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Posted on Mar 07 2012

Today, strange new anime, Trine 2 EU special, and Street Fighter x Tekken is OUT!


  • San Francisco, Calif. (March 5, 2012) – Crunchyroll commences its spring simulcast announcements early with the addition of NYARKO-SAN: ANOTHER CRAWLING CHAOS. Prior to simulcasting the new season, Crunchyroll will release the first five (5) episodes from season one (1) today at 2 pm PST. The subsequent four (4) episodes will be available the following week until the completion of season two (2). More information can be found on

    After the final episodes of season two (2) have been broadcasted, Crunchyroll will begin simulcasting season three (3) on its site this April. Titles are available worldwide except for Asia.

    This series is a tribute to famed horror writer H.P. Lovecraft who is best known for creating the Cthulhu Mythos. Nyarlathotep, also known as the Crawling Chaos, is a malign deity in this fictional universe created by Lovecraft. Nyarlathotep is one of the protagonists of this series who is better known as Nyarko. In addition to streaming NYARKO-SAN: ANOTHER CRAWLING CHAOS, Crunchyroll is excited to announce that the show’s fans will be able to determine its official English spelling for the first time ever! More details coming soon.

    Crunchyroll’s Senior Brand Manager Michelle Hwang said, “It is amazing to see an animated short become a full-length anime series after an overwhelmingly positive fan reaction. Such is the case with NYARKO-SAN: ANOTHER CRAWLING CHAOS and – like the seasons of shorts before – I’m positive that this new season will not disappoint!”

    “The ordinary becomes extraordinary, as our protagonist Mahiro Yasaka – an average high school student – suddenly encounters a Nyarlathotep: a formless Cthulhu deity of chaos, who decides to take form as a silver-haired human-like alien. This Nyarlathotep – aptly named Nyarko – may seem like a normal gal, but there’s much more to her than meets the eye! In their encounters together, she ends up saving Mahiro’s life, inextricably tying their lives together…”

  • IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — MARCH 7, 2012 — ATLUS and Frozenbyte, the respective publisher and developer of Trine 2™, today announced that the critically acclaimed high fantasy, physics-based action-platformer with cooperative online multiplayer is now finally available in Europe for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system via PlayStation®Network. The game is also available worldwide for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft via Xbox LIVE® Arcade and for PC and Mac via Steam.

    As compensation for the game’s delayed European launch, the game’s release in the region will be discounted approximately 30% for two weeks. Moreover, Trine 2 will be completely free for European PlayStation®Plus subscribers for a limited time.

    “We are all incredibly thrilled that Trine 2 is finally arriving in the European PlayStation Store,” commented Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at ATLUS. “We are very aware of how frustrating the delay has been for the game’s fans, who continue to support the title despite the long wait. Because of their unyielding dedication, we are doing everything we can to show our appreciation for their patience with a discount of about 30% that will last for two weeks. We are also excited to work with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to make the game completely free for a limited time for European PlayStation Plus users. The wait is over: it’s time for Europe to get its cooperative, physics-based action-platforming on!”

    Hailed as “a perfect sequel” by Eurogamer Italy, Trine 2 presents gamers with a fantasy world full of more vibrant color and immersive liveliness than any title in recent memory. As either the powerful Knight, agile Thief, or crafty Wizard, players will set out on a quest to save the world from a mysterious magic that has brought plants to destructive, havoc-wreaking life. Through a series of beautifully rendered stages, each highly animated and bursting with color, adventurers will solve brain-teasing puzzles and defeat a variety of foes as they seek the source of their world’s calamity. Trine 2’s greatest new addition is that of online support for its defining 3-player cooperative play, which allows three friends–in the same room or across the world–to team up through the entire single player campaign.

    Bigger and better than its equally acclaimed predecessor, Trine 2 is a “delightfully open-ended sequel that shouldn’t be missed by any puzzle fan” according to, who scored the game 9.0 out of 10 and gave it its Editor’s Choice Award.

    Trine 2 is now available worldwide for PlayStation 3 system, Xbox 360 system, PC and Mac. To learn more, visit the official website: .

  • SAN MATEO, Calif.— Mar. 6, 2012 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, is pleased to confirm that Street Fighter® X Tekken® is now available at North American retail for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. A version for Windows PC will follow this May, with the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system game scheduled for the fall.

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  • Kanashimi March 9, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    I wonder what the reaction of Street Fighter x Tekken is in the fighting community…

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