Press Release — Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb Coming Soon To Anime Network Online

Posted on Oct 02 2012

Houston, TX — Oct. 2, 2012 — This fall, Anime Network is back to the drawing board for more color coordinated adventures with the upcoming online release of Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb. Featuring work by returning Hidamari Sketch veterans Nahoko Hasegawa (series composition), Toshiaki Ito (character designs), Toshiki Kameyama (sound director) and Tomoki Kikuya (music) the new term at Yamabuki Arts High School is sure to receive high marks!

About The Series
Attending the Yamabuki Arts High School is Yuno’s dream-come-true, and she’s learned so much already—not only from her instructors, but also from her friends and neighbors who’ve made the Hidamari Apartments a safe, nurturing home. But as the day of her “big sisters’” graduation draws closer, it’s time for Yuno to take on the same role for Nazuna, Nori and the other budding artists who’ve entered Hidamari’s protective cocoon. It’s also time to tackle some challenging artistic assignments. That doesn’t mean there won’t still be time for fun with Miyako and all the others, but it’s definitely time to pencil in her plans for the future. Prepare to be drawn in once again as the Hidamari magic continues in Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb!

Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Rated: TV-14
Schedule: Coming Soon

Episode 1 will be available to watch for free.
Episodes 2 – 12 will require a Premium Subscription.

About Anime Network
Anime Network is a leading broadcast and digital distributor of Japanese animation and Asian cinema in North America. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Anime Network was founded in 2002 and launched as one of the first VOD networks on most major cable providers. Anime Network’s mission is to bring the best in anime programming to every household in North America. In addition to our VOD network, consumers can access our Online Streaming Service on our official website. This dynamic website, featuring an ever growing anime community, includes a subscription service that mirrors the VOD network and allows viewers to catch up on episodes they may have missed on broadcast.

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