Press Release — AM² Launches 2013 Registration For Attendees

Posted on Sep 04 2012

Los Angeles, California — August 31, 2012 — With just under 15,000 in UNIQUE attendance (41,000 in turnstile) in 2012, AM2 proudly launches its online registration system for Passport/General attendees, exhibit hall exhibitors, artists exhibiting in the Artist Alley, press and industry attendees for the up and coming Southern California convention focusing on anime, manga and music from Asia. Dubbed as a “success” in 2012 by leading industry news media Anime News Network, AM2 is definitely a summer event that shouldn’t be missed by any fan or enthusiast of anime, manga, J-Rock/J-Pop, comics, cosplay and more. More info and attendee registration can be found at

AM² is changing its model for 2013 to include General Attendance. General Attendance will cost $5.00 for one day and $10.00 for all three days. Attendees who pay this minimal fee will have access to our exhibit hall, artist alley, summer festival, general workshops/panels, autograph sessions, dance, arcade, and other unannounced events. The prices will start at $5/day and $10.00 for all three days prior to the official convention dates with online pre-registration. Prices increase to $10/day during the convention itself.

AM²’s Exhibit Hall has been noted as one of the most accommodating and affordable exhibit space for convention exhibitors. With the ability to drive in your vehicle to unload close to spaces or to cart merchandise on dollies/moving-equipment WITHOUT the usage of union labor and without dryage in/out charges. The official Exhibit Hall at AM2 is definitely the ideal place for exhibitors to finish their Southern California Summer convention tour. Prices and policies are available online at

AM2’s Artist Alley is one of Southern California’s largest exhibition of up-and-coming/new artists. With “alleys” of artists exhibiting fan and original artwork, attendees will be able to support these artists and see original ideas/concepts. Prices and policies are available online at

Attendees can still walk around the areas outside the halls and outside our rooms free of charge. Events such as cosplay gatherings that do not take place in our halls will not require the fee. However, if you intend to visit our halls and rooms for our exhibit hall, artist alley, or panels, you’ll need to purchase a general attendance ticket.

Attendees can avoid the anticipated huge lines at autographs, premiere screenings, workshops, main events, concerts and panels by purchasing a Passport fast pass for the event. The Passport fast pass will also provide holders with premier seating options at Main Events and at Concert events as well as major discounts with theme parks, retailers and local restaurants. Bypass the lines and get your Passport today and experience the difference!

AM² current activities include Exhibit Hall, AMV’s, Arcade, Summer Festival, Behind the Voice Actors Studio, Masquerade, Dances, Fashion Shows, Table Top, Console Gaming, Workshops, Panels, Concerts and more!

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About AM²
Located in Anaheim, California ­ AM2, established in 2010, is a multi-day (3 day) public fan convention aspiring to be a key meeting place for fans that share a common interest in Asian music, Animation/Anime, and Comics/Manga. Nominal entrance fees are charged for certain activities that attendees choose to participate in. AM2 will be held on August 23-25, 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny Anaheim, California. More information can be found at

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