his car for a school contest, they came by to wreck it… because that’s what respectable students do. Hotaka states that they shouldn’t beat up the car and instead sacrifices himself so they can compete in the contest. They stop in the middle, though. Hotaka assumes the worst and that the club stood up for him, but instead it’s the restaurant owner who is beating up the rival school students. That is why he now owns a restaurant, but in his place Hotaka decided to become a teacher.

He makes a mention of how the Glasses Club reminds him of them as kids. He would also protect them and put his job on the line if the same thing happened. The nurse has sadly fallen asleep at these tales, but, regardless it was a nice bit of backstory.

So, off on the hunt for merch! Shopping is a thing I do indeed enjoy, so I perused Japan’s Yahoo Auction for official Meganebu! items. To my dismay, I couldn’t actually find glasses. Sure, I could find wig and glasses combos done by cosplayers for cosplayers, but nothing that was from the company. Considering Bandai did fashion-esque items for Tiger & Bunny while Toei is doing the same for Sailor Moon, I find this a travesty. Honestly, I believe that Meganebu! official glasses would be ideal, considering the entire show revolves around glasses. Just sayin’.

Kana Challenge Successful

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Diabolik Lovers (Episode Ten)
Player: Midnight
Class: DJ

Simulblast Diabolik Lovers

So, after our super interesting episode nine, we hope that episode ten will be just as interesting. I can tell you now, it’s not. Is it too much to ask for two consistent episodes of good things? To say this episode was bland after how hyped I was to watch it after last episode is an understatement. Most of the episode is expositional dialogue or the show doing what it does best: being strange and awkward.

We open the episode to the uncle and the mother, now in the body of our female, lead spouting expositional dialogue at us about how she was fought over by the two brothers, and in the end, obviously, Ayato and the others father won. Though I guess she loves Richter? Who knows with Cordelia. Speaking of Ayato, he shows up, and he’s none too happy to see mommy dearest. Does he attack her? Is something fun going to happen? Nope, time for her to exit stage right, and for us to hear more about the past… Is anything ever going to happen?

So, at mommy dearest’s request, Richter explains to Ayato what’s going on. Back when they were all trying to kill Cordelia, he found her laying dying in the flower garden. I was wrong a few episodes back when I guessed that Raito ripped out her heart, because it was Richter that cut it out so she could be placed into someone else in order to return. This brings up a ton of questions. First and foremost: How does one get a heart implanted into them? When did this happen? If Yui was just chosen at random rather then given by the church, how did she end up with Cordelia’s heart? Did she have it from the time she came to the mansion, or was it implanted at some point while we saw Richter moving along in the background of previous episodes? Are we going to get any sort of… Okay. You know the answer: there is no reason given for any of this, so I’m gonna assume “happy vampire magic” like I always do.

We move to Ayato confronting Cordelia out on a dock, and they have a conversation about his swimming. She mentions she’s a fine swimmer, so Ayato proceeds to push her into the lake. She drowns, story’s over, the end… That’s how i wish it happened anyway. What actually happens is Yui gains control back of her body and he brings her to dry land. Then, like a thousand times before, he bites her. However, this time, apparently her blood is like a drug that he can’t get enough of. None of them can get enough of it. Raito and Kanato show up and complain about him hogging her to himself. It’s only slightly creepy. Okay, no, I lied. It’s totally creepy. Somewhere inside her body at this moment is their mother. Their mother. I don’t think I can emphasize on the creepiness of that any more.

She runs off to grab the silver knife that Subaru gave her. Speaking of Subaru, he shows up and starts drinking from her. She proceeds to stab him, all the other brothers, and the uncle, and goes on to live a nice happy life as a teenage girl… Or at least I wish that’s what happened. She drops the knife and refuses to use it. Subaru tells her to keep it and walks off, leaving Richter to come in and explain more things to us. We find Yui possessed again and walking out onto the balcony; the time of awakening is at hand.

