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91.8 The Fan

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: Momo - Leaps at the idea -
Character Name: Taikutsu
Age: 17 GIRL! >.>
Weight-Thin-light build
Eye Color: light blue
Hair Color: light orange shade
Skin Tone: paleish white
Personality: a vary calm person never shows much emotion weather in battle or just talking.. Tends to be quiet even in large crowd the even chance of provoked emotion draws out the craziest in her.. Her calm and passiveness is only equaled by her massive intense rush of blood crazed violence in battle highly easy to provoke in heat and a lack of patients for people.. Never listens well and is more focused on the pay roll then the assistince
Personal History: nothing from before the age of 15 is easily recalled.. Only a need for money and a familiarity with firearms.. has a follower that has been a only and long time friend both on and off the battle feild
Good or Bad: tends to shy away from moral choices and is played upon by money and favors to officers in the ranks then a a true choices
Strengths: speed , long term endurance , lack of food and water , practically sleepless , flexibility , high class acrobatic skill
Weaknesses: high amounts of heat , seeing a cute girl , easily bored even in battle has an emotional attachment to Zale
( Fuka-bu ) highly tempered alloy hand gun with a reinforce barrel- Shine’s a light silver with a single thin black streak of chrome going down the handle -12 shot clip- has and open sided magnetic holster on her left hip
( Tsuru ) highly tempered alloy dragunov Sniper rifle which at the stock of the gun is connected to a small shotgun with the end filled down.. The loading chambers for both sides is near the stock- shotgun barrels rounds clip - dragunov 12 rounds -
All of the wood on the gun has been tinted a shade of orange and the metal has been stained a pale red.. it hangs strapped to her shoulders with a simple shoulder strap - a orange leather casing is over the shotgun barrel at all times
( Nise no yume ) a simple sheath of a Katana formed with a handle made solid with no space for a blade.. Hangs of her right hip loosely
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): no real abilities to speak of..

Picture(If Possible):

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: Camajak
Character Name: Kisa Janelle Torren
Age: 16 (birthday 9-27-93)
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): 128 lbs (average)
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): 5'5" (average)
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Normal Caucasian (Slightly tanned)
Personality: A sweet girl. Loves cute things, but she's not completely innocent. She loves her twin brother, Satoshi, dearly. She's average at school,but had a natural ability to fight, which she learned when she was almost 15 (she's almost 17 now). She wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally, but she's only human (well, sort of...) so she can always make mistakes.
Personal History: When she was younger, she was abused by her father, because her mother neglected to tell him that, well, she could be a shape-shifting dog. Kisa and Satoshi were born with the genes of a German Shepard implanted in them (long story, basically dates back hundred of years to medieval times) and it activates when they turn roughly 15 years old. It's passed down on her mother's side. When her father couldn't take it anymore, Kisa's mother left and got into a traffic accident right outside of their house. Kisa and Satoshi watched their mother get fatally wounded, and she passed away a few days later in the hospital. Their father left, and Satoshi and Kisa went to live with their aunt. Now, since Kisa knows of her powers, she harnesses them and works in her German Shepard form a lot of the time, secretly from the rest of the world with her twin brother who has the same ability.
Good or Bad: Good. Very good XD
Stengths: Doesn't give up easily, has high attack power (fangs and claws when a dog) and is fairly skilled with certain weapons (bow and arrow, swordfighting). Is very acrobatic.
Weaknesses:Not too quick with her mind, so if she's in a situation where she's taken aback by something someone says, she's physically vurnerable. Also, if her brother is in danger, she will do anything to make him safe again.
Weapon: Her own strength as a German Shepard, European-based sword (cutlass) as human, Purple low strength archery set(Idfk, someone get specific with this one lol. She got it for her birthday one year and got really good idk).
Abilities/Magic: After transforming, can communicate with other dogs and her brother. Has much higher attack strength and speed.
Picture(If Possible): This is the best picture I could find that was just her (decently old but you get the point) Ask if you want a picture of her as a German Shepard or her regular outfit, not her fighting outfit.
Imma Moe Blob

