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Chance of a Lifetime

Author's note: this is a recent doctor who fanfiction i posted on the David Tennant forums. It's also the longest one i've ever written. So if you weren't on the mailing list to receive a copy of this, here it is. Enjoy and Comment. thanks from me Shidohari.

PROLOUGE: Technology Fail

What if you had the chance of a lifetime would you take it?

I ask myself that sometimes…If that one moment that could change your life was thrust upon me…

Can one man change the world? My answer to that would be yes, I’ve seen it happen. One man in particular excelled at changing the world for the better. The world was changed by him, keeping us all safe, but no one ever thanked him except for one time. If he had a Companion, it was never for the long term. He was always traveling throughout his life. He was always running through Time and Space. I just never thought that my path would cross his.

I’m an Archivist, and our job is to ensure that the time streams flow according to their Destined paths. Now I know you’re saying, “But no one knows the future other than God himself.” Yes, that is essentially true, but we work outside of Time and Space itself. I was dispatched by Control after all.

As I was saying, I was dispatched and had just activated my TSD; also known as a Time Slip Device, to start moving through time. My job was to clarify a situation in the time stream that I had been researching in the Archives. I had programmed in the coordinates prior to departure. In the middle of my trip through Time, which is actually more like ‘walking’ from Control to the temporal coordinates, something went wrong. I felt a jolt and then found myself unable to go any further towards my destination. I identified my current location as being inside the TARDIS, which belongs to the man I spoke of earlier. I’m currently locked in the Stealth mode of my TSD.

I have no idea why I was pulled here, or where I am in relevancy to arriving at the destination programmed into the TSD. But I am babbling and I have not properly introduced myself. My name is Control Archivist Lt. Chris Montague, and as of right now I’m totally screwed.

Episode 1 - Technical Difficulties and A Lot of Explaining

I was not happy, not at all. My TSD had failed and she was stuck in Stealth Mode and all functions were locked as well. Then I heard the alarm sirens…I had been detected by the TARDIS, and while this would be amusing in other instances right now this was simply an annoyance. I could see the Doctor trying to get a fix on the intruder, and was still having issues locking on to me. The TSD Stealth Mode was just that good.

I walked around and approached the Doctor, ensuring my footsteps were loud enough to be heard. The Doctor turned in the direction of my footsteps and asked, “Who’s there? The alarms are going off but I can’t see you.”

I replied, “Yes, that’s normally intentional for the people who dispatched me. Anyone representing the people I work for are supposed to go unnoticed, however at this time I’m experiencing some technical difficulties. I’m locked in Stealth Mode. The functions of my Time Slip Device, or TSDs as we call them are completely frozen. I believe I’m going to need to borrow your sonic screwdriver for a moment. Doctor, if I may?” I asked.

“Where is the device?” The Doctor asked, turning to the direction of my voice.

“It’s on my left forearm starting at my wrist and ending just below my elbow. It is a small keyboard with a couple other functions included. Ah, how stupid of me you still can’t see where it is.” I took the Doctor’s hand which held his sonic screwdriver and guided it to a spot just over the TSD at my wrist point. “Start from this point and move to the left at a slight angle slowly from this spot. I have you currently positioned at the spot above the TSD section closest to my wrist. I am pretty sure once you start working on it, your screwdriver will detect the rest of it to enable you to continue to work.”

“You’re pretty confident. Answer me this then, why were you traveling through time? You said this was a Time Slip Device, and that you were dispatched. You made this sound like it was common for you and anyone that works for the same faction you do.”

“Well, that’s a loaded set of questions. Not that I blame you though. As far as you know, only the Time Lords of Galifrey could travel through time. In the realms you know of that is true, those who dispatched me work outside the normal rules of Time and Space. Myself, I am an Archivist for the School of Balance. You would never have heard of that School, because no one is supposed to know it exists. I was dispatched by Control, our observation branch. Control dispatches the correct agents from whatever faction is necessary to correct any changes in the time stream. Good, Evil, or Chaos agents are all necessary to ensure the time streams in all realms and realities flow correctly.

I am one of a small number of Archivists with a special gift, if you could call it that. I can look at the Histories and identify the aspects of the time stream that have been altered. I relay this information to Control, and they dispatch the correct agent to ensure that the time stream returns to its correct path. I’m the most accurate one of the Archivists with this gift currently.”

“I think I got it, try deactivating your Stealth Mode now.” The Doctor said pulling his sonic screwdriver away, and returning it to his coat pocket.

I touched the controls on the keyboard portion of my TSD, inputting a command and then pressing a button. I heard a soft click, and the Stealth Mode deactivated. What the Doctor saw would have been an average looking woman of Caucasian and Asian decent. I wore glasses for reading all the time due to my job. My current outfit was a pair of khaki pants, a navy blue long sleeved T-shirt, and sneakers. Other than my TSD I wore a purse across my shoulder, which contained my universal currency. That currency worked like the Doctor’s psychic paper, and became any valid currency for wherever or whenever I ended up. It also carried a few other things that I would bring out if I had some down time.

“Thank you, Doctor. I’m glad to be seen again. Lt. Chris Montague, Archivist for the School of Balance, and currently reactivated as an agent of Control. Though, after getting locked in Stealth Mode like that; I’m kind of missing my desk job at the moment. My normal classification is as a Non – combatant.”

“If you are classified as a Non – Combatant, why were you reactivated as you stated earlier?” The Doctor asked.

“Well I told you I was the best at my particular Gift. There was a problem with the instance I was researching at the time. I could tell WHEN and WHERE the time stream was altered, but I couldn’t tell WHAT was altered. Without that clarification, the proper agents can’t be dispatched to remedy the time stream. I was sent because Control thought if I could survey the situation, I could clarify the issue. Then my task would be over with and they could dispatch someone to finish the job.

I was en-route to the Time Coordinates and location within those Coordinates that I had specified, when I suddenly found myself inside your TARDIS and locked in Stealth Mode. You know the rest.

Just so you know, in most cases any changes to the time stream that aren’t identified in the Archives are caused by scheduled Skirmishes between any two of the three factions that make up the School of Balance. We do this to evaluate the skills of the Agents that are being trained, and it is an actual school. We also train the cadets academically, since not all cadets will take a military position.”

“Our paths through time must have crossed and caused the issue with your TSD then.” The Doctor said thinking it through. “So you know When and Where, just not What. I would be glad to help you with that. What are the Time Coordinates?” he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, and then noticed my expression. “Is something wrong Chris?”

“No, but I should let you know; if you do help me with this, there is a catch.” I said in all seriousness. “I told you earlier, no one is supposed to know we exist. After this mission ends, I have to erase your memory of this occurrence. Essentially, I would never have been here. You’ve lived over 900 years Doctor, are you okay with having a part of your memory erased?”

“You would erase my memory, even if I said no. I already know of your existence, after all that you’ve told me. Even if you left now, you would still do it. Yes, you can erase my memory after this is over if you feel it necessary. However, may I bring up the point that you’ve never been out in the field yourself before. Would you be able to live with erasing someone’s memory to adhere to protocol?” The Doctor asked me, looking at me with the same amount of seriousness.

I said nothing, at which point the Doctor smiled knowing my answer. “Now how about those Time Coordinates?” he asked me again flashing that winning smile.

“I’m transmitting them to the TARDIS console, you should have them now.” I said as I keyed the information into the TSD and transmitted it into the TARDIS computer.

“I have it.” The Doctor said as he pulled levers, flipped switches, and turned knobs to finalize the programming into the TARDIS system. “We’re on our way Chris. Hold on, Allons~y!”

We were off, the Doctor and I. What we would find at the end; remained to be seen. The Doctor had me pegged though. Could I live with erasing someone’s mind? I would find that out in time, but I suspected that Control would not like my eventual decision on the matter. All I knew, was with all the talking I did, I was surprised the Doctor didn’t tell me to be quiet. My co-workers would have thrown something at me by now. I smiled to myself and held on.


