Kayarath’s Adventurs In LOVE AND PEACE!

Posted on Aug 25 2011

Remember Trigun back in the day? Vash the Stampede was the man! He’d be all like “I’m goofy” and “Yum, donuts!” and “LOVE AND PEACE!” Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Trigun movie? Wait, there is a Trigun movie coming out! Awesome! Trigun: Badlands Rumble premiered at Otakon 2011. Okay, the dub of Trigun: Badlands Rumble premiered at Otakon 2011. It seems that it first premiered at Sakura Con 2010. That doesn’t affect the movie either way.

Twenty years ago, Gasback the thief was betrayed by his henchmen during a robbery. When the backstabbing became “shooting you in the face until you’re dead,” Vash the Stampede stepped in to save Gasback’s life. Now, Gasback returns to avenge himself in the most way dramatic way possible. It’s movie time!

Available for purchase October 2011!

One of the advantages of being a movie is that the animation budget has been increased. There’s even gratuitous computer graphics. Everything just looks brighter and smoother on the big screen. I also suspect that the resolution was higher. However, it was all still unmistakably Trigun. It looked and felt like the original anime, just more well done.

It even sounded like the original anime too. Johnny Yong Bosch returns to voice the humanoid typhoon. He even attended the premiere and answered a few questions. He said that he had to re-watch the series to renew his character knowledge. Initially, he believed that Vash was just stupid and getting away with it. Obfuscating Stupidity at work, folks! Too bad that Mr. Bosch was the only person who reprised his role.

Being that the movie was made about fifteen years after the series, it should be no surprise that everyone else was replaced. That does bring up the concern that the new voice actors would fail to recreate the old voices we all know and love. It actually turned out well though. The only voice that was off putting was Meryl’s and I got over that in the first minute.

Of course there's a huge line to get into the Movie! It's Trigun!

Voice actor replacement is not a problem when you have brand new characters like Gasback and Ameila. Gasback is the primary villain of the movie and he takes stealing very seriously. He’s definitely a bad guy but you can respect him and even root for him a bit. Ameila is the female lead and she is very pretty. She is so pretty she sticks out like a sore thumb. She is so pretty I’m taking three sentences to explain just how pretty she is. She has a back story too but it doesn’t matter until the end.

Merryl, Milly, and Wolfwood are in the movie too. Their roles are mainly support and comedic relief but they do those roles very well. It’s great seeing them all up on the big screen having laughs, resolving their problems, and being themselves. Comedywise, they’re no match for Vash the Stampede. His moronically funny approach to saving lives can defuse even the most intense stand offs. Seeing Vash act dumb just puts me at ease.

And there were cosplayers too!

All that comedy is the perfect complement to the action. When Gasback goes on a reign of destruction, he GOES on a reign on destruction. The action kicks up, guns and explosions go off, and surprise twists are sprung. When I saw the results of Gasback’s attack, I have come to the personal conclusion that it was the best robbery ever. The movie even takes a minute to let you process just how awesome it is. Then the heroes chase after Gasback, but Vash dies during the pursuit.

Well, not really, he’s actually alive and makes a dramatic return at just in time to save the day. I know that’s technically a spoiler but is anyone really surprised by that? We all knew it was coming! It was still awesome though. That’s the my opinion of the movie as a whole. The whole thing follows the basic structure of Trigun. It does play around with the ideas somewhat but it ultimately confirms them by the movie’s end. It’s more Trigun, but that’s not a bad thing at all. I like Trigun and getting more of something I like is good. I think Vash the Stampede says it best, “It’s in my nature to be who I am.”

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  • toyNN August 25, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    Definitely looking forward to this – pre-ordered the BD and should be released end of September. Its hard to top the magic of the original series but more Vash is great.

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