Day Zero – Blog Post

Posted on Jul 01 2009


Well guys we are alive and in Los Angeles, CA for Anime Expo 2009 and boy did we have a hell of a day Zero. We got two interviews, waited around for 5 hours, then were given the two interviews nearly at the same time, and we had to run like crazy to make both shoots. You can read about it here.

We got the extraordinary privilege of interviewing Kari Wahlgren and Toshiyuki Morikawa. Unfortunately we ended up last on the list due to traffic problems, and then we had another reporting team, sneak in front of us. So we ended up having Kari and Toshiyuki at nearly the same time. However Kari was amazing to us, and was willing to wait for us, after we explained what big fans we were of hers.

She was so nice and down to earth, she really seemed grateful to us for being such big fans for us. In addition to that we got some cosplay photos and got to meet a lot of fellow reporters in the field. Of course, we have not been without our share of trip-ups, GPS are apparently not able to tell the difference between small city roads and we ended up going in a lot of circles, we also ran into some CRAZY drivers, that were nearly willing to kill us instead of looking up for there iPod.

Our two interviews went great and we look forward to releasing them on the site soon, cosplay photos will be our top priority as well as the best coverage of panels and events, along with interviews—so stay tuned to 91.8 The Fan!

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