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name:Yugiboy360
Character Name: Renasa Renatosa
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc):Thin
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc):Tall
Eye Color:Light purple
Hair Color:Dark purple
Skin Tone:Caucasian
Personality: Tends to be quiet unless with those shes comfortable around. She can come off a bit strong.
Personal History: Renasa grew up with her twin brother and they would always train off of each other. She would always read every book that was in her site and by the time she was 12 had read every book in the entire area. She is also fluent in just about every language and loves to come up with a strategy for battles in any era. She also had developed some magical powers that were water based while able to use a katana in case an enemy got to close. She has since started stalking around a very well known mercenary. Protecting her with all she can to make sure they never fail their objective. She see's her like a sister and knows not to involve her to heavily in her plans for she knows she does as she wish's.She also has grown to stand Syh shen although she will talk to him and heals his minor scratch's when needed.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later):Neutral she follows Taikutsu.
Stengths:Can read and speak any language, Skilled tactician, Water magic mastery, Fast.
Weaknesses:Not the best people person, Zombie Head-buts.
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): Full control over water, Can also cast water magic, Can come up with strategies at the drop of a hat, Can also use her water magic's healing properties but only for minor wounds.
Picture(If Possible):

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

eh?...I might as well take part in this, I am not good with scripts.....

Account Name: Gannon133
Character Name: Marcus Solo
Age: 19
Weight: Athletic
Height: Average
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Skin Tone: light tan
Personality: Anti-social, but opens up for those he trusts.

Personal History: His past was a horrible memory for him. Abandoning his horrible parents when he was small, lived in a small village that used discipline in fighting and mystical arts to protect them from the war that had been going around. All the village children saw that he was better than they are that they ganged up on him. He took revenge on them by stealing the weapons and beating them up with minor injuries. He wonders around with his stolen weapons and items, which he sold some for money. By meeting a Thief named Naomi, he called her a friend, but her life ended short when the war came to the town they have met. Now he wants to end the war with the conflict to end at peace

Good or Bad: Unknown-I suggest rogue, because he hates the war and kills any faction that he comes by. Do whatever you want with him. Scrap him if you must.

Strengths: Learned battling with different weapons, learned some spiritual magic. Agile for thievery, able to do makeshift items for living around in his journey

Weaknesses: losing a cared one, hates talking, mistrust

Weapon: carries two weapons: A sword shaped like a claw or tooth with some jagged edges and symbols sealed to slice like the beast it was from. The next one is a gauntlet that allows the user to convert his spirit energy into many attacks
(check Abilities/Magic)

Abilities/Magic: Ability: Thieving, able to use many weapons that are using in close combat other than his main weapon.

Magic: Spirit Barrier-allows the user to make a barrier that is only good for ranged attacks with his energy that fades with every hit , does regenerate but will cost more energy to start again

Spirit assist-allows the user to use his energy to summon a unknown clawed beast that hovers around the gauntlet and attack on command.

Spirit Ball/Dart- ball/dart that uses energy to cause physical damage to the opponent. Grows bigger but uses more energy (same with darts-more darts=more energy)

Picture: no picture-not a good artist.
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name:Drago142222
Character Name:Frost
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc)athletic 160
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc):average 200 cm
Eye Color:Sky Blue
Hair Color:Pure White
Personality:Friendly but also very cautious towards strangers.he has a natural leader instinct that allows him to order other wolves as he meets them.
Personal History:He was Abandon as a pup but slowly he learned how to fend for himself he lives alone in the mountains but sometimes visits the town only as the illusion of a human.During his years he also took lead of the wolves becoming the alpha male.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later):good having been treated nice by the local town
Stengths:his speed .his bite.he can wistand cold weather.He Also has hieghten sense of smell and hearing
Weaknesses:long range
Weapon:his teeth and his claws
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later):he has the ability to look like a human and has the ability to speak to other wolves and his natural leadership instinct makes it so other wolves he meets instinctively follow his command.
Picture(If Possible):

