EagleEyes’ Round Table – Power Rangers Edition

Posted on Aug 25 2010

Its Morphin Time in the land of 91.8 The Fan, join us this week as we shift into turbo when EagleEyes’ Round Table goes galactic…… Now with all the puns of the way lets get onto this Power Rangers themed week! Also the winner of the last Round Tables’ prize is announced and we have a brand new question!

Don’t forget you can catch 91.8 The Fan’s interview with Robert Axelrod (Voice of Lord Z and Finster) HERE!

Weekly Award – Week 15:

Black, White and All Shades of Grey Award – The Sadness of Joy

In news just revealed this week, the newest season of Pokémon to air entitled “Best Wishes” will NOT feature several characters that have been with the series since the very first episode. Both Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny will not be appearing in the new series, at least not in prominent rolls.

Now I understand the logic that the new region is further away from previous generations, and the very series based solely around evolution and change. But when characters have been commonplace in such a long running series any change such as this is bound to turn heads and leave long time fans disappointed. Years have been spent building up these characters only to be replaced when more merchandise is to be made. Then again what else is to be expected? Such is Pokémon, such is life.

At least they aren’t writing off one of the protagonists and changing the voice actors on us……


Now for the Round Table rules: As usual, each participant is given a series questions covering various aspects in anime, manga, and Japanese culture. Each individual then has to provide their opinion on the said issue. Finally, I hold call Rita Repulsa for tips on defeating the Power Rangers.

    Our Participants today are:

  • LiteSpeed – Mastodon
  • Dbull620 – Pterodactyl
  • Zero Gravity – Triceratops
  • Marpolo – Sabre Tooth Tigre
  • Yugi – Tyrannosaurus
  • Drago – Dragon Zord

What was your favorite incarnation of the Power Rangers? Do you feel that the quality or the series has improved or weakened with time?

  • LiteSpeed – Oh man, start with a killer! I’ve had 3 or 4 favourites from across the series, those being the original, In Space, Lightspeed Rescue and SPD. Out of those 4, I could never decide on the best one I’m afraid~. All 4 have had fantastic storylines, with the original obviously being the classic, In Space ending the epic first ‘saga’, Lightspeed Rescue offering an alternative style of Ranger with a freaking SWEET Zord deployment technique and SPD having an awesome comic book feel with its storyline, and rather good character development.
    Can’t mention favourites without talking about a Japanese series either – Samurai Sentai Shinkenger – the most badass and awesome season in the series. And I advise everyone check it out for some fantastic sword fights and great characters.
    The series has really rollercoastered it’s way through, however I feel it’s more recent efforts have been pretty sucky compared to some of the older stuff. I mean, Operation Overdrive? Ummm… yeah ok. You stay in that corner.
  • Dbull620 – Well, most of my memories of the series are from the original series, so I’d have to go with that one. As for the quality of the series, I lost interest in the series shortly after Lost Galaxy, but I don’t know if that was for quality reasons or because I’d simply grown out of it.
  • Zero Gravity – Possibly Power Rangers SPD. I believe as the series gets older the series gets a tad bit better but then again, improving at the rate of an inch worm isn’t something to be all too proud of, I like how they’re not desperate to get a message out each episode.
  • Marpolo – My favorite incarnation of Power Rangers was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, because the cast was just great. It had great comic relief (Bulk and Skull and Rita Repulsa and her gang)
  • Yugi – It has been a roller coaster ride. Some were good where others just sucked.
  • Drago – I don’t have a favorite incarnation of the Power Rangers. I believe the quality has weakened.

What is your most memorable episode or moment from the series and why does this stand out?

  • LiteSpeed – Forever Red. Just because it was the one to bring back 10 of them. 10 of the most awesome characters in the series 😀 That and, after the super-mega-awesome morphing sequence that lead into an even MORE super-mega-awesome batch of fight scenes (slow-mo Andros and Carter in a tag team gun battle? Win.) Plus I love re-unions. :3
  • Dbull620 – man, you would ask that of a guy that hasn’t seen a Power Rangers episode in over 10 years. I guess I’d have to say back when the Green Ranger was a bad guy, as he was the most formidable opponent the Power Rangers had faced. And who can forget that dagger-flute?
  • Zero Gravity – Possibly my favorite part was “Green with Evil” which I think anyone who’s seen Power Rangers would know. When we first introduce Tommy as the Green Ranger (Later White Ranger, Red Zeo, Red Turbo and Black Dino). I pretty much it was a dark 5 episodes… well maybe not incredibly dark, but dark enough to be interesting.
  • Marpolo – What is your most memorable episode or moment from the series and why does this stand out?
    The Forever Red episode of Wild Force because it was great to see Bulk and Skull after such a long time and see what the other rangers were doing after they were done with their respective missions.
  • Yugi – I’d have to say the psycho rangers. They were just the most awesome baddies that they had in any series that wasn’t the main villain.
  • Drago – The most memorable moment would have to be when the green ranger went missing.

