EagleEyes’ Round Table – Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition

Posted on Jul 07 2010

Today, it’s time to du-du-du-du-duel! We place our monsters in attack mode and leave some cards face down because this week is a Yu-Gi-Oh theme. So let’s gather around EagleEyes Weekly Round Table, and find just what this new edition has in store and what you the 91.8 Fanatics have to say. Oh and this week EagleEyes finally enters the fray and shares his answers.

Weekly award – Week 10:

Super Special Awesome Award – Fanatic Spotlight

This week I am doing something a little different and shining the spotlight on the forums. So lets turn our attention to today’s winner: SaiQ!

SaiQ has provided us with a massive recap on Fanime, which you should all checkout right now! Wait…. Read this and then read that…… Then read this again.


Now for the Round Table rules: As usual, each participant is given a series questions covering various aspects in anime, manga, and Japanese culture. Each individual then has to provide their opinion on the said issue. Finally, I explain that Australia is actually a real country and our round table is born.

    Our Participants today are:

  • Zero – Make a shocking entrance
  • Jubi – Is a special Badger
  • Christmas – Gives out coal
  • Cameron – C-Man

What is your favorite card from the series? Is it utilized by someone from the anime series or from the card game?

  • Zero – Buster Blader. was always my favorite, course I run spell casters like Endymion and Dark Magician, Buster Blader is always a staple in my Spellcaster decks so I can bring forth Dark Paladin. Buster Blader is just simple and appeals to me. Course when I was younger I had a thing for the Dark Magician Girl….-coughcough-.
  • Jubi – I have two. Harpie Ladies Sisters has been one of my all time favorites ever since Mai first pulled them out. I’ve tried a Harpie deck in real life, but they really just never work out like they are supposed to. My other favorite would be Athena, who I do not believe has made an anime appearance. Her effect that causes damage to your opponent’s life points whenever fairies are summoned is fun to build around. OH! I almost forgot Waboku!
  • Christmas – My favorite card would have to be the Chimeratech Overdragon, just because of how insane it can be. At the least, it has 1600 attack points, but when done right it can have over 20,000. Chimeratech Overkill ftw.
    It doesn’t really get too much screen time, but Zane Truesdale uses it in an episode of GX.
  • Cameron – Easy, Silver Fang. Yugi used it a few times in the Duelist Kingdom arc, but it usually died pretty quickly… It’s a rather weak and useless monster, but it’s a really cool and scary looking wolf, so what’s not to love?
  • EagleEyes – Definitely Harpies Feather Duster. This is the card that shows Mai Valentine isn’t some push over character, because she will get a cleaning product and she will beat you to death with it, well remove your trap cards anyway.

Who is your favorite character from all series of Yu-Gi-Oh? What series are they from and why do they stand out to you?

  • Zero – Tough one, my top 3 would have to be Crow and Jack Atlas from 5Ds and Evil Bakura from the original YuGiOh, Crow is just a simple guy who is practically the best at what he does. Jack Atlas just has style, despite how much of a jerk he is in the first season, he redeems himself by being great comedy relief in the 2nd season, Bakura is just bad to the bone, nu nun ununu bababababad
  • Jubi – I always liked Kaiba for some strange reason…I remember first getting his starter deck and walking around my house acting like him…with his summoning of Blue-Eyes and such….and Dark Clowns….what is it with Kaiba and Clowns?
  • Christmas – From the original series, the one, the only, Seto Freaking Kaiba. LittleKuriboh has said it best, everyone love him because he’s the biggest d*** in the whole series.
  • Cameron – Yami Yugi from Toei Animation’s version of Yugioh, or “Season 0”. He was so cool! He played life or death games that half the time he had a huge advantage in, because he knew the secret of how to win them, having been the one that set them up. His voice sends chills down your spine, his arrival is awesome, and his punishments are deliciously ironic. Also, they ruin your life. *shudder*
  • EagleEyes – Mai Valentine. I don’t know what it is about her, perhaps her voice, possibly her attitude but more so the fact that she is the only capable duelist that isn’t possessed by a 2,000 year old spirit.

Which is your favorite series thus far? The original, GX or 5D’s? Why do you see that series as superior to the others?

    Zero – 5Ds definitively, despite how much nonsense of the “card games on motorcycles” , it plays more close the actual card game as GX and YuGiOh! (Chaining, timing, effects, etc etc).

  • Jubi – The original, and it will always be my favorite. That show was the thing I looked forward to seeing all week long, and it reminds me of elementary school. GX & 5D’s aren’t bad in any way…The original Yu-Gi-Oh! just will never be surpassed.
  • Christmas – The original was okay, but no one really knew how to play the card game, GX was a little better, but kinda repetitive. My vote goes to 5D’s, I like the new characters and the plot behind saving the world with card games. That seems to make more sense somehow.
  • Cameron – Hmm… The original. It had good card games, I guess… Also, the last few episodes were hardcore awesome! From the handful of episodes I’ve watched, GX just looks stupid, seems like a cheap rehash, and 5D’s? Yeah, I’mma have a hard time taking a series about card games on motorcycles seriously… I’m sure that I’m being rather biased, and that they both are very good, but whatever.
  • EagleEyes – To be fair I haven’t watched the entire series of either GX or 5D’s. I have seen roughly 30 episodes of GX and about 4 of 5D’s so by default the original claims victory. From what I have seen though GX has a good story but EVERY character in that show annoys me, whilst the original story suffers the same horrendous character types at least they have some stand outs such as Mai and Kaiba. As for 5D’s….. meh.

