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Posted on Apr 28 2011

As a Web Producer for 91.8 The Fan, it is my honor and duty to provide you, the listener/reader the most entertaining, insightful, and coolest content possible. I’m constantly wracking my brain to bring the awesomeness! Now, allow me to present you some totally awesome anime themed math word problems!

The perfect thing for the busy math education professional who spends their time on The Fan instead of working on math to teach. It’s also a great event for anime fan gatherings like conventions and clubs. You can even do these math problems at home for some for brain training or personal entertainment.

These math problems are a bit more complicated then the norm. Therefore, the best audience for these would be at least teen aged. Enjoy!

1. Kayarath wants to stack his manga collection together to see how tall it is. On average, all of his manga books are .75 inches tall. His collection consists of 3 shonen titles, 2 seinen titles, 4 books about mecha, 7 shojo titles, 12 moe-focused titles (don’t judge me), and 45 Yaoi-focused titles (seriously, don’t judge me!). How tall is his collection, in meters?

2. You are at a convention; good for you! You spend a total of 10 hours there. You spend a quarter of your time in the video rooms, 17.5% of your time in the Artist Alley, and two hours attending panels. You also spend 1/20 of your time at the Dealer’s Room, 45 minutes talking to and taking pictures of cosplayers, and 5% of the time in the bathroom. How much time do you have left for making new friends?

3. The anime series you always wanted is in a box set for only $59.99 (but screw it; just round it up to $60). It contains all twenty six awesome episodes that are all twenty five minutes long. If you buy it, what would be the cost per minute of animation bliss? Don’t forget to include a six percent sales tax!

4. As an average male anime protagonist, you decide to make rice balls to give to all of your female friends. You take extra care to ensure that the rice balls each weight exactly 125 grams each, so as to ensure that no one complains that one of the girls got a bigger rice ball and therefore is loved most by you. For that same reason, you plan on making exactly two rice balls for each girl. Since you have five female friends, how much rice do you need to buy to make rice balls for everyone, including yourself?

5. You made a promise to a dear friend to watch every episode of One Piece. Since you’re not the type to break a promise to a friend, you better get started! Setting up a schedule to watch one episode every weekday, how long would it take you to watch the whole series? If you wanted to watch it all in a single year, how many episodes would you have to watch each week to do so?

Answers to these problems will be posted in our forums in case you want to be spoiled. Feel free to print these out for group or personal use. Just be sure to include “These math word problem were originally posted on 91.8 The Fan (http://918thefan.com/). Check it out!” on the bottom of the worksheet like a cool, honorable person would.

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  • Jubilee April 28, 2011 at 1:50 PM


    Good read though! ^_^

  • nerdwerld April 28, 2011 at 2:27 PM


  • toyNN April 28, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    1. 3 shonen/45 Yaoi….trying to stack with such a genre im-balance just not possible…(Lily Hoshino?)
    2. 10hrs because no matter where you’re at in the con new friends await.
    3. anime bliss – always priceless.
    4. wait..which balls weigh 125gm/ea?
    5. 0, no dear friend would want you to watch every episode of One Piece. Or they really don’t want to see your face for approx 3.8hrs every week.

  • Kayarath April 30, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    If you’re interested in checking your work or just curious, the answers are posted at http://918thefan.com/forums/showthread.php?p=29041#post29041

    ToyNN, I think I meant kilograms instead of grams back in question four. Oh well.

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