The Wandering Witch Visits Elegant Yokai Apartments

The Wandering Witch Visits Elegant

Welcome, all, again. I am very happy to report that we have entered into a new viewing season, one that seems to offer a wider variety and much greater ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Tom Bauer

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

We have Tom Bauer here folks. Hear him talk about voicing Hush Middy in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Feitan in Hunter x Hunter, and even Shu in Dragon ...
The Wandering Witch – Revisiting the Fairy Musketeers!

The Wandering Witch – Revisit

Welcome, all, again. Facing a somewhat slow viewing season, I'd like revisit a past favorite of mine that I've always felt was underappreciated: Fairy Musketeers. This 39-episode series ...
Siege Spots – Valkyria Revolution

Siege Spots – Valkyria Revolu

Valkyria Revolution, with its new action-based battle system, is definitely a bold new direction for the Valkyria series. But does this new battle system work in this spin-off's favor, or ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Mick Wingert

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Mick Wingert has so many legends of awesomeness to share!
Kana’s Korner – Interview With Roy Samuelson

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Greetings listeners! Join us as Roy Samuelson takes us on a journey to understand what it means to be a voice actor. It is sure to be enlightening.
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Robbie Daymond

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

If you have a Nintendo Switch or a vendetta against writing essays, then you have at least two things in common with Robbie Daymond. If you like Final Fantasy ...
The Wandering Witch at WorldEnd: What are you doing?

The Wandering Witch at WorldEnd: Wh

Welcome, all, again. I want to discuss in this column a gem that I only recently found, WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Landon McDonald

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Do you like Dragon Ball Super, Hunter X Hunter, or One Punch Man? Then you don't want to miss this!
Alice & Zouroku (& the Wandering Witch)

Alice & Zouroku (& the Wand

Welcome, all, again. A new viewing season has begun and, to be honest, I'm not quite sold on it. Not yet, anyway. There are a number of ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Eliza Jane Schneider

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Today's guest is Eliza Jane Schneider! Hear many stories including how she put the South into Mafia 3, how she intertied a ton of roles from South Park, the ...
Siege Spots – Persona 5 Review (PS4)

Siege Spots – Persona 5 Revie

After 20 years of Persona, and 8 years after Persona 4, Persona 5 is finally here. This very Japanese RPG series has grown tremendously since its beginnings, and Persona 5 ...
Nerd’s Weebviews – We Are X Review

Nerd’s Weebviews – We A

X Japan, the biggest band you have never heard of, or at least that is the tagline from the documentary film, We Are X. The film follows the life of ...
The Wandering Witch Lives Vicariously!

The Wandering Witch Lives Vicarious

Welcome, all, again. Today we will discuss Seiren, a slice-of-life series which follows protagonist Shoichi Kamita and his interactions with three very different girls. Now, the purpose and ...

Street Smarts — Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! Review

Posted on Jun 03 2013
Street Smarts — Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! Review

Street Smarts — A Beginner’s Guide To Conventions

Posted on Apr 22 2013
Street Smarts — A Beginner’s Guide To Conventions
For all the newbie convention goers who aren't sure about going to a convention, or want to go to a convention but are worried about what to expect, fear not! This convention guide is just for you!

Street Smarts — Fire Emblem: Awakening Review

Posted on Apr 08 2013
Street Smarts — Fire Emblem: Awakening Review
The Fire Emblem series has a long history dating back to the times of the NES, when it was just finding its way into the strategy RPG genre. It grew a steady following and later found its way on the Game Boy Advance in North America. The game has since appeared in a number of other systems including, most recently, the 3DS.

Street Smarts — Kid Icarus Review

Posted on Mar 11 2013
Street Smarts — Kid Icarus Review
Oh, Kid Icarus. Finally back after 21 years. Kid Icarus: Uprising stars flightless angel Pit, who is on a quest to save the world from the Underworld. Older generation players who hold the original Kid Icarus dear to their heart will consider Uprising to be a welcome addition to the 3DS. For newer players, however, the game is more likely to swing for either favor.

Street Smarts — Cave Story 3D

Posted on Feb 11 2013
Street Smarts — Cave Story 3D
Originally created by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, Cave Story has gone from PC freeware to paid Nintendo 3DS ware.

Street Smarts — Mario Kart 7 Review

Posted on Jan 28 2013
Street Smarts — Mario Kart 7 Review
Vroom, vroom! It’s been over a year since the release of Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS and, since then, the game has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. If you have yet to give Mario Kart 7 a chance, there are reasons why you should.

Street Smarts — Sony V.S. Nintendo

Posted on Dec 31 2012
Street Smarts — Sony V.S. Nintendo
There is a more-or-less unlimited amount of information on the internet for comparisons between Sony and Nintendo. There is information on their yearly sales and yearly profits, on their histories and backgrounds, and where they started and when. There are countless comparisons between Sony and Nintendo's latest systems and the pros and cons of each.

Street Smarts — Popolocrois Review

Posted on Dec 17 2012
Street Smarts — Popolocrois Review
Popolocrois has existed for a while. The game hasn't generated a large fan base in North America, but it gathered enough attention in Japan for it to have a remake from the original Playstation onto the PSP.