Have you played the card games yourself? If so how long have you played for and do you recommend it?

  • Zero – I have played the card game since “Legend of Blue Eyes” and took a break between “Elemental Energy” and “The Shining Darkness”. I’m very into the card game, in my opinion YuGiOh is a far more appealing card game mainly because the last 5 sets don’t rotate out every year, every card for the past 10 years is tournament usable, minus the obvious ban list which consists of roughly 20-30 cards(But that’s for tournament standards).
  • Jubi – Played it since it first came out in ’97 or ’98, cannot remember exactly. I did build up quite a collection, then went on hiatus for a couple years, giving away a large chunk of my collection in the process. However many of those cards would have been pretty useless in the game nowadays. I highly recommend the game to those who have never played, especially if you can play with friends. Usually when I actually do go hang out with actual people, dueling is what we find ourselves doing, and it is always fun…especially when I win. The only downside is that buying cards can become a little addicting, and you can end up throwing a lot of money away on buying some stinkin cards.
  • Christmas – I’ve played a bit here and there, but I’ve realized that to be any good, I’ll have to spend thousands of dollars that I don’t have, so I just stick to the DS games. For anyone who has the money, I say go for it, it’s one of the simpler card games that anyone can be good with, and unlike Magic the Gathering, one duel doesn’t take forever.
  • Cameron – I’ve been playing the game for about… 9 years? 8 or 9. It’s a lot of fun, ton and tons of really fun decks you can use, and if it gets boring, usually using a different deck gives the whole game a different feel. If you’re just starting out, it’s really confusing, there’s ton of cards you’ll have to get to make a half decent deck, and you’ll lose almost every game against the “big kids” expertly made $100-200 decks, but if that doesn’t put you off too much, go ahead and try it, you’ll like it.
  • EagleEyes – I have not “played” the game per se but I did once buy a deck of 5D cards because I was bored.

If a new series was to be made, would you like to see it feature characters from all three series? Or would you prefer a brand new series?

  • Zero – I wouldn’t mind seeing something more familiar, but something new never hurts
  • Jubi – I think the idea of having people from all three series would be cool. Although, since the game is still growing and popular, I believe they will end up creating a whole new series with some other new fancy word for fusion and more overpowered Blackwings.
  • Christmas – If a new series came out, I’d like it to be original, since all three take place years after each other with new characters, but still have cameos like how Pegasus and Kaiba show up in GX. Plus that way we get crazy crossover movies.
  • Cameron – Seeing as how I hate/don’t care for all the newer characters, seeing some Yugi and co. again would be nice… I just imagined Yugi playing card games on motorcycles… I like this idea, let’s do it!
  • EagleEyes – I would love to see a final series featuring characters from all previous series. Basically it would be a large scale tournament ala battle city. In a shocking twist none of the protagonists would win and Jaden would die in a terrible card game related accident.

What is a duel that you would like to see, featuring any two characters from any of the series? Why these two characters? And who would claim victory?

  • Zero – I would like to see a duel between either Yugi and Yusei or Jaden and Yusei. And none of that mumbo jumbo BS where the end of the duel is cut off and the episode ends like the jaden VS Yugi duel. Course a fun idea would be to see Kaiba, Jack, Zane VS Yugi, Yusei, Jaden.

  • Jubi – I would like to see Akiza from 5D’s duel Pegasus. Toon Plants would be so awesome…Akiza would win though, cause she is actually allowed to synchro summon… and you just can’t win without synchros.
  • Christmas – Other than maybe a match between Kaiba’s Blue Eyes and Zane’s Cyber Dragons, the match I want to see has already happened, and that Joey vs. Kaiba. Just something that you knew was going to happen, it was just a matter of when, and it was good to see Joey finally prove himself in the rematch with Kaiba in the end of Battle City. But back to the first scenario, I think Chimeratech Overdragon would have the edge over Blue Eyes.
  • Cameron – Bakura vs Pegasus would be cool. I really like his Fiend and DEATH/FINAL deck, and Pegasus is just a blast to have on screen, especially when he duels, what with the way he talks, and his voice and such. It’d be awesome to have Bakura win in the end with Destiny Board.
  • EagleEyes – This is why I should never be allowed to direct an anime series….. Mai Valentine and Seto Kaiba Vs Yugi and Joey Wheeler. This time though, without the ancient pharaoh to cheat, Mai and Kaiba wipe the floor with the two pathetic blonde tufts of hair. Essentially Mai and Kaiba would beat them so badly that they would be reduced to tears and not even the power of friendship could help them.


And so ends our journey today. If you would like to ask a question for a future round table, or possibly answer some questions yourself, please leave a comment bellow, or send me a message on the forums, right here at 918TheFan.com

EagleEyes, out!

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  • Cameron July 7, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    Whoooooo, my first round table, and Yugioh themed, how awesome! CARD GAMES ON TABLES!


  • Naraline July 7, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Essentially Mai and Kaiba would beat them so badly that they would be reduced to tears and not even the power of friendship could help them…


    I just realized for the new series question…I should have put a Duke Devlin spin-off. O.O

    Also…in the banner…is it just me, or are Yugi’s brizzests off the hizzle? o.o

  • EagleEyes July 7, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    Mai Mai Mai Pokerface Mai Pokerface.

  • Bakura September 14, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    Poke ‘er face? Now there is a good idea.

    I think I like Zero’s answers the best. 😉

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