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Zero Gravity

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Pokemon X an Pokemon Y

It's finally happened! The 6th generation is upon us! And Pokemon is making the next big leap and moving to 3D models instead of using sprites (as far as we know).

The game will take place in the Karos Reigon (based on France)

Pokemon thus far:


























Pokemon with a type change:

Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy)
Wigglytuff (Normal/Fairy) (Unconfirmed)
Azumarril (Water/Fairy) (Unconfirmed)
Marril (Water/Fairy)
Azurill (Water/Fairy) (Unconfirmed)
Mawille (Steel/Fairy) (Unconfirmed)









One of the things that REALLY excites me, is that finally, Pokemon will have a simultaneous release. Meaning the when Japan knows, we'll also know at the same time. We get the game the EXACT SAME DAY as Japan, as will the rest of the world!


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