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91.8 The Fan

Rules & Regulations
    Please Read Before Connecting
  • Due to the age of some of our users, we highly encourage a stricter set of rules in comparison to other anime communities. Thank you for understanding!
  • Our radio station runs on Pacific Standard Time, and as such, radio DJs are only allowed to swear after 10:00 PM PST/PDT. After this time you are free to curse until 4:00 AM PST/PDT. If you are unsure of what time it is, please ask the on-air DJ.
  • Even though we allow cursing, please note that excessive cursing will more than likely garner a response from one of our moderators or on-air DJs. If you receive a warning, please seek further instruction on how to act properly.
  • We'd also like to note that a moderator will also take action if another user feels uncomfortable with the way you are acting. If another user asks you to stop, please do so! There is little leg room on this one, so please be respectful to your fellow denizens of the IRC.
  • Linking to images or videos of a pornographic or extremely violent nature is not allowed at any time; however, linking to a video or other material with cursing follows the previous rules concerning swearing.
  • Linking to illegal torrents, anime, manga, or other media is strictly forbidden and frowned upon. 91.8 The Fan supports the industry, and we'd like our members to do the same.

91.8 The Fan Chat

How To
    Starting Off
  • Pick a Nickname for yourself - Using your forum name is a best bet.
  • Leave the channel name as it is, unless you want to connect to somewhere else!
  • Identify to Nickserv - tick this box only if you've already registered, then enter your password.
  • Connect to the server

    Registering a Nickname
  • Make sure you are using the nickname you wish to register.
  • Type this into the chat: /msg nickserv register <password> <e-mail>
  • Check your e-mail for your confirmation
  • Make sure you're using your nick and log in with: /msg nickserv identify <password>

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 10:19 AM.

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