With Christmas on the way I was doing some thinking about shopping. So instead of mulling over how bad this episode was, I’ll try to promote something good about this series. The game! The Diabolik Lovers Otome game, from what I’ve heard, is actually really good. I’m not sure how the plot differs from the anime, but I’m sure there is a ton we haven’t learned about the brothers that you can find out in their paths in the game. Not to mention the opening for the game is this amazing rock tune that is totally catchy, compared to the generic tune we got for the anime’s opening. The drawings are just as pretty. It’s available in Japanese on the PSP. Unfortunately, not a lot of otome games gain enough popularity to earn a English translation, but perhaps if you’re as curious to see if it’s better then the anime as I am, we can all petition for an English release!

Overall: This episode was a lot of talking, nothing really going on at all. It was a major letdown from what I was hoping for after last week. Until then, time for episode eleven. Here’s hoping something actually happens.

Midnight Challenge Successful

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Gundam Build Fighters (Episode Ten)
Player: Elk
Class: DJ

Simulblast Gundam Build Fighters

Hello all, it’s time for another episode of Build Fighters, and, since the mission for today’s write up is pushing merch, I’m going to try to do the impossible and push as MUCH merch as possible. Not all the links will be actually available for purchase, though; as some of these kits are old. You can try your luck on eBay or other sites, though, using the information from the links.

First off, the title of this episode is The World Tournament Begins. This means we’re about to see a lot of awesome Gundam action. What better way to push this show’s merch then with links to all the gunpla used, or at least the non-customized versions? This show was made for merch; the entire idea is sell more gunpla! And it’s doing a great job, I would think. All the cameos get people pumped for all the older suits, and, with the release of the All Gundam HG line, which is going to have every main suit from every Gundam show in a uniform build for easy kit bashing (Kit bashing is taking parts from different suits and switching them around; with older kits, this can be hard, as things don’t always fit well), and all the new Build Fighters gunpla that are coming out as well, Bandai is looking to cash in big.

We enter this episode learning that Carlos Kaiser (piloting a custom Alpha-Azieru), the last champion, has lost. To a young girl no less. We don’t see her Papillon yet, but we do see Mao’s custom X Gundam as everyone reacts to this news.

Cutting to the OP, we first see the Build Strike. Then, as we go through the character introduction segment of the OP, we’re shown, in quick succession, the Sengoku Astray (which is based off of the Red Frame Astray), the Wing Fenice Wing Fenice, Bearguy III, Zaku Amazing, and Qubeley Papillon. At this point, we see some vague shadows of different gunpla, and I can’t really tell you what they all are. A thousand apologies. We do, however, see the head of the RX-78-2 and Ramba Ral’s Gouf.

Back to the episode! Reiji is exhausted after piloting the new Build Strike. I’d link it, but it wasn’t shown. Kirara is back on TV as a spokesperson/mascot for the tournament. Ramba Ral takes Sei and Reiji to the tournament, but only after China gives them both good luck Haro charms. Ramba Ral drops them off at the Fighter’s Village and salutes them before taking off.

Sei and Reiji are supposed to dress up to go to a fancy party, but as Sei is getting ready, Reiji ditches because he’s too much of a free spirit. The funniest parts of the episode are about to come at you back to back. Now that Sei (and Mao) are at the reception, they’re rubbing shoulders with famous gunpla fighters. They notice the Thai champ, and then Ricardo Fellini, the Italian champion. Sei is shocked when Ricardo knows his name, and then he learns that he was Reiji’s training partner. Kirara shows up out of her idol outfit, and Fellini, being the ladies man he is, instantly moves in for the kill, sweeping her off her feet. “Just like in Gunpla Battle, he’s fast as lightning!”

Meanwhile, Reiji is going store to store buying all the delicious foods Ral told him about. Unfortunately, most of them are completely sold out. The reason for this becomes readily apparent as Aila and Reiji both try to buy the last meat bun.

Cutting back to the reception, Fellini is completely wasted, and both Sei and Mao are completely disillusioned. Kirara isn’t quite as swept off her feet anymore as Fellini rambles on at her about 08th MS Team.