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: twillÿ
Character Name: Sin'lorien
Age: 27
Weight: Medium build, athletic tone, yet very agile. (Average)
Height: 6'2" (Tall)
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Midnight Black, shoulder length.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.
Personality: Laid back. He isn't the first one to start a fight, but will certainly end one. Cynical. He never believes that the spoken motives of others are all that they appear to be. Underneath all the mistrust, those few who he does consider friends are those he would truly DIE for. ;) *hint hint* He is a good strategist, making him ideal for scout missions and planning. He works best alone.
Personal History: He came from a troubled past, never really knowing his parents. Growing up as a street orphan, hopping from one unreliable shelter to another shaped his ability to live off of the street and fend for himself. He grew up trusting very few people, the ones he thought he could ended up always double-crossing him in the end. Rogue at heart, he quickly gained the ability to alter gambling outcomes in his favor and as a result, learned to evade a lot of incoming attacks and counter the strikes. He only loved once and that love was cut short when shadows from his past showed up to repay some of his past cheating. Left with nothing, Sin'lorien is now an assassin type of mercenary, only 'trusting' his next employers for as long as he is being payed.
Good or Bad: Surprisingly, good.
Strengths: The shadows. He is as quick as wind and silent as night. The element of surprise is his forte.
Weaknesses: Himself, fighting the demons of his past regrets. He is also mortal, what could kill any man can kill him as well.
Weapon: Dual-wields 2 small daggers, as well as a few throwing knives. Martial Arts when disarmed.
Abilities/Magic: Extremely agile to the point of invisibility. Mixed Martial Arts prowess and bar fighting tactics. No magic.
Picture(If Possible):N/A

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Mark from Canada
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: AnarchoElk
Character Name: Kleeblargh
Age: 254 Morovian years.
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): Very heavy, but only due to the density of his alien flesh
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Tall
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Skin Tone: Purple
Personality: Kleeblargh is wants to to enslave the world.
Personal History: Kleeblargh Grew up on Morov, a planet in a far off galaxy. The Morovians are peaceful people who explore the galaxys, Kleeblargh, just out of space college, is setting forth to discover the planets his people have not discovered. Upon landing on 9.18 The Fan he tried to establish contact with it's life forms, but a wolf attacked him, and wouldn't respond when he tried talking to it. His hatred for wolfs warped his mind, and turned him evil. Now he wants to enslave the world so no wolfs attack him again.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): Evil
Stengths: His alien body is far denser and stronger than a regular body.
Weaknesses: wolfs send him into a rage making him loose control and do everything in his power to catch them all.
Weapon: A cage of wolfs he has captured on a chain, that using his alien strength, he swings around like a morning star.
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later):
Wolfs Cage: He uses his Alien Cage to capture wolfs, which he has a hatred for. The more wolfs he has the stronger his weapon is. The cage expands to fit in all the wolfs, and brainwashes them to be under his control.
Wolfs Bite: The cages bars widen enough so the wolvs's heads stick out enough to bite his enemies.
Wolfs Missile: The cage turns into a cannon and fires out a wolf which explodes on contact. He rarely uses this as it makes his weapon weaker.
Wolfs Rain: He throws his cage in the air, and it unlocks and rains out all the wolfs which explod on contact. This is his desperation move that he would only use in super life threatening situations as it drastically reduces the power of his weapon.
Wolfs Juice: The cage contracts crushing all the wolfs and turning them into a liquid juice which holds all their power. He drinks the juice, making him have the powers of a wolf multiplied by the amount of wolfs he drank. This is his second desperation move for when he needs the extra powers of wolfs.
Picture(If Possible):

