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Diaries of a Mecha Cosplayer-Mach Windy

It's been a while since I've done this, but I decided that I needed to start doing this more often. Basically I'll be documenting my progress on my latest cosplay project. I think the last time I did this was when I built my Volfogg cosplay years ago. This time I'm building Mach Windy from Shippu! Iron Leaguer.

Materials used (so far):

Duck Tape

Day 1:

I just started randomly while my roomies were out. I blame looking at old cosplay pics for spurring me into starting Windy. Not sure if I'll be able finish before Ryu-Kon at the end of July but I'll try. If not I'll use it for Anibash in August.

First thing I started on was the inner helm; essentially the part that will keep the helm snugly on my head and be what I build the bulk of the helm around. After building a lot of helms I found the best way to build the inner part is out of Wonderflex molded to my head. I learned that when building my Heatman cosplay. Last time I had help modeling it on to my head, but this time I found it easier just to use my old Heatman helm as a mold and add new wonderflex inside. It took me awhile but once it cooled down enough I was able to pull the new helm piece out.

See attachments 1901 and 1902 for pictures of the inner helm.

When first looking at the character's helm I was a bit unsure where to start. I almost debated on switching to a simpler Iron Leaguer, but then again when have I ever gone the simple route with mechas. So I decided to just randomly start, chopping up cardboard and duck taping to where I thought it should go. My roomies and I have so many cardboard boxes still from when we moved in I had no worries about screwing up since I could just run down to the basement and grab another box.

So I decided to start around the frame work of his face, making the side areas before moving to the forehead, then to the part that covers his nose. Once that was finished I had to think about how I was gonna shape the rest of his helm. The way it is designed has many different layer, some pushing out while other dipping in. Again I just randomly started cutting more cardboard.

See attachment 1903 for a pic of the helm sides while cutting them out.

I figured that I could easily model and cut the cardboard into the form I needed it. Though I've worked with a lot of stuff cardboard is always my go to material for creating the basic form of mecha parts. Usually I'll cover the cardboard with something else afterward like wonderflex, foamboard, or flexform; but this time I'm gonna try something else. (I'll get into that when I try it.)

For the time I ducktaped the sides to the main apart of the helm. Cutting into the sides so I could make the layers of the helm.

See attachments 1904 and 1905.

Then I just continued cutting and adding more cardboard, slowly building up the helm. The last two attachments 1906 and 1908 are where I left off last night. I still have more to work on before I even think about trying my new idea for covering the cardboard before painting.

Expect periodic updated; probably not everyday but each time I get some more done I'll update with my progress.
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