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Posted on Mar 14 2012

Today, Rinne No Lagrange has confirmed a second season, Project ARMS writer teams up with Blade of Phantom Master artist, the final release of Golgo 13 nears


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  • Title: GOLGO 13 COLLECTION 4

    Published by: Sentai Filmworks

    Distributed by: Section23 Films

    Run Time: 300 min.

    Street Date: 6/19/2012

    Format: DVD

    Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles

    SRP: $59.98

    SYNOPSIS: The hit anime series about the stone-cold assassin Golgo 13 ends with a bang as Golgo faces his most dangerous assignments yet. A beautiful CIA operative seeks Golgo’s help as she is hunted by a hired hit squad. But does she have a hidden agenda? And how is it that a woman suddenly comes to his rescue after a car accident erases his memory? Is she to be trusted? What of the hooker being held captive by mobsters? And the little baby who bears a striking resemblance to Golgo himself? When the stakes are raised this high, is it possible anime’s most heartless killer will finally discover he actually has a soul? Find out in this thrilling ending to one of the smartest animated crime stories ever!

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