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name:Nirvash_Redemption
Character Name: Jack Crowley
Age: 17
Height(5’11, lannky):
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Skin Tone: pale
Personality: Quiet, bookworm
Personal History: Normal, grew up in suburbs. Practiced Capoeira as hobby turned training. Later survived through a massacre in his home town, and resented most people afterwards. Has since taken kendo to help with swordsmanship.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): Evil, of course.
Stengths: Martial Arts, and kendo. Cooking.
Weaknesses: lightning, and rocks.
Weapon: feet, and saber.
Abilities/Magic: Capoeira, and kendo. For saber, he could throw like shuriken, and have fly back. Uppercut, and dash cuts. For Capoeira, he is evasive, and uses mainly counter moves.
Picture(If Possible):


"Don't ask for it; go win it on your own. Do that and you'll succeed."
"When you think of music or movies, instead of remembering what they are about you're more likely to be reminded of the memories you have of that time and the people you knew then."

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

FINE, I'll be descriptive

Account Name: Kibs
Character Name: Kibbles
Age: 22
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): Athletic
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Average
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Pretty darn white
Personality: He's generally unconcerned with the events around him, as long as his love interest is in no danger. He can be a tad bit jealous, but only because he cares. He generally keeps a cool attitude, and rarely loses his temper, even in the heat of battle, allowing him to better assess situations and think of a plan on the spot. However, certain things can cause him to break into a blind fury. He is not generally a silent character, but doesn't talk to you much if he doesn't know you. He has a soft side for anyone in danger, and will help anyone being attacked, but would not willingly give up his life for a perfect stranger.
Personal History: abandoned as a kid he was raised by a jaguar and a bear, which occasionally broke out into song and dance. He later was taken in by a family and raised as a normal boy, he fell in love with their daughter of a similar age, and swore himself to her. Ever since, he has always accompanied her as a watchful guardian and loverrrrrrr.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): ???????
Strengths: dexterity, works well with his slower, hammer wielding counterpart, tandem attacks are a specialty.
Weaknesses: insatiable lust for mountain dew and low physical strength, berserk mode if Kana is in immediate danger.
Weapon: A charmed umbrella. The charm allows it to withstand other weapons' punishment when defending, and packs a punch when used to strike. Attacks are generally used with the umbrella in a closed position. The umbrella is only ever opened to block the effect of massive/AOE attacks and to shelter people from the rain. The magic works akin to a magnet that affect anything, not just metal. Strikes are powerful due to a strong force like that of magnets with matching poles, but likely has something to do with dark matter/energy. Defense absorbs kinetic energy which can be unleashed afterward. The charms glow when attacking or defending.

Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): speed unmatched.
Picture(If Possible):

Something close to a cross between these, second image is a good height reference


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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: JinnRemona
Character Name: Jinus Adol Remona
Nickname: Jinn
Age: 29
Weight: Lean
Height: Very tall
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Personality: Jinn is the calm, serious type. Rarely joking when he's on duty and doing his job, but is a very friendly and kind person when off duty. Cares alot about the people around him, and will go out of his way to heal their wounds if injured. In battle, Jinn is clever, and dangerous, but refuses to kill anyone.
Personal History: Jinn grew up in a war torn village, that was constantly under attack as the villages locations was directly in the middle of the two warring participants. Ever since Jinn learned of his ability to control water, and use it to heal the people around him, Jinn began to do his best to help the people around him. The village is completely gone now, many people either having died, or moved away, including Jinn's parents who now live in the city where Jinn in currently working. Jinn continues to work to help those that need his help.
Good or Bad: Good
Stengths: Water Control, Medical Science, and Battle Tactics
Weaknesses: Heat, Seeing people around him in pain, and women.
Weapon: Water
Abilities/Magic: Jinn has the ability to control water. He can either use the water to attack, by manipulating it around his opponant. Jinn can also change the temperature of the water at will, making it into seering hot water, or freezing it completely into Ice. Jinn can control this Ice as well. Finally, Jinn can turn his entire body into water, but in this form, he loses control of any external water until he resolidifies, so it is mainly used to escape.
Picture(If Possible):
Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: SaiQ
Character Name: Sai
Age: 20
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): Thin
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): 6'
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Pale
Personality: Ruthless, Cold, Twisted Humor
Personal History:

Sai was born into a family of witches. Over one night, a female Assassin, sent by the government, massacered Sai's family. The Assassin was about to finish off baby Sai, but at the last minute, had a change in heart. Instead, the Assassin adopted Sai, and protected his identity from the government.