Back at the mall, Reiji and Aila are in a stare down over the last meatbun. After a moment of inattention, and Aila quickly snipes it and runs off. Reiji gives chase, and eventually catches up with her. A struggle ensues, and the meatbun is lost to the waters. This entire exchange is the first time we’ve really seen any emotion from Aila, so it’s good to know she’s not entirely some sort of robotic character. It also sets up an obvious romance subplot between the two. A black car shows up and whisks Aila away, however; she seems to have a short leash. Back at the hotel, Sei is peeved at Reiji for being out so late.

The next day the tourney is set to begin. Fellini has a massive hangover, and we find that, although there are a lot of stars that will no doubt show up in the later rounds of the tournament, there are a lot of simple non-custom gunpla that have made it to the world stage as well. In the first match we see a Gelgoog, Berga Giros, GuaIZ, and Cobra Gundam (Neo-India’s Gundam from G Gundam which I could find no model of). In the next match we see a Geara Doga and an Abigorbine, which is based on Abigor and Dunbine. The other two fighters are gone before we get to it. The third match we see has a GunEZ from Victory Gundam, which I couldn’t find a model for vs. the Wing Fenice. Obviously Wing Fenice wins. The match with Aila is about to start next. Her Qubeley is ganged up on by The-O, a Throne Zwei, and a Gundam Virsago. In true final boss fashion, all three are instantly destroyed. Finally, it’s Sei and Reiji’s turn! Only they aren’t there… With 10 seconds to spare (because Reiji made them late) they rush into the venue and set their GP Base. They bring out the Star Build Strike, and are up against a Zaku F2000, AS Duel, and Geymalk. Again, it’s kind of obvious, but the Build Strike wins it.

The episode ends with the introduction of Meijin Kawaguchi. He is Yuuki, the school council president with shades on…

Elk Challenge Successful

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Log Horizon (Episode Ten)

Player: Siege

Class: Content Provider

Simulblast Log Horizon

As far as I can tell, Log Horizon has no merchandise. But if the creators had any sense, they’d release the Log Horizon video game! That’s right, kids! Revel in the world of Elder Tale, where there are tutorials repeating every thirty minutes, and you spend a majority of your time talking about economics! It’s fun for the whole family!

Anyway, on to the episode. Has the OP animation changed? I’m pretty sure they’ve added more recent characters to it, which is neat. I know a lot of anime do that, but it still surprises me.

WE open to what appears to be a flourishing Akihabara. Shiroe’s plans have brought the life back to the city. We cut back to the meeting, which was left in-progress last episode. Another of the leaders has revealed that they have been able to create a steam engine. This is groundbreaking; although the game’s interfaces have remained in place, the actual rules of the real world still apply.

Sadly, I think the Log Horizon game would not contain real-as-life physics.

The council continues to set up rules regarding human rights and other such things, even extending these rights to the NPCs, who they realize are just as alive as the players.

As a consolation, the Crescent Moon releases the secret of their delicious food. Now anyone with enough skill can create food for themselves.

Sadly, I think the Log Horizon game would not allow you to taste the delicious food.

For the rest of the episode, we see Guilds being moved into new buildings. Crescent Moon has moved to a bigger building, since all the imprisoned children had joined. Log Horizon, on the other hand, is moving into their first building.

The rest of the episode really plays on the humor of things, which is something we haven’t seen in a while. The show has been pretty serious for the last few episodes, so a hint of humanity is good.

Sadly, I don’t think anyone “human” would play the Log Horizon game.

Speaking of humanity, a touching moment hits us at the end. The kids who Shiroe has spent the entire series saving have come to try and join his guild. Shiroe is for some reason surprised by this. As if the people you devoted half your time living in this world to are not going to be attached to you.

The episode ends with everyone happily eating curry. Hooray!

Oh wait, of course not. Now we have new mystery people: Lord Sergiatte and Lady Lenessia. Ooh! Mystery! I can’t wait. I hope it has to do with economics!

