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Adblock rant

I started this thread over at the Hummingbird forum, but I'll place it here as well for discussion.

I know most of us hate ads on our Youtube videos, Hulu, and television, but they exist for a reason. Those advertisements help pay for streaming and in the cases of non-anime for both Youtube and Blip tv it goes to their creators. I find it ironic that some videos that are illegally uploaded to Youtube have ads, but that is just me. However when you use adblocker on Hulu or whatever it causes problems, because they do notice when that happens. Even worse is if you use it on sites such as thatguywiththeglasses.com, blip.tv, or other services where the reviewers/content providers actually use that revenue as their livelihood. By using ad blocker you are doing a disservice to yourself and the people who are giving you cheap or even free entertainment. I know it is a problem in America, where we have spoiled entitled kids who basically use ad block and don't care for the consequences. Ads allow for people to strike it out on their own, yeah they aren't millionaires, but that make enough to live off of doing the stuff they love. Using ad blocker is a big slap in the face for them. If you don't like ads there are tons of free and cheap services to be used as an alternative. Such as if you don't like Hulu's adds go to Daisuke.net or Crunchyroll (and get a cheap premium service).

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