Elk surveyed the lands of Detroit from his observation point. All things were going as planned. He was from a time far removed from this place, he was also very Canadian. His whole family line still remembered the past and the war of 1812, where America tried to invade Canada. Many lives were lost, some of them being his ancestors.

Brock would not win this battle, and the Americans would be wiped out in history. While Brock moved his guns temporarily out of range, he had convinced Tecumseh to take his warriors on a different path. He outlined the plan to have them parade out from the wood, circling around to repeat the maneuver. This would make his force seem larger than the American’s intelligence had advised of the original size. His plan had worked perfectly and the Americans were wiped out.

Then he heard the sound, the object appeared within his encampment. A blue Police Box, removed from time. He arched his eyebrow expectantly, waiting for the door to open. He KNEW what this box meant; the Doctor had come to visit. Elk felt he would be able to sway him to his side, so he was willing to talk to him first.

The door opened and the Doctor and his Companion exited the TARDIS. Elk greeted them with a smile. “Welcome Doctor, to you and your companion. You are going to be on hand to witness the fall of the American People. I am Anarcho Elk, your humble Host.”

“Anarcho Elk? The Anarcho Elk, Scourge of Robot Furries, Destroyer of the Planet Kuriboh. I had heard you were dead.” I said, not hiding my surprise at this revelation.

“My dear, you are quite well informed. And the news of my death was greatly exaggerated.” Elk said with a smug smile. “But I assure you, I have already won. America will no longer exist due to my actions here.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, we can stop you.” The Doctor said from where he stood next to me. “We can set things right so that what you have done here never happened.

“I agree, Doctor, we can do this. You can’t wipe out a whole nation for simple vengeance. It’s not how it’s done. When we get done, you will either be under arrest, or dead. Either way, it will be over. Let’s go Doctor; we know what we’re looking for. We just need to make a few adjustments.” I said with full confidence. However going back into the TARDIS wasn’t going to be an option. A small group of people had surrounded us while Elk had been talking. They weren’t Tecumseh’s warriors either.

“Oh now, I don’t think you’ll be going back into that Police Box there.” A man wearing an armband with the number 573 written on it stated. His accent sounded British, around the area of Wales she thought.

“You’ll be remaining here, with us.” Another man who was shorter in stature, wearing an armband bearing the name C. Haku on it added.

“Elk will obtain his goal and eliminate his enemies.” A man with shoulder length wavy blonde hair stated. His armband bore the name Breaker on it.

“I believe we’re slightly outnumbered.” the Doctor said looking at the trio moving in. “Chris do you have any ideas?” He looked at me.

“No but I do.” a new voice said from behind a tent. “This way please…and hurry.” The man said firing a weapon towards 573, who collapsed unconscious.

“Who are you?” the Doctor asked the man as we ran away from Elk’s encampment.
“Control Technician Nerdwerld, and yes, that’s my actual name. I’ve come bearing information for Lt. Montague. We were finally able to track your TSD again, and have been monitoring the situation. Once we found out that you had encountered Elk we started pulling up his travel information. There was a ‘missing’ TSD taken from supply two days ago. We were able to track the information, and found out when he initially showed up. It’s actually about two days ago, when Tecumseh was en route to this site.” He said pausing in his commentary.

“What are my orders then?” I asked as we ran. “We can’t just leave the Doctor’s TARDIS back there. They could use it to do more damage to the time stream.”

“They won’t be able to touch it. Before I revealed myself I put a lock on device onto it. It has currently been moved to Control and it will be kept under secure lockdown until this is resolved. Doctor, we also monitored your conversation with Lt. Montague in regards to a possible memory wipe. We also know that Lt. Montague wouldn’t do such a thing without gaining a guilty conscience, as I’m sure you’ve guessed. Control has authorized you to retain your knowledge of our existence. Just don’t blab it to anyone, or that privilege will be revoked. Are we clear, Doctor?”

“Oh yes, quite clear, indeed. How did Control deem it was okay for me to retain my memories of this encounter then? I’m sure that this couldn’t have been a unanimous vote.” The Doctor asked Nerdwerld.

“It wasn’t. But the pros outweighed the cons in this matter. You see, the price for keeping your memory of this encounter; is that we can call on you to assist us if we deem it necessary going forward. And you won’t be able to object to this.” Nerdwerld responded with a grin that was akin to the cat catching the mouse.

“Nerdwerld, you can’t just expect the Doctor to come at Control’s every beck and call. You know he could be doing something on another world at the time. If he left in the middle of something he was working on, that would be as damaging to the time stream as what Elk is doing now. Tell them to reconsider.” I said trying to point out the obvious.

“Some of us tried to point that out. We were shot down, and the topic was closed. Unless you want his memory erased he’s going to have to agree to this compromise.” Nerdwerld said with a shrug, which was an accomplishment since he was running.

“You know how I feel about that, and LOOK OUT!!” I shouted as a weapon that definitely did not belong to this time period was shot. My warning was too late and Nerdwerld was hit. He went down. I knelt next to him and he gasped out the last part of the orders to me. We had gotten off track after all.

“Here are the time coordinates…for when Elk…first encountered…Tecumseh. Stop the agreement…save America. Return…Control…when…completed…Doctor…mus t make decision…by then…As must…you.” Nerdwerld gasped out and he breathed his last.

“Doctor, we’re going to need to use my TSD to get to these coordinates.” I said programming them in as I spoke. “Once there we will need to find Elk. Hey may already have met up with Tecumseh by the time we see him. We need to make Tecumseh doubt Elk’s words, and ensure that he cannot be swayed.”

“I thought you said that could only be used to move one person through time. Won’t this overload the circuits?” The Doctor asked me.

“It would if we were going a very long distance. Thankfully we’re not going quite that far. The fun part is when we have to return to control using my TSD. It’s a ‘little’ further.” I replied finishing the input. “Hang on Doctor. This is going to be a bumpy ride.” The Doctor grabbed my forearm and held on as I had instructed him. I pressed the button and we moved through time. I hoped we would succeed in this mission. But the Doctor was with me; and if he could tell me something right now, I know he would tell me that he was Brilliant. He was brilliant and we will succeed. I smiled and we walked towards our destination.

Episode 3: To Thwart an Elk

The Doctor and I ‘stepped’ from one time to another. It was only a two day hop so it didn’t overload the circuits too much. If we’d gone a longer distance however like back to Control, it would have been a different story. With the TARDIS in lockdown at Control, that may be unavoidable after this was over. “We’re here Doctor; the location is 2 days prior to the battle we witnessed. The city is Detroit, and Tecumseh and his forces should be camped nearby.”

“Well, let’s find Elk and stop him before he rewrites all of history.” The Doctor said as we walked in the direction of what looked to be campfires. “He’ll have all his Henchmen here won’t he? Since this is before nerd knocked the one out in the future.” The Doctor commented remembering that this was two days before we initially saw them.

“Yes he will, and there is no telling if he has more with him than we saw at that point in time. We are also going to need to be prepared to try to sway Tecumseh to see reason. Elk may already be there, and he may have started trying to convince Tecumseh that his way is the best way. He may even be showing him movies from the future showing the way that Native Americans are being treated.” I said nodding in agreement.

“But you can also show him those same movies can’t you? Something that would counter whatever Elk has shown him?” The Doctor said his face brightening. “You said it had a keyboard to input information and to communicate with Control right? That means it can also pull forth information from the Archives, correct?”

I shook my head, “The keyboard is for information input, and it is mostly used to acclimate myself whatever timeframe that I’m in. Communication with control is also limited right now, and this is because we just used a lot of power to have two people travel through time using only one TSD. It does not have any projection capabilities, other than displaying words that have information that I require. Since most Native Americans have their own written language…” I trailed off because a revelation just hit me in the head like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t show them pictures, but the TSD did have the capability of displaying words. It could also translate them to another known language. Since the Native American language for Tecumseh and his people would be displayed in one of the Archives back at home, it would also be stored in the TSD.

“You just thought of something didn’t you? What is it? It has to be something good if you’re smiling like that.” The Doctor said noticing my change in expression.

