Anime Expo – Day Three

Posted on Jul 04 2009


We are still reporting from Anime Expo here in L.A. Today was cool, but short for most of us.

Also, a quick note to all guests who are visiting the site, once we’re back home we will post up all of our cosplay images. We would do it sooner, but we are unable to upload it with crappy hotel net.

The first thing we went to was the 3rd day keynote panel about digital distribution, which was incredibly informative. The pre-note speech, from the CEO of Crunchyroll, was possibly the best presentation of the entire convention. I still remember the closing line from his speech; “When the winds of change blow, some people build shelters, some people build windmills.”

The second event we went to, the Funimation panel, was pretty interesting. I’ll have a full write up done in just a short while about it. We did get called away during the Q&A because Cdoublejj spotted Vic Mignogna. We may have an interview with him tomorrow, so be sure to keep your eyes on our twitter.

After our Vic hunt, Kana and Kibs ran over to the Bang Zoom panel for the 3rd day in a row, and Kana won some pretty sweet prizes. Prizes we will be giving away on the site soon. These include a very nice Zippo lighter adorned with Mugen, along some nice artwork. Tony Oliver was very informative every time, we have the entire panel on video, and will be released soon.

Finally we went to the Right Stuf! panel to see some premieres. I have to say I’m actually planning on picking up the The Irresponsible Captain Tyler DVD box set after watching the preview for it. I’d never seen this anime before, and now that its been digitally remastered, it holds up very well compared with newer series.

We were able to surprise Kari Walhgren with some pizza, which we had previously promised her in our interview with her. Meanwhile, while we were all doing panels, Cdoublejj was able to get pics of Jenny McQueen and Jigen. Cosplay fans will probably recognize those names.

In closing, Elc and Saito covered the Masquerade. They took tons of pictures, expect to see them posted at the same time as the cosplay gallery.

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