The female Assassin raised Sai like a son, teaching him the arts of assassination. Sai, not knowing about his past, thought the Assassin was his biological mother.

Little did the Assassin know, Sai inherited Empath ability from his biological father. As Sai grew older, so did too his abilities. One day, his innate ability evolved, and he could suddenly read people's thoughts. He read the female Assassin's thoughts and learned about his bloody past. Enraged, Sai accidentally killed his adoptive mother.

After realizing what he done, Sai deeply regretted his actions. To honor his adoptive mother's death, Sai tries to make amends, by continuing the Assassin's work. But he swears no allegiance to the government, the ones who killed his biological parents in the first place. Instead Sai works as a mercenary.

Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): Bad
Strengths: Stealth
Weaknesses: Girls
Weapon: Disguise, Throwing Daggers, Poison, and Ninjato
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): Agility, Invisibility, Empath (Reading Minds and Emotions)
Picture(If Possible):


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Zero Gravity

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Originally Posted by AnarchoELK View Post
Account Name: AnarchoElk
Character Name: The Anarchist
Age: 35
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): Large
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Tall
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black/Grey
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Personal History:
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later):
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later):
Picture(If Possible):

More like.. not even tried doing XD

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EagleEyes has much to be proud of EagleEyes has much to be proud of EagleEyes has much to be proud of
Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

I updated my bio
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Rating: AWESOME!
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Battle for 9.18 The Fan involving parentless, homeless, abandoned children, ready... FIGHT! xD

Love Elk and Kibs' backstories :3

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name:TheNinja4759
Character Name: Steve
Age: 22
Weight: Athletic
Height: Average
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Peach
Personality: A battle-hardened killer with little emotion
Personal History: Raised in a small village deep in the forest, his mother was killed by his father during a domestic dispute, thus Steve killed his father. He later fought in the great Ninja War of 2010, where he lost his arm due to backfire from his Kunai Kannon. He then had it replaced in 2015 with a robotic replacement, where it holds a backup sword on the inside, and a smaller, more accurate version of his Kunai Kannon mounted in the wrist. He swears that he will protect the Planet, regardless of the outcome.
Good or Bad: Good
Stengths: Intel, Operations Planning, and Ability to f*** s*** up.
Weaknesses: Kittens and little girls
Weapon: Twin Katanas (one on each side of body); Hidden katana in robotic arm; Kunai Kannon (wrist-mounted in robotic arm (fires kunai from the palm))
Abilities/Magic: Slight regeneration (from the nanobytes in his robotic arm)
Picture(If Possible): A ninja with a robotic arm, duel-wielding katanas..

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: Rocco
Character Name: The Necro
Age: 42
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc):Thin
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Tallish
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Bald
Skin Tone: Pale
Personality: Cold, bitter, sad.
Personal History: Unpopular as a youth, he was driven to the dark arts by his incredible ronriness. He began to develop an... attraction to the dead. Now he seeks to kill everyone and have a harem of undead slaves.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): Evil
Stengths: Incedible mental strength, can control the dead, fast.
Weaknesses: Low physical strength, infatuated with dead people, in need of a friend.
Weapon: unarmed
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): He controls dead bodies much like marionettes. He can combine them to make larger undead horror terrors. Can resist most mental attacks and see through most illusions. Can make a temp. force field arround himself.
Picture(If Possible):
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: Chris
Character Name: Marc
Age: 21
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc) Thin built
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Average 6'0
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Crimson Red
Skin Tone: Slight tan
Honorable tactical swordsman who holds great respect for all of his opponents and avoids excessive violence when possible. Calm, cool, and collected. Carries a slight temper when those who he holds close to him are harmed.

