Fan Friday – Eagle Eye’s Mix and Match!

Posted on Dec 11 2009


Today’s Fan Submission comes from our number one fan, Eagle Eyes! Eagle Eyes decided to take the opportunity to interview a few of the staff with a pretty interesting premise. See what questions he asked and what we answered.

Welcome to EagleEyes’ MIX AND MATCH! its time for the big guns around to create their own anime series. Here’s how it will work:

– Each staffer will select a character from any anime to fill the following roles

The Protagonist: The main character in which your anime will revolve around.

The Side Kick: The protagonist’s go to person.

The Useless Female Character: The woman with no real purpose and contributes nothing.

The Fan Service Character: BOOBIES!

The Antagonist: The evily, evil one.

The Comic Relief Character: Always good for a laugh.

The one that dies: Self Explanatory.

The Final Villain: The mysterious one that makes appearances but is not fully seen until the very end.

The Anime’s Name: What its going to be called.

The Theme Song: What theme song from anime history will you be using?

Story Line: What its about.

– Then its up to US, the 918 Fanatics to comment, nitpick, and share our OWN opinion in the comments section.

Now lets introduce the unwilling participants:

AnarchoElk: Yo, AnarchoElk here. My main focus on the site is the audio and video editing of iStalk and radio DJing (once the station goes live.) as well as any random task that needs done.
My beliefs are anarcho-communist in general, though like most Anarchists, what that means changes from person to person.
I probably would have just been Elk here (As I am in some other places.) but seeing as we have myself and Elc I figured it would be better to affix Anarcho to the front for easier recognition.
I prefer reading manga to anime, and haven’t really watched any anime in a while (I think the last thing I saw was Michiko to Hatchin? And only the first half really.)

The Drunken Shadow: I’m DS. I work on iStalk, the anime directory, the radio station, and pretty much anything else that’s within my capabilities. I suck at writing biographies about myself, so I suppose that’ll have to do. Now begone with your odd questions. I have to get back to work on iStalk or Kana will hit me aga– … Errr… Back to work.

SandGolem: Hey there I’m Sandgolem. Supreme Leader of all I survey! I basically sneak around behind the scenes raising an army of highly trained stalkers! But really I’m the idea man behind 91.8 The Fan, I run the PR, Marketing, and Line up all the interviews and such.

Kanashimi: I’m Kanashimi, if you don’t know me by now and you’re a fan of 91.8 The Fan then there is some sort of problem. I usually do the voice for iStalk, our news show, as well as being referred to as the Boss Lady. I keep things organized, code the site, and will be a DJ on our radio station. Whee

Kibs: I’m Kibs, loved by many, hated by all. I do all the pretty graphics around here, am the resident grammar nazi, and code the forums. I do my best to keep things disorganized, giving Kana lots of work to do <3. First up is everybody’s favorite Anarchy Induced Communist. AnarchoElk: Title: Revolution

The Theme Song: Nantokanare

The Protagonist: Noam Chomsky

The Side Kick: Mikhail Bakunin

The Other Female: Voltairine de Cleyre

The Fan Service: Emma Goldman

The Antagonist: The Government

The Comic Relief: Karl Marx

The Death: Karl Marx ;_;

The Final Villian: Barack Obama

Story Line: The story follows The group of Anarchists (and communist) on their journey to destroy the Government and build an army of free men and women to destroy oppression. In the end, another person the army looked up to makes a grab for power, splitting the army in two, the final battle an emotional struggle against former comrades brainwashed by liberalism.

EagleEyes Thoughts – ( ………………..)

Next up is the one, the only. SandGolem:

The Animes Name: Matoi Zan Jiiii

The Theme Song: Dying Breed – Full Moon Sway

The Protagonist: Matoi

The Side Kick: Matoi

The Useless Female Character: Matoi

The Fan Service Character: Matoi

The Antagonist: Vegeta

The Comic Relief Character: Matoi

The one that dies: Nozomu Sensei

The Final Villian: Naruto

Story Line: We follow Matoi as she leaves Nozomu and starts stalking Sandgolem. Eventually they get married and spend countless days beating the “Believe it” out of Naruto. Vegeta comes along and is like “MATOI! YOUR LOVE FOR SANDGOLEM…ITS…ITS…sweet really I’m so happy for you two”. Then Vegeta leaves, and Nozomu hangs himself for real this time. The End.

EagleEyes Thoughts – *bangs head against wall*

Now it’s time for The Drunken Shadow:

The Animes Name: The Best Horrible Anime Ever

The Theme Song: Ringo Hiyori (Spice and Wolf)

The Protagonist: Hosaka (Minami-ke) – Why not?

The Side Kick: Rock Lee (Naruto) – Because I think it’d be somewhat humorous. (… But really, I’m just throwing random characters down with little thought. xD)

The Useless Female Character: Hirasawa Yui (K-ON!) – Because she is. *awaits fanrage*

The Fan Service Character: Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) – Not only does she provide her own fanservice, but she forces fanservice out of others. See what I did there?

The Antagonist: Purin (Welcome To The NHK) – Because all magical girls are actually fiendish beings who wish for the end of all logical thought. You know those transformation sequences? That’s when they take advantage of your distraction to remove microscopic pieces of your brain.

