Press Release — Japanese Educational Hero “Zeros” To Preform In Little Tokyo

Posted on Aug 08 2012

August 7, 2012 – Japanese Educational Hero “Zeros” will perform live fighting demonstrations as part of Little Tokyo’s Nisei Week festivities on Sunday, August 12, in Los Angeles.

Based in Osaka, Zeros works as a public hero to teach children the three “Zeros”: “Zero Crime,” “Zero Environment Destruction,” and “Zero Breach of Public Manners.”

Complete with secret identity and eco-friendly super-powers (his eyes are solar batteries!), Zeros regularly participates in public administration events, crime prevention campaigns by local police, and character shows at local schools. His finishing move is his Super Powerful Plasma Wave Kick which ion-decomposes evil monsters, turning them in recyclable materials like plastic bottles.



Zeros Nisei Week Opening Day Schedule
1:30 PM Tanabata Festival Stage
3:00 PM JACCC Stage
6:00 PM Nisei Week Parade

Zeros is presented by Anime Jungle, Little Tokyo’s famous Japanese toy store.

About Anime Jungle
First opened in Osaka in 1995, Jungle Special Collectors Shop (Anime Jungle) has grown to become one of Western Japan’s best retailers of pre-owned audio/visual media (DVD, LD, CD, CD-Single, and VHS), specializing in Japanese animation, tokusatsu (live action heroes/SFX), and films from around the world. We also boast the world’s best selection of Japan’s “Indies” films-fan-made movies, hero films, parodies, animation, and more by independent filmmakers. Jungle has expanded from a small 250 square feet store to become a three story retail outlet of high-quality used media with its own theater and a Tokusatsu fan club.

In 1998, Anime Jungle opened its website and began to retail online, adding English (2000) and Korean (2001) sites as well. We continue to grow and opened a shop in July 2001 in the Little Tokyo Mall of Los Angeles in the United States! We’re very pleased to bring to the American public Japanese anime, Tokusatsu, and Independent Films. We have thousands of different products and special collector items, and sincerely hope we’ll have the chance to serve you sometime!

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