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Crows X Worst

Two epically "Yankee"(don't know what it means exactly but that is what they say it is... i think it means Delinquent style) style Mangas from the Mangaka

The mangas are based on the High School Suzaran and the surrounding schools like Housen and Kawa 2nd Mid where fighting is more important than Maths.

Crows follows Harumuchi Bouya who transfers into Suzaran in his second year and his rise to being the Head Crow of Suzaran. Crows is a completed manga but is still being scanned by P.A.D.
In recent year Takashi Miike has released two movies that are Prequels to Crows called Crows Zero and Crows Zero II, which events take place 1 yr before Bouya enters

Worst takes plays 2 years after Bouya left Suzaran with the freshmen from his year in charge of the school. Hana a boy who moved from the country where phone lines don't reach has moved to the city and into a boarding house with 4 first year students so that he can attend Suzaran. Hana's goal is to become first true Boss of Suzaran.

Really love these series, they are epic beyond almost anything, lots of comedic moments and awesome fights.
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