“Yes Doctor, and it’s Brilliant. You’ll be proud, but I can’t tell you about it yet.” I paused typing some commands quickly into my TSD. The screen started scrolling, and my hunch was confirmed. This would work; this has a better chance of working than anything else we could have thought of. “This will do, I just had to confirm my suspicion. Hopefully I can type faster than Elk can show pictures; I’m going to have to.”

“You’ll be alright. You know what’s at stake here.” The Doctor reassured me.

“Thanks Doctor, look out, we’re here.” I said slowing our pace as we approached the camp. “Elk’s already here, there’s two of his henchmen guarding the outskirts of the camp.” I warned the Doctor.

“Well now, what do we have here? Looks like we have two outsiders who don’t belong here Haku. What are we going to do with them?” the other henchman asked.

“That’s up to the Lord Elk, 573. We’d better take ‘em in so that he can say what to do with them. If they were smart they’d join up with us.” Haku said looking at us with a disapproving gaze.

We were marched through the camp until we reached the largest tee pee of all of them. It wasn’t much larger than the others, just enough to allow a couple more people than normal inside. “Lord Elk, we have some visitors that you need to see.” Haku called through the tee pee flap.

“Send them inside, and then return to your post.” Elk’s voice rang out from the inside of the tee pee.

“Sir, yes sir.” Haku said shoving us both into the tent, and then turning back towards his post.

“Well, what do we have here? You are interrupting a very important meeting with me and Tecumseh here.”

“Welllll, that’s the thing of it you see, you aren’t supposed to be here meeting with him. We’re here to politely ask you to rethink your position.” The Doctor said

“Oh come now, Tecumseh wants an independent land for the Native American people. I’m just helping him achieve that goal. I’ve shown him a lot of the results of the Americans winning this war, and he seems quite displeased. I doubt you’ll be able to change his mind.” Elk said laughing, seeming unworried that we could actually prevail.

“You think not? Clearly you do not know who you are dealing with. You see, the Doctor isn’t the one you need to worry about.” I said to Elk with a smile on my face

“Oh and you are then? Pray tell, what could you possibly do to me that would disrupt my plans for the future?” Elk asked with high skepticism.

“This...” I pressed the button on the TSD and then the words projected in front of Tecumseh, in his own language. I made sure to explain simply what he needed to know. “I’m just making sure Tecumseh knows EXACTLY who he is dealing with at the moment. I’m telling him everything about you, all the worlds you’ve torn asunder by starting the wars that would tear down governments. I’m just showing him the effects of what you are proposing will do in the grand scheme. If the Americans do not exist in your final plan, then a lot of the medical advances will never be discovered. Space travel will be impossible. And the Native American people will still be British servants.”

Tecumseh read all that I showed him, and his eyes grew hard. “Tecumseh, we can take him from here, and you won’t see him again. Is this acceptable to you?”

Tecumseh nodded, clearly outraged beyond words. “Elk, it’s over, please come with us.”

Elk’s eyes grew cold, but he got up and out of the tee pee with dignity. We were leaving the encampment when Elk’s henchmen distracted us so he could go free. Tecumseh saw this and ordered his warriors to fire at Breaker, Haku, and 573. The three henchmen fell without a sound, leaving the Doctor and I free to chase down Elk. I pulled something from a compartment underneath my TSD and threw it. I could tell that I had hit my target. This was good since in the next instant, Elk vanished, again moving in the time stream.

“He’s gone again Chris, what did you throw just a second ago?” The Doctor said stopping as we watched Elk vanish.

“It was a tracking device, there’s always one provided within a TSD, but not many people know about the compartment to get it from. I didn’t think I’d make the shot, but it actually made it. We can track him through time; he’s on his own right now since his three henchmen were just killed. This is going to make him more dangerous and desperate though.”

“You don’t know how far he’s gone through time though; it could be too far for the TSD to carry us both safely.” The Doctor said realizing the predicament.

I looked away, not meeting his gaze. “Yes, that’s why you’re going to have to go in my place. I’m making the necessary authorization log in my TSD. That way once you end up back at Control, you’ll be able to justify why you have the TSD instead of me. I didn’t think it would happen when I first met you, but you offered me the Chance of a Lifetime. The one moment that I could help make a difference for the better. Helping you has made me realize that sometimes having a desk job isn’t everything.

I have programmed the TSD to track the device that I have planted on Elk. I have no doubt you will find him and stop him. You were always Brilliant like that. Once you have him, press this button here. It will send a signal out to Control, and they will send a retrieval party to pick you guys up. This is goodbye for me Doctor.” I said solemnly finally looking at him. “It’s been a good run for me.” I pressed the button and the TSD started moving the Doctor through time. “Remember Doctor, the TSD moving you through time is just like walking down the hallway. My thoughts will be with you.” I said waving goodbye.

“I’ll be back for you Chris. I’ll be back, wait for me. When this is all over…” The Doctor faded from sight.

I was about to walk away when another form shimmered into existence next to me. I turned and saw a familiar face. “Technician Katelynn? What are you doing here?” I asked surprised.

“Nerdwerld told you we were monitoring your conversations didn’t he? I’m here to take you back to Control. Control Commander Kana has stated that you should wait there for the outcome of things. If the Doctor succeeds she will speak further with you. If not…let’s not talk about that right now.” Katelynn said shaking her head.

“Understood, I think he’ll succeed though. There is no reason to doubt him.” I said with confidence.

“For the record, I also think he’ll succeed but you know we’re under orders.” Katelynn held out another TSD and I put it on, noticing that the two were linked so where Katelynn’s went, I would also go.

“I’m ready. Let’s go home and await the finale. I can’t wait to watch it from Control. I’m sure it’s going to be Spectacular.” I said and Katelynn activated our TSDs and we went home. “Think I can get cleaned up when we get back? I stink.” I said with a smile.

“Oh definitely. You’re just confined to either your quarters or to watch the events unfold in Control.” Katelynn grinned.

“Thanks.” I said with a smile. And we were off.


Elk, now known as Shika Mukeisatsu, walked through the corridors of Tokugawa’s estate. He can’t believe he’d landed such a perfect hiding place for himself. He could lay low with Control having no idea where he’d ended up. His decedents could carry on his work of Anarchy and he would be none the wiser. He could adopt someone into his ‘family’ since he could claim that his wife had died a couple years ago. He had the capability to forge those documents; after all he had forged his own documentation.

His job was to ensure that Tokugawa was always supplied with what he needed. His merchant contacts were all legit, and he did business with the same finesse and way with words that had always brought him luck in his endeavors. That was until that Doctor had interfered with that woman Chris. He had underestimated Chris, because she did the one thing he couldn’t do, he showed Tecumseh just what and who he was in his own language. He was enroute back to his quarters on the Daimyo’s estate when he passed a figure that caused him to freeze in his tracks as it passed by the corner of his eye. It couldn’t be, that’s impossible, the one that had convinced him to travel to 1812 in the first place. In essence this person was the root of all his bad luck; if he hadn’t been convinced to travel back to that time, he would still be chilling in front of his gaming consoles. There was Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops to be conquered after all.

If it was THAT person, they needed to be repaid with the utmost prejudice. He would find a way to pay this person back for all the trouble she’d caused. He had lost his three best underlings because of the complications that arose from this. While this person wasn’t exactly responsible for the Doctor and Chris interfering, she could still be blamed because it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t agreed to give in to avenging his heritage.

He was almost back to his quarters when he heard a commotion in the gardens. He turned to look and then his whole mood changed for the worse. The guards were surrounding a man with a VERY familiar brown trench coat who was trying to explain that he wasn’t going to cause any harm. The guards of the Daimyo’s estate however were trained to follow no orders until they’d heard them straight from Tokugawa or one of his generals. Elk turned on his heel and headed back towards the receiving room for the Daimyo. If this went badly he would have two problems. The only issue would be which one to solve first.

Meanwhile in the gardens, the Doctor was being pushed towards the Daimyo’s Estate with great prejudice. “Hey take it easy, I’m going.” He said letting them lead him into the receiving area for the Daimyo.