Who is your favorite character from the series and why?

  • LiteSpeed – Think I’m gonna stand by my Lord here, and vote Shiba Takeru from Shinkenger. With the Japanese series, a LOT of the past few Red’s have been these super loud, screechy and downright IRRITATING characters who won’t shut up. Then Takeru shows up, all silent and awesome, refuses to talk to anyone, and beats the stuffing out of everything. Plus he wields a bigger Buster Sword than Cloud. That turns into a Rocket Launcher. That’s always cool, right?
    Though now I can’t leave out Carter from Lightspeed Rescue, who was downright insane at times. I saw a fantastic scene of his from the end of ‘A History of Power Rangers’ (internet made show by a fan reviewing all the series. ‘Tis very good.) that showed Carter holding two huge blasters to an enemies head and telling him to stand down or get blown to shreds, in between a load of freight containers. The monster helpfully points out that Carter would die too from the explosion level. He then says the magic words. “You can’t do it can you? Hyuk hyuk hyuk!!”. And Carter fires. And detonates everything in sight. Win.
  • Dbull620 – I liked Lord Zed, largely because his character design was pretty awesome and he actually sounded menacing.
  • Zero Gravity – Probably my favorite character is either Jason the Red/Gold Ranger from Mighty Morphin and Zeo, or Jack Landors from Power Rangers SPD. Jason was just your average martial artist, bulky, but he was the kinda guy hat you said “Don’t make him mad enough…”. Jack was just a simple theif who became leader of the Power Ranger Space Patrol Delta (SPD for short), he was comical, and full of integrity, and never lets other down.
  • Marpolo – My favorite character would be Billy from the first three seasons because he was a nerd that could kick butt.
  • Yugi – Well I have two first there’s Tommy. The original Green ranger who than became the White ranger than the Red ranger and eventually in Dinoforce became the Black ranger. I just enjoyed the way he was and his many zords kinda helped in the cool factor as well. The second is Kimberly the original pink ranger. I don’t really know why I liked her and no it wasn’t because she was pink it was just the way she acted I guess.
  • Drago – It would have to be the Green Ranger with his Dragon lord and his Dagger.

What are your thoughts on Saban regaining the rights to the series? Do you feel this will be beneficial to the series longevity?

  • LiteSpeed – Oh I’m quite excited for it. Tony Oliver (Bang Shishigami people!) is back on board to write for the series which is great news upon itself. Aside from which, Saban actually want to stay loyal to what made the series good, so hopefully we get Ron Wasserman back, an awesome soundtrack (none of the rubbish we’ve had recently please, kthnx.) and just general good plot development. We’ll see how it goes. But I have high hopes.
  • Dbull620 – Well, seeing as how Power Rangers have been running for so long now, it’s apparent that the basic formula still appeals to children, so as long as Saban doesn’t do anything to drastically change said formula then it should be fine.
  • Zero Gravity – I couldn’t say Disney has done decent shows and at the very least has brought back Johny Yong Bosch (Adam the Black/Green Ranger) before, and have had really decent actors for their characers for series such as Dino Thunder.
  • Marpolo – I am excited the Saban has regained the rights to power rangers, because when Disney got the rights and started to make power rangers it started to get a bit cheesy and it seemed to lack something that the Saban made seasons had.
  • Yugi – I feel like they will be able to go back to how they used to be hopefully it will be better hopefully.
  • Drago – I believe in the long run it might help it out but it’s very doubtful.

Who was your favorite villain during the series? Where they a monster of the day or the lord of all things evil?

  • LiteSpeed – Standing by my guns again (or should that be sword?), I will say Juuzo from Shinkenger. The perfect countermeasure to Takeru’s nobleness, it’s the fact that the two understand each other quite well, and at times get along. Juuzo merely seeks the best sword fight EVAR, and his sword screams to kill people (Win?). He and Takeru hold an awesome 3-way fight at one point, with the two clobbering each other, whilst also fending off another monster. Very cool.
    Emperor Grumm in SPD was quite awesome too. And Lord Zedd, can’t forget him. The show needs more memorable villains – either those who just own in the evil category, or have decent back stories to flesh them out.
  • Dbull620 – See favorite character response.
  • Zero Gravity – Lothor from Ninja Storm, he was like a late Lord Zedd, if Zedd was still the boss, serious yet mostly comical. But push his buttons enough and he reeks havoc. Lothor was mother of all evil in Ninja Storm… but then again every new villain was “the mother of all evil” course Everyone knows Ivan Ooze was the Grandmom of all evil.
  • Marpolo – My Favorite Villain is Lord Zedd because he was very frightening to begin with and he had a zord the rangers couldn’t destroy, while he was in control of it.
  • Yugi – Hmm I think I touched base on this earlier but I have to say the psycho rangers.
  • Drago – I enjoyed Lord Zed he was Wicked evil.