Personal History:
Marc grew up sheltered from the life of a warrior. His father was killed during an attack on his village by bandits. He was raised by his mother who tried for as long as she could to keep him from the brutal life as a warrior, but to no avail. Growing up, when Marc wasn't busy with his studies or chores, he would sneak out to the woods with his best friend Oliver to spar and practice their fighting skills. They had dreams to climb their way to the top and avenge the deaths their village suffered in the past. On the eve of Oliver's 16th birthday, the village was once again raided by bandits. Marc and Oliver set out against the wishes of their family to help defend the village. When Marc first picked up his sword, Oliver his axe, they didn't know what they were getting into. They valiantly battled bandit by bandit together. They were skilled, but over confident. While Marc and Oliver were back to back fending off their own opponents, Marc heard a gut-wrenching cry of pain followed by the sound of gasping. As he turned around, he saw sword wielding bandit pulling his blade from the abdomen of his best friend. As Marc screamed out the name of his friend Oliver, the bandit, who was at least a foot taller and twice his weight approached. Marc was afraid. Too afraid to speak, and too afraid to pick up the sword that he had disposed of in favor of his deceased friend's hand. To this day, Marc does not know how he mustered up enough strength to run, but he managed to escape the scene with his life. After the battle was over, Marc retrieved the body of his friend Oliver from the bloody wasteland and gave him a proper burial. Ten years after saying good bye to his father, Marc has to say good bye to his one and only true friend. It was at that moment during the burial that Marc made the vow to become the most successful warrior and tactician in his land. He never wanted to have to run, ever again. What he lacks in size, Marc makes up for with intelligence and nimble sword wielding abilities. After five years of training himself and other local fighters in his own village, he lead the village through two more bandit attacks minimizing casualties with his careful planning and skilled sword work. Marc realized he had learned all he could learn, and on his 21st birthday, he said good bye to the place he had called home for the first twenty-one years of his life. He left behind his mother and his younger sister entrusting the village to those he trained with in previous years. Along his journey, he survived by acting as a hired hand as both a tactician and a warrior. Wandering village to village honing his skills and earning enough gold to survive. During his last days in his home country of Ciel, Marc was drawn to a bright green light radiating from a forest to the west. Choosing to travel there alone, Marc soon found himself face to face with this radiating light which promptly transported him to an unknown country. No, an unknown world.

Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): Good.
Stengths: Planning, battle strategy, leadership, swift sword work.
Weaknesses: Long range attacks such as archery or magic.
Weapon: Generally, his weapon of choice is a rapier. Also known to wield a small axe as a secondary weapon in tight situations as an ode to his deceased friend, Oliver.
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later):
Picture(If Possible):

When I imagined Marc, I subconsciously based his physical appearance loosely off the character Eliwood from the Fire Emblem series, since I happen to be in the middle of his game. But please, run wild with your imagination. I really only based basic features off of Eliwood, and the fact that they both wield a rapier. But in all fairness, the rapier is my personal favorite weapon. But to give you a visual, here is a picture of Eliwood for reference.