“Be still.” A guard by the name of Taka no Tsuki said. “Be still or we will make you so.” Taka repeated. Taka’s patrol which had been on duty when this stranger arrived out of nowhere; had to be the lucky ones to deal with this. By the time they got to the receiving chamber, there was already a decent crowd in attendance. Apparently the stranger had yelled loud enough to attract those who were in the gardens at the time of his arrival. Disrespectful of the stranger, Taka thought to himself.

Taka and his patrol knelt before the Daimyo. “My Daimyo, we found this stranger in the Gardens. He claims that there is a fugitive that is hiding among your court. We brought him to you so you can give judgment to his claim.”

“Thank you my Moonhawk, as always your service is impeccable.” Tokugawa said acknowledging his attention to duty. “Now stranger, why would you think that there is a fugitive hiding in my Court? There are always those that would try to remove me from power, this is nothing new to me. So why should I be worried about one specific fugitive? Enlighten me.” Tokugawa asked, his eyes locked with the Doctor’s, looking for lies reflected therein.

The Doctor scanned those in attendance. His eyes locked and met those of the only other person that was watching him intently. “Lord Tokugawa, who is that man over there?” the Doctor asked in return.

“That is my most trusted merchant Shika Mukeisatsu. He has ensured that my lands stay supplied with all the items that they need to survive. Come forward Shika, this stranger seems to know you.” Tokugawa said motioning for Shika to come forward.

Elk came into the light so that the Doctor could see him better; and also so he could see the Doctor better. He could play this off, but that would be worse than lying to the Daimyo, in this case he told the truth. “Yes I know him; I encountered him in my travels. Though I do not know how he got here, Lord.”

“Committed some crimes in another country that he needs to answer for. I need to take him back with me to face judgment.” The Doctor stated trying to sway the Daimyo again.

“What goes on in another country does not concern me. I have no reason to believe anything you say. Guards take him to the prison. Let him cool his heels there until I decide what to do with him. I will not let him slander the name of my most trusted merchant on my own estate.”

“Thank you Lord Tokugawa, I am humbled by your favor.” Elk said in reply and backed back to his original position in the receiving area. He had wanted to ask about the woman that he had seen earlier but now was not the time to do so due to the Doctor’s appearance.

As the Doctor was led away, a pair of calculating eyes watched from their owner’s position in the receiving area. Control Councilwoman Skylark, known in this court as Hana no Ryuu, found a way out of her current predicament with these events. When she saw that Elk’s efforts were failing due to the interference of the Doctor and Chris, she fled through time to a place she thought she would be able to blend in and not be found. It was pure dumb luck that Elk had found his way here. The fact that the Doctor had arrived only made things more complicated. She knew Elk would try to get rid of her so that she’d be lost to time. However, from the Doctor’s statement, someone had provided him with a TSD to follow Elk and retrieve him. It would also be safe to speculate that someone had managed to put a tracker on him, which was how he was located so easily through time by the Doctor.

Once Control discovered her involvement with these events, she also would be brought up on charges like Elk would be. She didn’t know what the result would be, but it would be preferable than being killed by Elk. Skylark sighed and decided she had better help the Doctor so that she may survive this little escapade. Using her resources she found out where the Doctor was being held, and paid him a visit. Thank the fates that he was on the floor of the prisons that contained no other prisoners at this time.

The Doctor heard the footsteps coming down the corridor. They were too light to be those of a samurai; it must be a woman then. The question was why a woman would be visiting him in the prison. He turned and faced his visitor as she stopped in front of his cell. He recognized her from being in the receiving area when he had been facing Tokugawa. “Hello and who are you?” he asked curious.

“My name is Hana no Ryuu. However, you may call me Control Councilwoman Skylark. I am here to offer you a way out of this prison.” Skylark said straightening her red kimono which had blue flowers and golden miniature dragons on it.

“Councilwoman Skylark? I am sorry I wasn’t informed there was someone else here from Control.” The Doctor said giving her the glance that said he thought something was up; he just couldn’t identify what yet.

“You wouldn’t have known, because my trip here wasn’t exactly authorized. I was the one who authorized Elk to go to the year 1812. Once I saw that his efforts were being thwarted by you and that woman Chris, I made myself scarce. I hid myself in this time period so I could live comfortably off the radar, where no one from Control or Elk could find me. That was the plan anyhow. It was just dumb luck that Elk ended up here, I assume because he was fleeing from you and Chris through time.” Skylark shrugged.

“So you are also a fugitive then from Control. But you could easily escape yourself couldn’t you and return to Control? You must have come here using a TSD.” The Doctor said, voicing the obvious question.

“Yes, but when I got here I was also jumped by guards. My personal TSD was destroyed in the scuffle. I had to work my way up from the bottom to be the Chief Lady in Waiting to the Daimyo. I ensure that all his comforts are met by assigning the ladies below me to see to them. However, the reason I am making this offer, is that you can ensure I survive long enough to make the trip back. You see, Elk will be trying to kill me, now that he knows that I’m here. His priorities have now changed from laying low, to exacting retribution for my convincing him to go to 1812. Those three underlings of his that were killed by Tecumseh’s warriors were his closest associates; they had been working for him for a very long time.

He is smart enough to know that I couldn’t have foreseen your interference, or Chris’s. However, he will inevitably blame me for the root cause of their death. You’re going to have to take us both back to Control anyhow. Both of us will be judged for our actions. I would just like to survive the trip.” Skylark told the Doctor everything.

“But you will be missed if you leave the Daimyo’s estate will you not?” The Doctor said thinking it over. “I would also like to advise you that since Control doesn’t know that you are here they are only going to bring back one extra TSD with them when they come to retrieve myself and Elk. What is going to stop you from stealing it and breaking Elk free, and leaving me stranded as you two make your escape?”

“There are others than can do my position as well as I can or better. My being missed is not an issue. But, I should have you know in less than two days time the Daimyo will banish all foreigners from his country. This includes you, me, and Elk. I can convince the Daimyo to release us both into your custody and we would all leave his lands, voluntarily. I can also try to persuade Elk to see reason, and to leave voluntarily with us. He hates me for convincing him to go on that mission, but he isn’t stupid enough to remain where his safety would be in doubt. He knows the timelines as well as I do; otherwise he would not have survived as long as he did as the Daimyo’s most trusted merchant.”

“That would make this the year 1597 then? I wasn’t quite sure when I first got here, but now everything fits. See if you can do what you’ve suggested and then we will make further plans from there. Better yet if you can convince Elk to come down here, we have some issues we need to discuss.” The Doctor said nodding slowly.

“Then you will help me and Elk return to Control?” Skylark asked hopefully.

“I will help you, whether Elk will go willingly with either of us remains to be seen. That is why I need to speak to him myself. Because he currently has a grudge against me as well for taking part in causing his plans to fail in 1812. He may try to kill me before we succeed in any part of this. I need to give him a Choice.” The Doctor said to Skylark.

“I will see what I can do then to arrange a visit from Elk. We must work quickly, on February 5th of this year, Tokugawa will close the borders to all foreigners except for the Dutch. We must ensure we are out by the end of that day.” Skylark said turning to leave.

“Be careful, Hana no Ryuu.” The Doctor said to her as she was leaving.

“It’s how I’ve survived so long Doctor. You will hear from one of us soon.” Skylark said as she left. The guards to the prison were bribed to ensure that the daimyo would never know that she had come here. It was nothing that would soil their honor, and the guards were quite happy to accept her terms. A couple of her ladies that worked underneath her would bring some special delicacies to the guards when they returned to their quarters. Food that they normally wouldn’t be able to eat.
Her meeting had gone well, and she had high hopes for the resolution. Of course that would depend on whether Elk would listen to her, as well as whether he would go see the Doctor or not. It was the Doctor’s request after all. Skylark hurried on her way. She had much work to do.