Would you be interested in a reunion special / television movie? How would you have it set and what characters would be included?

  • LiteSpeed – As a fan of the Japanese shows, I regularly get full movies and team up movies, so yes I’m quite interested. Though I’d love to see another Forever Red with every Red from Classic to American-Shinkenger featured. That could well be pretty awesome. Plus get some nostalgia going. It would have to be handled very well though, probably in movie form, to allow for decent character development. But that’s my two pence on the situation.
  • Dbull620 – Honestly, I wouldn’t be interested.
  • Zero Gravity – I wouldn’t mind seeing a special with as many rangers as possible coming back for some kind of epic battle (A movie even). But I’m not sure.
  • Marpolo – I would love to see a television movie and it would be a trilogy involving an enemy so great it requires as many former rangers as possible to join the fight and of course a Bulk and Skull cameo.
  • Yugi – Hmmmmm I think it would be kinda cool although they already kinda did one of these with almost all the red rangers.
  • Drago – I would definitely have them come back and I think they should have the green ranger come back for one Final Battle.


And so ends our journey today. If you would like to ask a question for a future round table, or possibly answer some questions yourself, please leave a comment bellow, or send me a message on the forums, right here at 918TheFan.com

The first winner of EagleEyes’ Round Table give away is Zero Gravity. A Pokémon answer to a Pokémon prize pack is only fitting. Please message me on the forums on how to collect your prize.

A DVD set of “Requiem from the Darkness” is up for grabs (It is region 4 so make sure to have your cheapo DVD players ready). To win all you need to do is answer one question “Which childhood TV show had the biggest impact on you and why?”

EagleEyes, out!

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  • Leviathan Mist August 25, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    Meh, I dunno. Probably Pokemon. Though I was only really into that for about 5 or 6 years. I was more into video games than TV shows.

  • AnarchoElk August 25, 2010 at 9:19 PM

    Probably The Raccoons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Raccoons
    AMAZING show with an environmental, slightly anti-capitalist message with strong “moral” lessons in each episode. It was one of my favourites for many years, and when it went off air I’d watch VHS reruns.

  • Lite August 25, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    I feel as if I made my answers too long looking through this xD Ah well, I enjoyed it at least :3

    As for favourite childhood TV show… (didn’t we have this conversation on Vent a while back? o___O ) probably Thomas the Tank Engine xD Lots of morals to be learned in that series. As well as learning that crashes are terrible things. And that I should never ever go to the Island of Sodor for a holiday. .______.

  • yugiboy360 August 26, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    I think i would have to say that theres quite a few that had a huge impact on me one of them being Sailor Moon since it was the first anime I ever watched.

  • Kibs August 26, 2010 at 2:20 PM

    Pokemon was my first anime. wait, no I take that back, the first anime I’d actually ever watched WAS Sailor Moon, but until recently, I’d only seen an episode or so at a friend’s house. My brother used to occasionally watch DBZ.

  • mollybibbles August 26, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Code Lyoko played a very large role in my older childhood (meaning middle school). Between some rough patches in school and ballet training, friends not being friends and dreading talking to the parents about all of the above, Code Lyoko was my daily escape into a world of monsters and super powers. The very idea of escaping into a computer program was so mesmerizing and enjoyable. I remember spending hours drawing fan art, compiling screen shots, original scripts and summaries and putting them all into a special binder that I would carry everywhere. When season two first aired on cartoon network, I remember sitting in history class and making a flow chart of all the details we knew and coming up with outlandish conclusions (which were, oddly enough and much to my delight, all correct).
    To this day, I look to Code Lyoko for some escape from the mundane and chat with one of my closest friends whom I met some years back when I joined her neopets Code Lyoko guild.
    Though Case Closed was my big anime title at the time, Code Lyoko was what I loved the most. I am a Lyoko Warrior through and through!

  • Jubilee August 27, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    Um…if I said X-men…would you think I was lying? o.o

    Cause I totally wouldn’t be…

  • ZshadowX September 5, 2010 at 7:41 PM

    Awesome Sauce!

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