Shiki – Ep 18 – Eighteenth Night

Posted on Dec 11 2010

Last week I was all, “Where’s everybody at?” And this week Shiki was like, “Chill, girl. In time all will be revealed. Actually, not all, but some. I mean, a little. More than nothing. You’re welcome!”

After the OP, we see the Cat Ear Hair Dude marching off to Yuuki’s house, dressed to Do Business in a singularly epic red jumpsuit with horned shoulderpads. Papa Yuuki lunges at him from behind the door and stabs him, cackling in an unhinged way (so here’s one more that isn’t dead, but he seems to have been driven mad by grief). He thinks he’s killed CEHD, but of course it’s not that easy. Papa Yuuki drools on the wall a little (not a euphemism) and then invites CEHD in for tea for Baby Yuuki. Aw, jeez.

Here we get a gamechanger. Sort of. Guess who’s not actually a vampire? Guess who is, in fact, a werewolf? Yep, it’s Yuuki (and also CEHD, not very subtle). CEHD reveals this (and then hints at Akira’s death) hoping to get a rise out of Yuuki, who answers in a catatonic monotone. CEGD realizes this is because Yuuki hasn’t been feeding and that makes him angry. Super angry. Why he cares, I am not sure, but he does. Apparently the littler girl loooooves doggies.

Meanwhile, in a shed in the woods, Ritsuko (the green-haired nurse) wakes up, undead. Toru and the Vampire College house mother, Yoshie, welcome her back to unlife and then Toru is left to teach her the ropes of being newly risen. Ritsuko, for her part, is not super excited about this new switch and tells Toru she’s not going to eat anyone, every if it means starving to death. Toru (who said that once and has since eaten PLENTY of people) is all, “YEAH RIGHT GIRL! Good luck with that!”

The Doc (not quite dead, but not loving life) has settled in as a happy helper to the main vamp lady. Well, not exactly happy, but he’s helping her our and revising all his charts to reflect zero deaths. Wait till the ethics board hears about that one! Then lady-vamp gushes about how, like, totally awesome it will be when, like, everyone is a Shiki and, like, she can, like, totally go shopping! Then the Doc decides he has a thing for her (or maybe just her cleavage) so he asks her out on a date. He comes up with an excuse in case anyone wonders why they’re out together (she’s so clumsy) and she’s soooo excited to go out and see the festival and show off her pretend injury and she and the Doc can bicker just like a normal doctor and patient out on a date. Totally!

Ms. Vamp is a little freaked out about the religious aspects of the festival and I guess can’t get too close to the temple and such without something terrible happening, but the Doc convinces her to suck it up and go. Apparently there are a LOT of people still alive in Sotoba and they’re all SUPER excited to see the Doc and his ladyfriend. Until she has a little meltdown and the the Doc tries to get her to go into the shrine’s office. But then she sees Doc’s bite marks (that, uh, she put there?) and freaks out MORE. And then the Doc is like, “oh yeah, that lady? She totally killed everyone. GET HER!”

And they do.

…Until the Vamp Bodyguard Squad shows up to rescue her. Well, kind of. The driver of the getaway car sees his still-living dad and has his OWN freak-out and rushs away, leaving the lady vamp to fend for herself against an angry crowd. Dun dun dunnn!

I’m glad that the Doc has totally given up and gone to the dark side. And I’m glad that we got a little more information about Yuuki’s situation, even though it’s not really helpful or vital to the plot at this point. Still, it’s episode 18 and we’re getting some baby steps toward a potentially interesting resolution for the series. I’ll take it.

How do you feel about these revelations? Did you know the Doc was still on the side of good? Or did you get tricked by tricksy, tricksy Shiki like I did?

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  • lmadara December 12, 2010 at 2:35 AM

    IIRC, there were bite marks on his arm; whereas, Chizuru bit him on the neck. My theory is that the Doctor was bitten by Natsuno first, which is how he was unaffected by Chizuru.

  • hounddog December 12, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    Ooooh, good catch – guess our girl hates to share!

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