The Doctor sat in his cell wondering if Skylark would be successful. According to her they had a day and a half left before the borders were closed to all foreigners. He hoped they could make it in time. He still had his TSD but wouldn’t use it until Elk was secured. If all else failed he would find a way out of this. How, would take some time to figure out though. The Doctor lay back on the bed in his cell and closed his eyes for some sleep. Answers would come when all the pieces were in play.


That night, Skylark made her way to Elk’s quarters. She had promised the Doctor that she would speak to him. This was going to be touch and go because the unresolved issue that still remained, but it would be in his best interest to at least listen to what she was asking. Skylark took a deep breath and knocked on the door to Elk’s quarters.

“Who is it?” Elk asked from inside.

“Hana no Ryuu, we need to talk.” Skylark said simply. Elk was too smart to forget voices; she’d looked that up before she’d suggested the 1812 mission to him.

“Come in, and close the door behind you.” Elk replied with a voice that was too calm to not be cautious about.

Skylark entered the room and closed the door behind her. “I come with a offer, and a request for you to visit the Doctor in the prison.” Skylark straightened her kimono, her eyes not moving from the look that Elk was giving her.

“Councilwoman Skylark, you had stated that there would be no problems in completing that mission. I seem to have had nothing but problems with it.”

“You were doing fine until the Doctor and that woman Chris showed up you mean? That was beyond my control, I have no idea how the Doctor knew about the mission. I know nothing about his companion Chris either. All I know is that she had a TSD, and it showed Tecumseh all of my information in his language.” Elk said glaring at Skylark.

“A TSD signifies that she was sent from Control. As far as the projection of your personal history as far as all your past crimes in his own language, you know the TSD can show anything in any language recorded in the Archives. It’s common knowledge. You can’t exactly blame me for that.” Skylark said with a disarming shrug.

“Well, we could debate about this all night, but you said you had an offer for me.” Elk said returning to the matter at hand. “It had better be good to make me want to agree to it.” He added with a warning tone.

“I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to completely research this time period, but I have. On February 5, 1597, Tokugawa will banish all foreigners from his lands, with the exception of the Dutch. Now clearly you may have noticed that the three of us would be in the banished category. What I proposed to the Doctor is that I would persuade Tokugawa to release us into his custody, provided we leave his lands. I doubt he will have a issue with this since it will be one less person clogging up his prisons. It will also allow us to leave of our own free will, so that force would not be necessary.

The problem is this, according to the Doctor, only one extra TSD will be brought from Control when he sends the signal. Since no one knows I’m here, the only agreement he has is to bring you back with Control. I certainly don’t want any bloodshed on my hands, and I’m sure you feel the same. We also can’t leave the Doctor here because that would be a violation of the agreement with the Daimyo, once he authorizes it that is. We need another option.” Skylark finished.

“Actually, I do have a solution that would allow all three of us to return to Control. Also, I would like to leave while still on good terms with the Daimyo. I will visit with the Doctor now, and listen to his thoughts on the matter. You work on getting the Daimyo to agree to release the three of us. Then we shall see where the pieces may fall.” Elk said getting up from his sitting position and striding purposely past Skylark. Skylark hurriedly slipped out before he shut the door, and strode down the hallway.

Elk locked the door to his quarters and walked to the prisons. He arrived at the Doctor’s cell and peered in. He didn’t say a word, he just waited.

“I know you’re out there. So she convinced you to come down and see me then.” The Doctor said opening his eyes and getting up from the bed. He looked at Elk with one of his intense, yet skeptical looks. “Will you help us leave and return to Control then?” The Doctor asked, getting straight to the point.

“I’m still considering it. It depends on whether Skylark can do what she says she’s going to do. I have a solution to the shortage of a third TSD as well. If she holds up her end of the bargain, I may just throw my personal resources into the mix. She’s right you know, we can’t just leave you here. Also as much as I have personal unresolved issues with Skylark, this is not the time or place to be debating them. It is too late for her to approach the Daimyo tonight. I believe she will do that tomorrow. We will have this resolved one way or another by the fifth.”

“You’re not going to try to change the timeline or anything?” The Doctor asked shocked. “I thought you were all about changing the timeline to suit your needs.”

“Yes, but I happen to like this timeline. I also happen to like Japan. That’s why I took a Merchant’s role. I don’t mind helping out the status quo here.” Elk said with a laugh. “It’s just Americans I have an issue with. That bridge now has burned so I will make no further attempts at trying to wipe them out. Though I do wonder how Control is going to clean up that mess. Tecumseh can’t exactly remember that any of us were there now. That’s a violation of one of the Prime Laws of Control.”

“How do you know about those? Oh wait a minute; Councilwoman Skylark was the one that convinced you to go to 1812. That means you’re a Agent of Control?” The Doctor said putting two and two together.

“Yes, I was trained as a Chaos Bringer. I also specialized in strategies. However, I don’t know if the rest of the Council members know that Skylark dispatched me personally. Yes I was the one that tried to change the time stream; however it may not have been scheduled through the proper Control protocols.” Elk stated also having a revelation of his own.

“Would proper protocols have anything to do with the Archives?” The Doctor asked, thinking of what Chris had told him in the TARDIS.

“Sometimes, but scheduled skirmishes between Control factions are usually very obvious changes in the time stream. It would be recognizable in the Archives, and an Agent from another faction would be sent to rectify the issue. This agent would be picked according to the situation from the three known schools, or even from the fourth school that teaches the Void Seekers. That branch of the school is totally separate from the school that trains the other three factions. Interesting question though, why do you ask?” Elk said his curiosity at the reasoning behind the Doctor’s question.

“What if the Archives weren’t specific at what was changed? If a year was provided and a place, but not a reason for the change in the time stream; would that mean anything to you?” The Doctor asked, continuing his train of thought.

“Actually it would mean that it definitely wasn’t a scheduled skirmish. If an archivist is looking for scheduled skirmishes, all the factors are identifiable. Time, Place, and what was altered. This would explain why she chose me to take on the 1812 mission. I tend to enjoy revolting against the status quo. I’m going to be in a lot of trouble for what I did, Skylark even more so for sponsoring an unscheduled skirmish.” Elk nodded seeing it.

“But not all skirmishes are ‘scheduled’ correct?” The Doctor asked.

“Well the Scheduled Skirmishes are also logged in the Control Databanks. But even those not scheduled, that are actually happening legitimately would still be obvious in the Archives. The 1812 mission was definitely not scheduled, nor was it agreed on by a majority council vote. Skylark’s going to face violation charges when we get back.”

“You’ve decided to help then.” The Doctor said with a smile.

“Oh yes, even if she doesn’t get the approval from the Daimyo. I’ll break you out myself and take you both back just to see them stick it to her for her violations of the Prime Laws.” Elk said a gleam in his eye. “It’s called payback for the loss of my three associates.”

“Wellll, you know you’re still going to have your own charges to face. But I’m glad you decided to help. Thank you.” The Doctor said earnestly.

“It was my pleasure; I’ve followed your work too in the Archives when I’ve had the time. You definitely are Brilliant, sir. But now I must head back to my quarters, but on my way I’ll stop and relay my answer to Skylark. I think she will be happy that I’m assisting of my own free will. If I hadn’t chosen to assist, she would have lost her main bargaining chip with you. I will see you when we find out if you will be released or not. One way or another we will all return to Control.” Elk walked away with those final words.

The next day, Skylark and Elk both arrived at the prison cell in the middle of the afternoon according to the position of the sun. They were also accompanied by a guard who proceeded to unlock the door to the cell. “You’ve been released so long as you three leave. I can’t say that I’m unhappy to see you go, considering the trouble you caused.”

“You’re the guard that took me in to see the Daimyo in the first place aren’t you?” The Doctor said recognizing the guard.

“That’s right. My name is Taka no Tsuki. You may call me Moonhawk if it’s easier for you to remember however. It’s still my name after all.” The Samurai guard said as the Doctor walked out and joined the two. “I am to escort you off the premises myself.”

“You volunteered to do this Moonhawk, we both heard you in the receiving area. I would be interested to know why.” Elk stated looking at the samurai.