Siege Challenge Successful

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I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job (Episode Ten)
Player: Bobby Henshin
Class: DJ

Simulblast Couldn't Be A Hero

Hello everyone! Sorry I was a no show last week. But for me to continue on with episode 10 I need to tell you what happened in episode 9, because it is too important to leave in the dark and leads into episode 10. Raul is ordered to take Fino on a shopping spree. Fino is almost run over by a cart when Raul saves her life. In that instant, Fino looks into Raul’s eyes and a spark of attraction glows in her eyes. The romance has been sparked, ladies and gentlemen! After a day filled with shopping and bashfulness Fino was attacked on the way back to the apartment. That’s when we learned that not everyone was okay with Fino not becoming the next demon lord. Raul now makes it his mission to protect Fino.

Now we are into episode 10. We start with Fino working extremely hard to get her work done and helping customers. To the point where she is buying weird trap items from dungeons to capture customers and make them shop at the store, like mimics and man-capturing plants. Raul realizes that she is working extremely hard and asks her why. She simply responds that she just wants to be the best worker she can. Raul questions if this was about her attack yesterday. She then tells Raul of her master plan of becoming the boss of LEON so she won’t have to become the next Demon King. She wants to open their first store in the demon world. She also wants Raul to be her assistant manager. Raul agrees, and their relationship deepens. While working, Raul’s old hero friends Blaze and Klein come and invite Raul to lunch. While Fino messes up a customer’s order, we cut to a steak house where Blaze and Klein tell Raul that the hero program is coming back so Raul can chase his dream again. Raul is skeptical about it, and wonders how it is coming back. We then find out that it was Blaze and Klein who attacked Fino back in episode 10 and are working with a Demon named Raid. Raul then threatens them, saying that they better not lay a finger on Fino, or they will feel his wrath!

After Fino finds the customer to help fix his order she is kidnapped and taken to what looks like a college classroom and bound up. She is then confronted by none other then Raid!
Also, to really blow your minds, remember back in episode 7 when we saw that demon pop out of the mirror? That was him! BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUM! What is next for our heroes? Will Raul make it in time to save Fino? Will Fino be forced to become the Demon King? Tune in next time! This episode is brought to you by the Magic Hair Dryer now with three settings: hot, warm and TURBO HURRICANE!

Bobby Challenge Successful

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Galilei Donna (Episode Ten)
Player: Christmas
Class: Guest Relations

Simulblast Galilei Donna

This player did not turn in their episode summary for the week. As such, they will not be awarded 50 flat points or the additional 20 for doing a challenge. Christmas is considered a no-show and as such has lost a dollar of his original bid. He has one more chances before he will be kicked out of the competition.

Christmas No Show

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Outbreak Company (Episode Ten)
Player: Kayarath
Class: Content Provider

Simulblast Outbreak Company

If nothing else, I have to give Outbreak Company credit for being current. We live in an age of Wikileaks, and Japan is no exception to the rule. It seems that the soccer footage recorded during episode six found its way to the internet, causing a big stir. Wanting to keep the masquerade going, the Japanese government is willing to try anything, and Shin’ichi definitively has a thing. He suggests that they create a fantasy movie to act as a cover story.

I personally find the concept hilarious. Government conspiracy in the form of making a movie is audaciously funny. Since no one can resist the lure of stardom, everyone is on board. All the students who’ve been learning about Japanese culture give it their all, contributing a wide variety of skills and passions. The Japanese government provides ample support because it’s better to finance a movie then have your secrets exposed. Minori gets to be the director, and relishes the role. Every cast member gets to play a part, including Pentralka, who gets to be the lead magical girl! While Pentralka is busy with the work of being the Empress, Shin’ichi takes the time to recruit her for the role, insisting upon it through Pentralka’s doubts. It’s quite a kind gesture on Shini’ichi’s part, putting her in an non-empress scenario so that she can act like a normal person for at least a short while.

As always, Shini’ichi finds himself in a few fanservice moments. This time he strides into a tent full of naked girls! The thing is, they don’t even seem to mind that much, which freaks him out even more. Even the shy Myucel willing gives Shini’ichi a Playboy style pose. It seems Myucel is getting more active in her self-shipping, even taking the effort to record Shini’ichi’s fetishes. Good for her, I guess.

