Kana’s Korner – Interview with Comfort and Adam

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

We got a chance to talk to Comfort Love and Adam Withers about the state of working in the comic industry. We also touch upon their series The Uniques ...
Musikal Makinations – 4TE’s MORE Single Review

Musikal Makinations – 4TER

Greetings denizens of The Fan! You might be thinking, "Wait, didn't Maki just review an album this month?" And the answer would be YES, I did! But, in my ever ...
The Wandering Witch – “Just One More Thing…”

The Wandering Witch – “

Welcome, all, again.  I find myself writing this column just a couple of weeks into a new season of anime, so I must decline attempting a premature evaluation of new ...
Musikal Makinations – Rick Rack’s First Mini Album Review

Musikal Makinations – Rick Ra

Happy New Year greetings, denizens of The Fan! Hope all of you had fun and safe holiday celebrations!
Kayarath’s Adventures In Nijicon

Kayarath’s Adventures In Niji

I believe the “Yaoi Manga” card from the Whack A Catgirl card game best describes Yaoi by noting that it is an excellent boy repellant.
Happy Birthday 91.8 The Fan!

Happy Birthday 91.8 The Fan!

It's another year where we get to see Brie, our lovely mascot, and the radio grow older. We asked some of the staff to share their memories of some of ...
Simulblast! Week 012 Fall 2014

Simulblast! Week 012 Fall 2014

The final week is upon us... Who is the champion, who will reign supreme?!
The Wandering Witch – Shirobako’s Beautiful Storm

The Wandering Witch – Shiroba

Welcome, all, again. Our subject this time is Shirobako, an anime about making anime. And while that might sound like an invitation to kid-glove treatment of subject matter ...
Anime Midwest Gallery

Anime Midwest Gallery

On the third day of Christmas, The Fan gave to me... three gender-bent Chun-Li's! What happened at Anime Midwest this year, why not click and see?
AnimeNext Gallery

AnimeNext Gallery

On the second day of Christmas, The Fan gave to me... two Miku's dancing! Some memories from AnimeNext!
Youmacon Gallery

Youmacon Gallery

On the first day of Christmas, The Fan gave to me... one Youmacon party! Here's our pictures from Youmacon, make sure to let us know which are your favorite!
The Alpha Gamer #5: Hunting and Being Hunted in the Evolve Big Alpha

The Alpha Gamer #5: Hunting and Bei

Just last weekend, Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios opened up the Big Alpha for their next big project: Evolve. I was lucky enough to get a key into ...
Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival: Main Events & Concert

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival: Mai

After a day of prep at Square Enix's first Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, Kanashimi was ready to tackle Saturday & Sunday head-on. If you're curious about the autograph signing ...
Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Review: Reception

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Revi

Square Enix announced four months ago that they would be holding a Fan Festival in several locations for their two million users. Among the locations was Las Vegas, NV with ...

Kana’s Korner – Interview with Liam O’Brien

Posted on Oct 03 2011
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Liam O’Brien
It sure has been a while since we talked to our good buddy Liam O'Brien. What exactly has he been up to in these past 2 years? Yelling about grenades and promoting some nuts! If you're not hooked from that tagline, he's also done some stuff in the Final Fantasy universe, which is always a crowd pleaser, so listen in!

Shiki – Predictions

Posted on Oct 16 2010
Shiki – Predictions
Alas, another week without a Shiki recap - sorry guys! But don't worry, I still have Shiki on my mind. Last time we rehashed what's already happened, this time let's take a look at what might be to come: the story I want, the story I'd settle for and the story I think Shiki's going to give me.