“Because I would be the only one that would not treat any of you harshly while performing my escort duties. I have respect for the three of you. I would not see any of you harmed when you are voluntarily leaving.” Moonhawk said. “You three have until sunset tonight to get to the edge of the lands belonging to Tokugawa. I’m going to guide you out by the most expedient route.”

Moments later they were on the roads outside Tokugawa’s estate. Elk spoke to Skylark while the Doctor and Moonhawk were up in front of them. “What do you think about taking Moonhawk back with us? We have the Doctor’s TSD I think if we need to erase his mind, but I think he’s too sharp to let that happen.” Elk asked Skylark.

“If he wants to come, I don’t see why not. I mean he could definitely help teach the swordsmanship classes. We are running short of people to teach. It would be a better position for him in some aspects than Captain of the Guard.” Skylark agreed.

“A teaching position huh? You would offer me that then? I would have to admit, I prefer it to the other option that you are discussing. I do not like the idea of having my memory wiped.” Moonhawk commented, surprising the pair, who didn’t think they had been talking loud enough for him to hear.
“Then it’s settled, you’ll come back with us. I think we’re far enough away for me to order our ride now, aren’t we Skylark?” Elk turned and asked her.

“It’s your ride that you’re ordering for all of us. It’s for you to decide.” Skylark said with a shrug.

“Then let’s do this thing.” Elk pressed something on what looked like a decoration in his katana hilt. Ahead of them a black car came through, appearing right in front of them. “There’s my baby!” Elk said running towards the car with a large smile on his face. He opened the doors. “Well come on guys, we don’t have all day.” Elk got in the driver’s side and set the coordinates for Control.

“A Delorian???” The Doctor and Skylark said together dumbfounded. “Oh well if it gets us where we want to go.” Skylark stated.

The other three got into the car and they shut the doors. The Doctor and Skylark buckled up their seat belts, and then they walked Moonhawk through buckling his. Once that was done Elk put it in gear and they started passing through a time slip. Elk turned on the music, but all the passengers cringed when a song came on. The only words they could make out of it were ‘EVERY FIGHT’. The Doctor finally had enough thirty seconds into the song and used his sonic screwdriver to fry the radio. “What the hell was that awful racket?”

Elk scowled in dismay. “That…is one of my Mechanic T-Pengi’s song files. I have told him countless times if he works on my car, he is to clear the song files out of the system when he is done. Obviously he didn’t do so this time. I will…remind him…of the benefits of doing that when we get back to Control.”

The Doctor was now able to think since that annoying noise was now silenced. They were on their way back to Control. It was time for Elk and Skylark to face the music; and for the Doctor to get his TARDIS back. But would it really be that easy? The Doctor didn’t think any of this was going to be resolved quite that simply. But oh what fun this had been. This was easily one of his best adventures yet. He couldn’t wait to see what the final act would bring.


Elk’s Delorian time machine arrived back at Control. It was very quickly surrounded by guards. Elk held up a hand, “If you please indulge me for a moment before you take me into custody. I have a matter I need to attend to at my transport garage. It will only take a moment, and you guys are welcome to watch as I take care of business.” Elk said as he started purposefully striding towards his transport garage.

Everyone could hear the hideous music the closer they got to the transport garage…”Oh…My…God. What the hell is that racket? My ears, they can’t stand the noise!” Technician Katelynn, who was substituting as a guard today on her off hours, winced at the horrid sound coming from the Transport Garage. A lot of the guards that were with her were also showing signs of displeasure.

“That would be the business I need to take care of first.” Elk quietly opened the door and entered the garage. Everyone winced, even the Doctor, when they saw a mechanic wearing a ‘Don’t break my Heart Soundbreaker’ T-shirt and dancing to the song Every Fight.

The mechanic was oblivious to their entry. Elk briskly walked over to the dancing mechanic and snapped his neck in a manner that would have made Steven Segal proud. He then proceeded to take a sledgehammer and smashed the radio playing the offending music. Blissful silence reigned supreme, and all that remained of the mechanic was a lifeless body on the floor.

Katelynn and the remaining guards clapped and cheered. “Well done Elk, oh well done” Councilor Skylark said, definitely approving of the action.

“This will not be entered in the records as a murder. In fact, I believe none of the guards here have seen anything. Correct?” Katelynn asked looking at the guards in her group, meeting each one of their gazes.

“We saw nothing at all Ma’am.” One of the guards said and the others nodded their head in agreement.

“Now Lord Elk, will you please come with me to Control? It is time for you to be judged. May Kana have mercy on your soul.” Katelynn said as they walked to the transport that would take the four of them to Control proper.

“Moonhawk is to be a swordsmanship master that will assist in training the new recruits Katelynn. Will you see that he’s installed in a position? He found the teaching position more preferable than having his mind erased.” Elk asked Katelynn, ensuring that she knew what was going on.

“Oh thank God.” Katelynn said with relief in her voice. “Suzuki is overworked as it is. Many of the new recruits want swordsmanship training now. He can’t keep up with the requests. He’s actually had to turn down a couple of students for training. Moonhawk, your arrival is music to our ears. As soon as the paperwork is done, we’ll introduce you to Suzuki and you can start taking some of his work load.”

“I can start as soon as you will let me. But how is it that I have always been able to understand all of you? My only language is Japanese.” Moonhawk asked perplexed.

“We all speak one language at Control. Yet like the Time Lords of Galifrey, we can understand and be understood as speaking the native language of wherever or whenever we work.” Katelynn made a nod towards the Doctor.

“So what are you going to do in my case? Will my memory be wiped, or will I be able to keep my memories?” The Doctor asked Katelynn.

“The final decision isn’t mine Doctor. That belongs to Kana and the Council. Speaking of Councilors, Lady Skylark, you are hereby under arrest for charges of sanctioning an unscheduled time stream change. We watched the truth unfold here. While Elk is indeed going to be facing charges, yours are indeed grave.” Katelynn said glaring at Skylark. “You will be lucky if Kana doesn’t rate your punishment higher than Elk’s.”

Skylark paled at the thought of Kana’s judgment. She knew firsthand what a formidable woman she was. There was good reason why she was the Commander of Control. “I understand. I knew this would be the way of things once I returned. I am ready, and have no regrets.” Skylark said with resignation to her fate.

The song Gravity by Yoko Kanno came on the radio. Each person riding in the transport vehicle was lost in their own thoughts. Skylark thought of what she had done, would she survive the trial? Elk thought about his travels as whole and found nothing that he regretted. Katelynn thought of how happy she was that Every Fight was silenced, though she did not know who would defend this lot at the trial. Apparently she wasn’t the only one that thought that way. “Who will be defending us at the trial?” The Doctor asked as they approached the Council Hall.

“I honestly don’t know. Because of the situation being as it is, we have to deal with it carefully. More than likely once the verdict is given; the records of these proceedings will be sealed in the Archives. This hasn’t been the first time we’ve had to do that, but this is one of the more interesting instances I will have to admit.”

They arrived at the Hall, and Katelynn escorted them all inside. Most of the Council Hall was filled with offices for the respective Council members and their staff. Katelynn and her guards took them into one of the three court chambers for their trial. The High Council members were the only ones attending this trial.

“You’re late.” A woman stated from her position in the Judge’s Seat. She was wearing a Moe Maid costume and held a giant hammer. The handle itself was as long as a quarterstaff. The woman regarded Katelynn with a piercing gaze. “I assume there is a good reason for this delay?”

“Yes Commander Kana, Elk had to take care of an instance of Every Fight, it was a completely justified delay.” Katelynn replied. “Commander, has there been a volunteer to defend these three?”

“Urgh, Every Fight, I hate that song. And as to the other question, yes there has been a volunteer to speak for one of these three. The other two will have to state their own cases, because all I had for them were volunteers to prosecute them. Will the Defense Lawyer for the Doctor’s case step forward please?” Kana called out.