What’s not good is upsetting a dragon, which exactly what happens at the taping of the final scene. Angry dragons are bad news, dude! Dragons are normally a huge problem, but when you have a fully modern military, it falls under the “solvable” category. The dragon is quickly driven off in a hail of firepower. That’s got to be quite the experience for those soldiers. For the rest of their lives, they can say, “Remember that time we fought that dragon? Man, that was awesome.” It wasn’t so awesome for the Eldant Empire forces, who got to see what a modern army can do. Japan isn’t just a land of moe and manga; they do still have a fully functional army, complete will all the modern bells and whistles.

Since the day was saved, the movie was too. Pentralka really did enjoy the experience, even going so far as kissing Shini’ichi as a sign of thanks. She didn’t enjoy the outcome, though. It seems they were going for a serious tone and missed the mark by a mile, and ended up turning Pentralka into a super moe magical girl who messes up her lines. She is extremely embarrassed, going so far as to ban the movie and wiping it from history. This movie won’t be shown in the Eldant Empire anytime soon, and it won’t be shown in Japan either, since Shini’ichi intentionally ripped off other anime blatantly in order to have a reason to cancel it.

The secret is safe now, but what about the movie? If you’re curious about how the movie turned out, have I got news for you! While it may be banned in the show’s world, it’s not banned in ours! You can get the special “Maigcal Girl Pentralka” OVA for your very own collection! It’s the perfect thing for that Outbreak Company fanperson who would adore seeing the show’s cast in a completely new world. All orders include a mini sketch book full of pictures “by” Elbia Hernaiman herself! How can you resist?

Kayarath Challenge Successful

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Kill La Kill (Episode Ten)
Player: Knightshade
Class: DJ

Simulblast Kill La Kill

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and others! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. This, my friends is Kill la Kill episode 10. But before we stary I would like to ask: have you ever wanted a goku uniform? Do you want supernatural powers from said uniform? Do you want to fight epic battles to tear down an oppressive tyrannical dictator? Well. sadly those last two things won’t happen, but I think I can help you out with that first thing! Introducing the three star goku t-shirt! It may not help you become one of the most powerful beings in the world, but it’ll make you look like a badass, anywhere! Anyway, let’s get onto the review of Kill la Kill episode 10.

Hoka Inumuta uses his Three-Star Goku Uniform, the Probe Regalia, to analyze Ryuko’s fighting abilities and predict her movements. When Ryuko counteracts this by fighting haphazardly, Hoka resorts to cloaking himself and fighting her while invisible. Pretty cool trick! However, Ryuko counters again by expanding and draping Senketsu’s eye across the battle arena, leaving him unable to dodge. Unwilling to lose the data he gathered on Senketsu during the fight, Hoka forfeits the match before Ryuko can destroy and eat his uniform. Nonon Jakuzure steps up to battle Ryuko next with her Three-Star Goku Uniform, the Symphony Regalia, a large aircraft that attacks by blasting classical music. Nonon attempts to eliminate Ryuko by destroying the arena, but Ryuko activates a new aerial form, Senketsu Shippu, and the match continues. Troubled by how quickly Senketsu has been evolving, Aikuro contacts Tsumugu, tells him to assume a worst-case scenario, and goes on his way to meet up with Aikuro.

When I saw this episode, I was worried at first. When the fight between Hoka and Ryuko ended so soon, it went to what seemed like a filler episode. I didn’t want to see a near flawless series (in my opinion) take a filler episode ten episodes into the season. I was so relieved when we saw another fight in the same episode instead of some long episode about friendship and so forth. The fights were great and epic; however, this week I’m going to take some points off for the intermission. Even with slow parts, it’s still a great episode. Really excited for 11! Until next time everyone!

Knightshade Challenge Successful

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Beyond The Boundary (Episode Ten)
Player: Zero Gravity
Class: DJ

Simulblast Beyond The Boundary

In reference to last week’s hope of learning about what “Beyond the Boundary” was, I’m happy to say that we learn a little more. But it’s still confusing.

The episode consists of 98% flashback and dream states, so forgive me for sounding horribly jumbled. The episode begins with Mirai receiving a call from Izumi Nase, months prior the the actual start of the series. Meanwhile, Akihito wakes up in his apartment being cared for by Mirai, after which Akihito discovers she is indeed a terrible cook. Akihito mentions that it was too warm for winter, to which Mirai retorts that it’s currently summer; as viewers of last week’s episode remember, that episode ended in the middle of winter.

