Kibs’ Round Table – The Laziness Edition

Posted on Oct 13 2010

Welcome to Kibs’ Round Table. That’s right, Kibbles is taking over the table of roundness to bring you the round table: random staff edition.

Weekly Award – Week 18:

Laziness Award – I’m Very Lazy

This weeks award goes to me for not thinking of an award to go with this week. Suck on that, Hasslehoff.


Now for the Round Table rules: As usual, each participant is given a series questions covering various aspects in anime, manga and Japanese culture. Each individual then has to provide their opinion on the said issue.

    Our Participants today are:

  • Kanashimi – IS A BANANA
  • ELK – Resident Anarchist
  • Leviathan Mist – Associate Nonsense Inspector
  • Jubilee – Wears short shorts
  • Llian – Lives on an island

How long have you worked for 91.8 The Fan?

  • Kanashimi – Before 91.8 The Fan was realized, haha! If you go back I think the time we started putting everything together was the second half of the year of 2008. We spent a year sort of having fun before it became serious, but it’s kinda funny to see how we’ve grown from just a small group to so many active members. I love active members. I love when they post and are active… wink, wink.
  • ELK – I think I was personally invited by our glorious (co)leader Kibbles-tan in April ’09. Of course back then I was only going to be a DJ, and didn’t really DO anything or mingle with other 91.8 peeps until August or September…
  • Leviathan Mist – It hasn’t even been a month yet. It’s nice because I can still use the “I’m new” excuse and get away with it. Maybe.
  • Jubilee – Well, I started in late July, so at Halloween, it will be around 3 months. Seems like it has been longer than that, but at the same time, feels like it wasn’t all that long ago…if that makes any sense whatsoever.
  • Llian – Mmm, almost a year.

What do you do here at 91.8 the fan?

  • Kanashimi – I am the all-mighty Kana, I’m pretty much one half of 91.8 The Fan and Kibs is the other. I oversee business relations, the DJs, work on coding, web design work, graphics, music additions, iStalk voice, etc. I always forget everything I do on the site, which sounds sort of lame, but I essentially try to do everything that needs to be done (or give it to Kibs to do it).
  • ELK – I DJ, which consists of playing awesome music (and music that might not bequite as awesome, but you guys reading this enjoy it :P) and entertaining (hopefully) you the Fans and Fanatics! I also do the scavenging and editting for iStalk (which at the moment I’m writing this isn’t done… I better get on that!) And other things are in the works, if I can get the time to put them together.
  • Leviathan Mist – I sit around and stuff my face while forcing people in IRC to do the banana dance for me. No really, I am the site’s translator. I translate song names, mostly, but I have done a few different things here and there.
  • Jubilee – I am da director of da news! I write a weekly article, Jubilee’s News Jumble, that is available on the front page every Monday, which covers all of the week’s biggest stories in the Otaku culture. So, everyone should totally check that out…or else all my shameless self promotion will be for not!
  • Llian – I write manga reviews and help with banners. I also help Zac with sets. (Should buy one) /shameless

If you could add, remove, or change one thing about 91.8 The Fan, what would it be?

  • Kanashimi – Hmm, this is not a kind question. I do like 91.8 The Fan as it is, I just want to see us grow and expand. The Fanatics already know things coming up, and I’d prefer not to discuss them here; regardless, I think given a bit of time we’ll be changing a lot for the better.
  • ELK – I would add more intrumentals to the station! Are you listening Kana!? KANAAAA!?
  • Leviathan Mist – Get more staff and more music. Things would be much easier if more people were around to do stuff. Also, I just love Asian music in general, and believe there’s always room for more.
  • Jubilee – Easy, I would add 1,000,000,000,000 more fanatics. Yeah, imagine THAT IRC conversation.
  • Llian – Hard to say, I love it the way it is. Nice community, excellent staff.

Do you have any future plans? Any shows you’re going to do, or ideas you’re going to implement?

  • Kanashimi – Once again a lot of these is Fanatic related, so they won’t get a public release for a bit. I do plan to introduce more music features to the site in November. I think a few people wondered what happened to Music Meltdown, but it will come back as well as a weekly feature. Please make sure to watch for that and support your favorite artists.
  • ELK – I’ve got some graphics kicking around, some reviews which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and some ideas for when a certain feature only fanatics know about is implemented >_>
  • Leviathan Mist – I am independently studying Japanese in the hopes that I’ll be considered fluent and literate in it one day. I consider this an opportunity for me to get better and enhance my skills. I also plan to go back to school next year, so I can finally get that higher education I was supposed to get years ago.
  • Jubilee – Quite possibly. It would be fun to take the Jumble in a different direction one week, if not just for a change of pace. How exactly I would do that might take a bit more thought though.
  • Llian – I want to make a 918 manga. BOOYA.

What do you think of EagleEyes?

  • Kanashimi – He’s Australian and he got me a Booby Mousepad. So he’s a perverted kangaroo.
  • ELK – You can never trust an Aussie! nevar! Even if they are adorable and cuddly, and you just want to hug them forever!…
    Prison Colonists! The lot of them!

    Note: 91.8 The Fan does not seriously believe all Aussies are prison colonists… Even if they are…

  • Leviathan Mist – He’s…um…er…well, he’s unique. I can’t lie, I wouldn’t be here without EE, so I couldn’t seriously talk smack about him. He’s a pretty funny guy too.
  • Jubilee – He is my bestest internet buddy. =D
  • Llian – I hate him <3

Make one suggestion for the fans of what they should do to make their experience more enjoyable here at 91.8 The Fan.

  • Kanashimi – Interact with our community such as the IRC or the forums. There’s so many of us that you’re sure to meet some new people that share your interests. Even participate in events we talk about on the radio, which usually require you to join IRC. Do it, do it now~
  • ELK – Only one? well since I think the obvious ones will probably be covered by other round tablers, I would say Keep the Radio Stream open as much as you can. If your PC (like mine) is on 24/7, you should keep the radio stream on 24/7. The more listeners tuned into the station the better, and then we can get moar music and other goodies for the radio and site to entertain you with!
  • Leviathan Mist – Become a fanatic. Seriously. You fans don’t know what you’re missing out on.
  • Jubilee – Well, I honestly think that everyone should pick up a Fanatic subscription. The amount of amazingly awesome content that is available for the low cost is just an insane bargain! From interviews from your favorite voice actors, to special cosplay galleries, to cow puns, to just other crazy shenanigans, the deal is just too good to pass up in my opinion. Provides hours of entertainment for the whole family! (Also, custom user bars are pretty boss).
  • Llian – Post moar, get to know the staff and other members. Seriously they’re real goofballs.


And so ends our journey today. If you would like to ask a question for a future round table or possibly answer some questions yourself, please leave a comment below or send EE a message on the forums right here at

Kibbles, out!

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