Interview With Esprit D’Air

Posted on Feb 18 2011

Hey all, this is Lite here with a special interview with London based Visual-Kei band Esprit D’Air. We ran a little competition on the forums to take some of your questions to ask to the guys, and here are the results! Sadly, their vocalist Yosh could not be with us for this interview, so these questions went directly to Kai (lead guitar and backing vocals), Erisu (bass), Yuki (rhythm guitar) and Dan (drums).

Lite: Hi guys, great to meet you all!

Band: Hello!!

Lite: Okay, so first question is from Rorowan, and goes like this: “What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the year?”

Dan: One million dollar!
Band: *laughs*
Kai: Longer hair.
Erisu: What?!
Band: *laughs*
Dan: A new EP and a Mini Album we hope.

Lite: Awesome. Next question from Panda-kun… “Are there any plans to record or release any new material this year?”

Erisu: We’ve got a variety of songs we are working on now.
Kai: Hopefully ready to be heard soon!

Lite: Next up a question from… Mokkori. He asks “How does that spark of creativity come about for you to think of an idea for a song, and then going ahead to write it?”

Erisu: I shower! And then I think.
Kai: He does actually. He comes up with songs in the shower.
Band: *laughs*
Kai: How did I write Shizuku?
Erisu: Wasn’t I chatting to you on the internet? Shouting “BURST!”
Kai: *laughs*
Erisu: Really, we just go with the flow. Whatever comes to our heads and then we write with our hearts
Dan: It’s just magic.

Lite: Music wizard!! An interesting question from Karin: “Which bands have the most influence on your music?”

Dan: Yuyoyuppe. You can look them up.
Erisu: Anything that I feel I can connect to. Oh, what about Yuki? You haven’t answered anything!
Yuki: *laughs* Well… Matenrou Opera. Versailles. Nightmare.
Kai: The Beatles…

Lite: *laughs* Finally, from EagleEyes. “At what age did you guys first start playing your respective instruments?”

Dan: When I was about 10 or 11?
Kai: Serious?
Dan: Yeah, I stopped playing for a while.
Kai: Wow. For me, 16.
Erisu: 18.
Yuki: Just the other day…
Erisu: *laughs* Last night!!
Kai: Seriously, when!? I want to know!!
Yuki: When I was 21!

Lite: Awesome. That pretty much wraps it up with the fan questions! Have you got any comments for your fans and the listeners of 91.8 The Fan?

Dan: Listen to your parents.
Erisu: Don’t do drugs!!
Band: *laughs*
Kai: Don’t drink. Don’t smoke.
Erisu: Let your creation guide you.

Lite: Okay Yoda. May the force be with you!

Erisu: *laughs*
Dan: Eat and sleep properly. And happy new year.

Lite: *laughs* Thanks for taking part guys, and all the best with the next year!

Band: Thank you!

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