Soft footsteps were heard on the tile floor of the courtroom. As they got closer, the Doctor recognized those footsteps. He’d heard them before. The owner of those footsteps came to stand in front of the three. The Doctor could see Elk’s frown out the corner of his eye. Skylark’s gasp of dismay was also heard, as the Doctor fixed his gaze meeting those of his Defense. I was wearing a uniform now, with medals of rank on it. I was holding a electronic tablet with a stylus affixed to the side. Pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nose, something I hadn’t worn during their travels; I spoke in a clear voice that carried so all could hear me. “Senior Archivist, Lt. Chris Montague reporting as requested Commander Kana. I am here to defend the Doctor’s case against the Memory Wipe. I am also here to Testify against Lord Elk and Lady Skylark for their crimes.”

“But how did you return here?” The Doctor asked in surprise. “You gave me your TSD. You still should be stranded back in 1812.”

“Katelynn was actually sent back to retrieve me. Remember, Nerdwerld said that Control was actively monitoring all activity through my TSD. Once they saw I gave it to you, they brought me back under house arrest until the situation finished playing itself out. Now I’m released from house arrest and active in my post as a Senior Archivist again.” I flashed a grin.

“Bailiff, will you please read the charges for Elk and Skylark please?” Kana turned to Technician Neon, who was bailiff for these proceedings.

Neon picked up a similar electronic tablet and read off the charges to each defendant in turn. “Lady Skylark, you are charged with the following crimes. Charge one, supporting an unscheduled time stream alteration. Charge two, sending a high ranking agent of Control who had a personal interest in your proposed mission, back in time to implement your time stream alteration. The final Charge; trying to conceal yourself in the time stream when you realized when your attempt in altering the time stream had failed.” Neon paused and scrolled to the next set of charges. “Lord Elk, you are being charged with only two crimes. The first Charge is for exposing those living in the past to technology that they should have no knowledge of. That first Charge took a lot of cleaning up by the way. The second charge is attempted Genocide of the American nation, and its peoples. Your third charge would have been the same as Skylark’s but due to the gravity of the other two charges, it has been dropped.” Neon said before taking his seat again.

Commander Kana looked at the two accused. “You may state your cases, but I doubt that you will make your sentences any less severe by doing so.”

Elk spoke first before Skylark could. “Commander Kana, I went back in time to 1812 willingly to undertake the mission to change the time stream by wiping out the North American nation. Yes it is genocide, but I ask you this; can you condemn me for doing something that many are already considering? I ask you to recall the fact that the economy in North America, is currently suffering. There are reports that by the year 2037 in the current timeline, there will be no Social Security funds to support the elderly or disabled. Those expected to retire with that money available, will not find it due to the fact that the Social Security program has been operating in the red for consecutive years. The economy is also suffering because there are so many with credit card or loan debts.” He stopped as he saw Kana raise her hand requesting quiet with that one simple gesture.

“I assume this relates to why you sent him back in time in the first place Lady Skylark?” Kana fixed Skylark with a piercing gaze; one that boded ill for her if she didn’t tell her the truth in the near future.

“Actually, I just felt the need to shake things up. Sending Elk back to 1812 was just a added bonus. I randomly picked that time out of all available ones I had an interest in.” Skylark shrugged. “I did succeed in shaking things up. Admit it you had fun watching things unfold.” Skylark smiled as she saw the corresponding look from Kana and the rest of the council members. She knew she’d scored on a level that they hadn’t thought of.

“You shook things up alright…and not in a good way. Do you know how much time and effort was spent cleaning up the mess Elk left after exposing Tecumseh to technology that he should have had no knowledge of? We had to wipe the memories of all 400 of Tecumseh’s warriors, and Tecumseh himself. I half a mind to
strip you of your title; and sending you down to administration for filing duties for the rest of your Existence Skylark. Kana then shifted her gaze to Elk. “You Elk however, will be easier to judge for your crimes. You shall be sentenced now. I ask the Council to submit their verdicts to me now. The usual ballot is in front of you.”

The assembled High Council entered their verdicts and moments later Neon returned with the votes tallied. Kana nodded to him, authorizing him to read the verdict for Elk aloud. Neon touched the electronic tablet and brought up the vote tallies. “Lord Archon Elk, also known as Anarcho Elk, you have been found guilty of all charges. Your sentence is the Banhammer of Doom, which will send you to North America to live out the rest of your Existence. So let it be written, so let it be done.” Neon stated before taking his seat again.

Kana rose from her chair, and pointed the Banhammer at Elk. Everyone in the chamber ‘saw’ the image of a giant hammer swing through the air and connect with Elk’s backside. In the next instant, he was gone, vanished without a trace. Everyone also heard the screams as he traveled to his punishment. Kana spoke when he saw the questioning look on the Doctor and Skylark’s faces. “He went to an alternate reality North America, where the government is a Totalitarian Empire. Something he hates with a passion. It is a fitting punishment for him after all that he attempted to do. The government there allied itself with the Axis instead of the Allies in World War 2. Germany, Italy and Japan won with the help of the US forces. He will totally hate it there.”

The Doctor and Skylark both blanched. They now knew that Kana’s will was absolute. What that meant for them they both could not foresee, but it could either be very good, or very bad.

Kana stood up, “I adjourn these proceedings for today. Tomorrow, Skylark we shall decide your Fate, and that of the Doctor’s. May the Fates have mercy on your soul, because if you are found wanting, I surely won’t.” With that statement Kana got up and left the chamber, followed closely by the High Council members, and Neon.

Katelynn came over and took charge of Lady Skylark. “Doctor, you are a guest here at this time. Please do not try to leave the quarters assigned to you, unless you are accompanied by me or Lt. Montague. It will make it harder for you to defend the case of you retaining your memories tomorrow.”

“If I were you Doctor, I would do as the Technician suggests.” Skylark agreed before leaving with Katelynn.

“I’m a ‘guest’ then Chris? This could be worse though, I could be where Elk ended up.” The Doctor said following Chris to his quarters.

“Indeed you could Doctor, and here is where I shall bid you goodnight. I will see you in the morning.” I locked him into his quarters, and then left for my own.

The Doctor regarded the quarters he was assigned. Just like a flat in London, he thought to himself. He definitely would not try to anger Kana, and would remain in his quarters as advised. He did not like the thought of losing his memories. Chris had been a great Companion to work with. Someone who understood the hazards of traveling through time, and the price paid in many cases to do so. No, he did not want to lose his memories. He hoped he was able to state his case tomorrow when Chris defended his right to keep them.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? That was his final thought to himself before he slept. One that he’d known personally for his 900+ years; he hoped tomorrow it would bring justice for one, and freedom to keep what was his. With that he finally slept.


The next morning brought everyone back into the Council Hall from yesterday used for the trial and sentencing of Lord Elk. The Doctor, Skylark, and Lt Montague assembled in front of Commander Kanashimi. As Skylark had been a member of the High Council, sentencing her was going to be a little more difficult. That was the reason Kana had delayed Skylark’s sentencing after all.

The Doctor looked around the assembly. Once Skylark’s sentence had been decided, it would be his turn. He was ready to defend his right to retain his memories. On his way here he’d told Chris that he would defend himself. While she didn’t think that was particularly wise, she backed down and let him have his way. She had already advised the bailiff of the change. The bailiff today was a woman named Katie. Apparently according to Chris, Katie was a rather large fan of an actor named John Smith. Apparently that actor was supposed to be portraying HIM in an alternate reality. Not that any mere human could ever actually portray every moment of his life accurately. The mere thought of that was absurd to say the least.

Katie brought the assembled parties to order. “Today we will accomplish the remaining issues that were left unresolved yesterday. First after deliberation that was carried out in closed doors, the council has decided the sentence and verdict for High Council Lady Skylark. Once that verdict has been issued, the council will then review the case of The Doctor’s memories. It has been brought to my attention that The Doctor intends to represent himself in these proceedings. While his advisor for these proceedings has deemed this unwise, he still intends to go through with this. May I continue with the verdict for Lady Skylark?” Katie looked to Kana to ensure that she approved of the final verdict to be read for Skylark.

“Proceed with Lady Skylark’s verdict Bailiff Katie.” Kana nodded.