The Comic Relief: Brock (Pokemon) – For obvious reasons. Besides, he has no eyes, so it saves animation costs.

The one that dies: Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) – Just because.

The Final Villian: Inko-chan (Toradora!) – The seemingly retarded bird is actually an evil genius.

Story Line: Hosaka’s love interest is kidnapped. He hefts a giant frozen tuna on his shoulder and goes on a journey to save her from an evil organization of evil super-powered cosplayers.

EagleEyes Thoughts – (Any anime in which Tuxedo Mask dies, is ok in my book)

Kibs’ Turn

Title: Magical Fairy Princess Land of the TuTu Fairy.

The Theme Song: Any song by Yui, because I love her voice more than I love breathing.

The Protagonist: Hei (Darker than Black), he’s the first character that comes to mind

The Side Kick: Kanaka (Shigofumi) Because the sidekick needs to be entertaining, yet useful.

The Other Female: Tie: Haruno Sakura (Naruto) / Inoue Orihime (Bleach) Nothing like two main characters that remain useless for well over 100 episodes.

The Fan Service: Kamina (TTGL) For the ladies

The Antagonist: Protagonist (Persona 3) Because it makes no sense.

The Comic Relief: Sokka (Avatar {not to be confused with the James Cameron movie}) Because he’s the only comic relief character that ever actually made me laugh.

The Death: Euphemia Li Brittania (Code Geass) Because it’s going to happen anyway.

The Final Villian: Maximillion Pegasus (YuGiOh!) Damn right, motherf***er.

Story Line: The antagonist, Protagonist, is forming a religion of teenagers, teaching them the ways of being emo, and encouraging them to make a pilgrimage to duelist kingdom where Maximillion Pegasus molests them, because he’s incredibly gay. It is the job of Hei to go around the island and kill the emo teenagers before they reach Pegasus’ Castle to be molested. Hei is often interfered with by Michael Jackson’s Ghost, as he believes that young children should have the right to be molested. Also lost of main characters that everyone loves die, and there’s no real resolution, leaving tons of questions to never be answered, as all good animes should.

EagleEyes Thoughts – (No Comment @_@)

Last but not least, she rules 918 with an Iron Fist. Kanashimi:

The Anime Name: Awesome Adventure Of Awesome

The Theme Song: Kaito sings something adorably cutest (like this) to trick people that they’re watching something chibi-like.

The Protagonist:Well, let’s make this action orientated then and make KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series as the main heroine. You’ve got your explosions, sexual tension, and emotional growth right there (considering she has no emotions to start).

The Side Kick: KOS-MOS is a kick-butt robot, she doesn’t need no side kick. Despite that, for kicks why not provide a goofy love interest that she consistently has to protect. The male audience is already drawn in due to the characteristics of KOS-MOS, so this sort of romantic twist will provide females a reason to watch. The question is, who gets to be the bait? Hmm… So many choices, but I’ll go with an old favorite since I can’t recall him ever being with a robot before, and that would be Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess.

The Useless Female Character: There would be none because my anime would be awesome!

The Fan Service Character: Mikuru (Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya), of course. Bunny suits and moe maid powers, oh my!

The Antagonist: Benares! Oh jeez, no one is gonna get that reference (see 3X3 Eyes). This is a perfect intro to the first season by facing a character that isn’t the actual bad guy, but instead the servant of the bad guy. He is a threat considering the dude is frickin’ immortal. How hardcore is that?

The Comic Relief Character: There’s not enough to laugh at already? Okay, fine. I’ll stick the Vocaloid Kaito in there to consistently beg for ice cream and get pawned during overly perverted scenes. Happy now? Good.

The One That Dies: Probably KOS-MOS creator so there’s some emotional development and she can be comforted by her love interest/side kick.

The Final Villain: Flay Allster (Gundam Seed), DIE! I HATE YOU! *Coughs* I figure she can die by the hands of KOS-MOS wringing her neck because Flay is all like whoa as me, my father was your creator and he’s all dead. Then she whines for the whole series like a emo loser before being handed her just desserts for hating robots.

Story Line: I’ve gone through most of this already, but KOS-MOS is created by Flay’s father who end up dying due to a freak accident. As such, Flay goes on some emo revenge against robots, and somehow uses her father’s connections to get in with the wrong sort of criminal crowd. Then stuff happens, epic battles, romantic twists, plot development, cutesy stuff, wringing of necks, and epicness. I think that covers it. xP

EagleEyes Thoughts – (But with out a useless female character who will waste our time with pointless dialogue?)

Final Thoughts:
As you can see its probably a good thing most people aren’t able to create an anime series. Even if they were, I’m not sure if any of these would actually make it to the silver screen.
But would yours be different? Post a comment and share your opinion? Who has all the screen time? Who do you kill off, just because you hate them? Who takes off there clothes and battles giant robots?
Let me know.

And until next time. ~EagleEyes Out~

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  • EagleEyes December 11, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    Well this was a wierd little experiment.

    Doesn’t it warm you heart that if 918 were to make their own series it would end up with Tuxedo Mask and Pegasus being killed by a Mikuru beam, whilst a communist Matoi stands in the background.

  • Shadows Revenge December 12, 2009 at 3:36 PM

    this just shows us Fanatics whats in their minds… And all I see is alot of hate, boobies, and Matoi

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