Anime Expo – Day Two

Posted on Jul 02 2009


Well guys, Sandgolem again on Kibs’ computer. We just got back and settled in from a long and eventful day at Anime Expo. We got alot of interviews, and saw a lot of cool panels.

Unfortunately, Saito ran late this morning, and we missed the opening ceremonies, however we did sit in on the first Keynote panel about Hollywood using Anime as IPs. This was cool and we will have a report video on that later, including a video of Kana asking a question to the panel.

We met a lot of cool cosplayers today and took a load of photos which will be posted as soon as we get back and away from this slow Hotel Internet.

Kana went to AX Idol and auditioned, however, she got a bit nervous and did not make the cut, but we all felt like she should have. We did take some video of the audition but haven’t decided if we will post it.

We got to meet Julie Rei Goldstein, and were able to snag an interview with her. You may remember her as the winner of AX Idol 2005, as well as a few voices in recent anime. She was really cool and we look forward to posting the interview for all of you guys to see.

We met a lot of other VA’s and other wonderful people, many of which we will be doing interviews with tomorrow, such as Tony Oliver, Dave Stanworth, and Xinil from My Anime List. Be sure to check it all out here at 91.8 The Fan!

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