Katie activated her electronic tablet and read the verdict aloud for everyone to hear. “By the authority vested in me by the Control High Council and Commander Kanashimi, here is the verdict and sentencing for High Council Lady Skylark.” Katie paused for effect. “High Council Lady Skylark, you have been found guilty of authorizing an unscheduled Time Stream authorization, fleeing into time, and sending a high ranking Control agent back in time that would also support the mission you authorized. You are hereby stripped of all your rights and privledges as a member of the High Council. Furthermore, you are sentenced to hear the songs Every Fight and Kokoro Oasis three times a day, for a duration of one hour on a continuous loop. No matter where you are, you will still hear them.” Katie cringed when she read that part of the verdict. She reread it again to ensure that was exactly what was written there. It was written exactly as she’d stated and she blanched again. “There is no termination date of this sentence. May the Fates have mercy on your soul. Guards, take Skylark away.”

“NO…PLEASE NOT THAT. ANYTHING BUT THOSE TWO SONGS, DOCTOR, HELP ME…Get them to change the verdict. ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!! I’ll go mad!!!!” She was being taken away. Skylark looked to the Doctor, her eyes pleading for help.

“I’m sorry.” The Doctor said, as he watched Skylark being taken away. He saw the tears on Skylark’s face, they were genuine, but he had no authority here. Actually he didn’t really have authority most places he’d traveled to. However, until the matter of being able to retain his own memories was settled, he had no authority here at all. Skylark vanished out the door with the guards, and he doubted he’d see her again.

“Since that issue has now been taken care of, we can move on to the more pressing business at hand.” Kana said looking at the Doctor. “I’m sure you already realize how rare it is for someone to be brought back to Control, and in this case it’s actually two people. Both of you are unwilling to have your memories erased. However, the difference between you and Moonhawk is that he is willing to find his place here. You are not willing to stay among us, and being a Time Lord with many crimes of your own on the record books, you can appreciate our dilemma.
“I have a right to keep my own memories. What harm would it be for me to have memories of this place? It’s not like I was planning on returning here down the line and destroying your way of life.” The Doctor said in protest. Yes he did understand where Kana was coming from, but it was still his memories they were threatening to take from him. Unfortunately, Kana had a response to his objection.

“Yes Doctor, they are your own memories. But what is to stop you from telling any future companions about the existence of our School, or our Agents. Those future Companions could tell other people about us, and soon, everyone would know of our existence. Also, they would know how we manipulate the Time Streams with scheduled or unscheduled skirmishes. As Lt Montague has no doubt told you that would require A LOT of paperwork, and a lot of Cleanup if that happened.” Kana reminded the Doctor.

“She did tell me that yes.” The Doctor could just see the very real possibility of what Kana just described happening. He knew he was going to have no choice in the matter. “Erase my memories of the existence of Control. What you said could happen, may happen. I may not do it intentionally, but I may accidentally mention Chris’s name to one of my future Companions. Then they’d ask questions, and while I may or may not choose to answer them…Well, all my Companions have been quite brilliant in their own ways. They may be able to put the pieces together, especially one in particular.”

“Thank you Doctor, for your understanding; we will return you to your TARDIS and enter a preprogrammed destination for you. It will be just like a fading daydream for you, and will cause you no pain.” Kana looked at Chris, who was still stunned at the Doctor’s decision. “Lt Montague, I authorize you to personally administer the memory wipe. I know it will be painful for you, but I think it would hurt you more if you never got a chance to say goodbye. Even if he won’t remember you seeing him off, at least you will have been there.

This hearing is adjourned. All verdicts have been delivered and sentences carried out. Doctor, for what it’s worth, we thank you for your assistance. You may not remember us, but we will remember you, and what you have done for us.” Commander Kanashimi and the High Council exited the council hall, leaving Chris and the Doctor alone in the echoing silence.

“Come on Doctor, this way, I’ll take you to your TARDIS.” I said trying to make sure my voice didn’t betray my actual feelings on the matter. I had thought he was going to fight harder, but in the end he’d sacrificed his memories to prevent any chaos from arising from normal people in the Universe from finding out about us.

We arrived at his TARDIS, in the hanger where we’d kept it. It was a quiet walk from the Council Hall to this hanger. I hadn’t said a word to him, even though he had tried to cheer me up along the way. I had enjoyed working with him. The one man that could change the fate of any person he touched, and he would not remember my existence. “Doctor, we’re here, please unlock your TARDIS and we’ll get started.” I said not meeting his eyes.

“Chris, don’t be upset, remember we had a great adventure together. Besides, you’ll always be able to relive it in your Archives. You were brilliant, never forget that.” The Doctor said taking my shoulders and forcing me to look into his eyes.

“But, I won’t ever see you again, and you won’t ever Remember.” I said shaking my head sadly. I moved to the console and programmed a set of time coordinates into the TARDIS control. It would put him somewhere that wouldn’t cause him to run any time soon. He’d get some rest out of it anyhow, he never got enough rest.

“You don’t know that. I’ve lived over 900 years and I still am surprised at what my next adventure brings. Who knows, we may meet again sometime. Maybe next time you won’t have to erase my memories.” He smiled at me.

I programmed the time frame for the memory wipe into my TSD. “Perhaps, I look forward to that day. Doctor you will be unconscious for a few seconds after the mind wipe takes place. Don’t worry, I’ve set you down somewhere that you can get a couple hours of rest before you have to start running again. I’m not that cruel.” I grinned at him.

“Thank you Chris, for everything.” The Doctor said to me as he sat down on one of the chairs in the TARDIS.

“No Doctor, thank you.” I activated the mind wipe and moved into Stealth Mode. I wanted to stay here to ensure that the wipe was effective, that and I wanted to make sure the TARDIS parked itself without crashing.

Thirty seconds passed, and the Doctor regained consciousness. In that time the TARDIS had started to ‘park’ itself at the coordinates I’d given it. The characteristic ‘thud’ was heard and the Doctor opened the doors to see what new world awaited him. He saw twin moons in the sky and the lights of a brilliant city. He wouldn’t have known this place of course, but all the people were humans. For I’d sent him to My world, the world that forgot I’d existed once I became Cadet at the School. That was the way of things, for the existence of Control to be kept secret, once you were a part of it, the world you came from forgot about you. My throat closed as I fought the tears, remembering the parents and siblings that I could no longer see.

I programmed the command to return me to Control into my TSD. “May the Fates protect you Doctor, enjoy your time here on my home world of Zephryn. It may be the only time you’ll be able to come here, but it will allow you time to think about things other than running for a while.” I whispered and pressed the button, returning to Control.


The Doctor looked at a poem that was displayed in a glass display case of the Library he was visiting. “Who wrote this?” He asked the Librarian “I don’t see an author’s name listed.”

The librarian shrugged. “No one remembers the author’s name. When this was written, it was said she was going to be one of the best writers of her time. She disappeared soon after writing it, and this is all that remains of her work.” The librarian walked away leaving the Doctor to read.

Chance of A Lifetime
Author: Unknown

If you had the chance of a lifetime,
Would you take it?
Take a chance to challenge Fate?
To save the world and remake it?

I look in the mirror and see,
An average person that’s all there is
Could I be something special?
Something Extraordinary?

I took the chance on that day,
But the chance caused me to throw my past away.
My family and my friends you see,
Because of the chance I took will not remember me.

But that is okay because I know,
That they will endure and move on,
As I learn and grow.

I will always keep them in my heart,
My family and friends
Though we are forever apart.

If you are traveling all alone,
Your past is gone,
And you’re without a Home.

Remember this one thing to be true,
Though they don’t remember me,
I will always remember them,
And a Friend like you.

As I write this at my desk,
I must make one last request.
Though you may think you always journey alone without end,
Remember you always have me as a Friend.

The Doctor finished reading the poem. It was so sad, yet so reminded him of the loss of his world. “Whoever you are, I hope one day you can come home.” He said as he left the library and got into his TARDIS. “Alright, where will we go today?” And the TARDIS disappeared from Zephryn. Never to be seen again.
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