Going into another flashback, Mirai arrives in Nagatsuki to be greeted by Izumi, hoping to use Mirai to complete a certain task given her cursed blood.

Meanwhile, Mirai arrives at the Literary Club on a snow day to find an unresponsive Akihito, taking his hand and putting it on her head. His hand slumps off and falls to his side; take note of this scene, as I talk about it at the end of the episode. Later in the summer sequence, Akihito and Mirai arrive at a pool, where he finds Mitsuki in a swimsuit with Sakura by the pool. Sakura taunts Akihito, saying he must be a phantom because the Akihito she knows kicked the bucket a while ago. Much to Akihito’s agitation, he goes back to the club room with Mirai. Six months prior, Izumi brings Mirai to the unknown man, introducing her as a Spirit Warrior from the cursed blood clan. Mirai believes she was capable of killing “Beyond the Boundary” (aka Akihito). The unknown man warns Mirai that the challenge comes from his immortality, although Izumi believes its’s simply a super high speed regeneration ability. The show then flashes to the first episode. Mirai stabs Akihito through the chest, in disbelief that he wasn’t dying, and in awe that such a good hearted looking person was an evil that could destroy everything.

Meanwhile, in the winter sequence, Akihito is still unresponsive, walking with Mirai in the streets as it snows. She slips and falls down. Akihito continues to walk, never stopping, never looking back, as though she wasn’t there. Mirai cries out for him as he continues to walk, flashing back to months prior when Akihito asks why she doesn’t quit if she can’t handle being a Spirit Warrior. She yells back that she would if she could. Izumi then scolds Mirai, for getting too close to Akihito and for blowing her golden chance to kill Akihito when the Hallow Shadow took him over.

In the Summer sequence, Akihito asks Mirai out for a date. Mirai declines, stating that they didn’t have enough time since the sun was setting. A video reel then plays on the windows of the school Literary club, revealing the final moments of Mirai and Akihito’s battle. In the state Akihito was in, when she stabbed him, she was able to rip Beyond the Boundary out of Akihito and pulled it into herself, causing her to disappear. She says her final goodbyes before disappearing. Akihito awakens in a hospital bed, finding Mirai’s glasses (which you can buy here for an easy 6,510JPY!) sitting on a nearby chair. Meanwhile, Mirai tells Izumi, at the festival from episodes prior, that she doesn’t want to kill Akihito anymore. Izumi then devises a plan to use the Calm to force Akihito’s youmu layer to the top of his human layer by freezing his human layer’s spirit, allowing the youmu to take over and remove his immortality temporarily and forcing Mirai to finally finish him off. Izumi is determined to kill Beyond the Boundary before the Spirit Society that Miroku belongs to does.

The episode comes to an end with Mirai wandering the city covered in snow, sword drawn, claiming she must be in the core of Beyond the Boundary. Akihito is sitting beside his hospital bed, thinking about Mirai.

The title “White World” comes from the world Mirai was in with the doll-like Akihito (as it was constantly snowing). This episode does one of the many things “Beyond the Boundary” likes to do to me: confuse me, then explain what was going on at the very end of the episode. There was a point where I had a sense of mixed emotions. As someone who watched a ton of anime, I’m not unfamiliar with Yandere. The scene with the doll-like Akihito and Mirai attempting to make the situation seem normal gave me an uneasy feeling, since I watched “School Days“. Honestly, this series is incredible so far. One of the only problems I have is Beyond the Boundary itself. What exactly is it? What does it do? How did it come to be? Why? And, most importantly, why is it important who kills it first? Looking forward to next week’s episode!

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Nagi No Asukara (Episode Ten)
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Week 010 Tally

  1. Kanashimi: 1,527
  2. Midnight: 1,221
  3. Elk: 1098
  4. Siege: 810
  5. Bobby Henshin: 720
  6. Christmas: 660
  7. Kayarath: 580
  8. Knightshade: 470
  9. Zero Gravity: 360
  10. MakiMaki: 70

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