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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: syhshen
Character Name: syhshen
Age: 25
Weight: 160 lb
Height: 6'
Eye Color: emerald
Hair Color: waist length silver hair
Skin Tone: tan
Personality: lade back, stubborn and WONT do anything unless he is getting paid or actually wants to. works well alone or in small groups. hates guns with a burning passion but will use them as a desperation move.
Personal History: for most his life he's remained pretty much a loner. He could careless who lives or dies as long as he gets paid. trained in all forms of blade combat as well as archery. Out of all the weapons he has learned to use dual blades and chains have been his most used and favored. He may have guns on him but truly hates to use them. He will put his life in danger long before he fires a gun. although he may work alone a lot he has worked very close to Taikutsu through the years. Even though they fight a lot they make a powerful team. His left arm got blown of after trying to take down a government base solo. after returning home he had a robotic arm made with a surprise inside he returned to the base and finished his contract the moment his arm was done.
Good or Bad: neutral
Stengths: blades, bows, descent shot with fire arms, runs fine when low on sleep.
Weaknesses: hunger, boredom, too much money (sees no reason to work)
Weapon: dual blades(sheaths on the back of his waist), dai-katana (sheaths on the right side of his waist. normally one arms it), throwing knifes (2 rows of 5 on each leg), bow set (will go on his back. 20 arrow quiver), 10ft chain (raps up his left arm and unhooks for quick use. can be used as a small shield), 2 old style magnums (hidden in his jacket for quick use. 6 shots in each clip), left arm is fake with a hidden machine gun in it (20 round clip with a 5 shot burst). does not carry reload ammo for bow, knifes, or guns.
Abilities/Magic: Zha yanjing (works like flash step) used manly on gunners and mages. uses light weapons for this move like his dual blades, Dianli bagong (works like the wind scar) used to take down large groups or get through strong defenses. can only be used with big weapons like a buster sword or his dai-katana.

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Hopefully I'm not too vague or indecisive, but I really want to see what Jin does. I think it'll be interesting to see things from your perspective. Also, I was lazy and didn't edit this, I just wrote. Awwwwaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  • Account Name: Kanashimi
  • Character Name: Kanashimi
    • Nickname(s): Kana
    • Notes: It's more fun to be yourself, and it doesn't look like many other people were themselves as such I hope you don't mind. Most of the information will be a characterized version of me (my parents never wanted me to be a doctor and I don't have magic powers, etc). I'll redo anything if it's too literal or make a character from scratch if necessary.
  • Age: 19
    • Notes: Legalities make this a freer age to work with. I prefer the age of seventeen since it's technically untouchable, but it works out with the whole Fuhrer thing.
  • Weight: Fairly Thin (110lbs)
  • Height: Average Height
    • Notes: Kana has a short torso, but has awesome-tastic legs---just sayin'
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Blue
    • Style: In all the logic of anime, Kana should have blue, wavy hair to frame her face. Styled bangs that adjust around the eyes to bring them out is a must for any girl, no matter how stern she is.
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Personality: Kanashimi is very driven in terms of 91.8 The Fan, and despite being good is willing to sacrifice plenty for her dream and ambition. While generally focused, she has a tendency to do well ordering others instead of taking too much on herself. Regardless, if she notices anything wrong she will take charge to make sure whatever job is up to her high standards.

    Business and personal have to be separated very finely or else there might be trouble, and she is fully aware. As such, as energetic as the girl can appear in her downtime the tables do turn when work is calling. Being the workaholic she is, Kana has a tendency to make sure everything is done to satisfaction before letting her have a moment of down time.

    In relation, even she knows that struggling away too long can lead to sickness and chooses her team carefully. She needs to know she can trust someone else to have the same carefully placed standards as herself.

    Though those she works with might be somewhat bewildered by the fact she might not take their friendship as seriously. This is easily mistaken considering Kana has a tendency to joke when relaxing, make harsh jabs, or even make sure to check up on someone else’s personal life. Besides, if they’re not in good shape, they can’t do proper work… can they? She has a tendency to laugh even when something isn’t funny, and has somewhat addictive hobbies (both work-related and not) such as sustaining collections of rare items.

    In the war over 91.8 The Fan while she is fighting for the decency of the country (or site), she will make sure things get done to achieve her goal. Whether this means a sacrifice for a greater means, then it will more than likely be pursued. She uses her strengths to her own advantage and makes sure her team can cover up her own weaknesses. That makes the “perfect” spotlight all the more sweeter , and her possible skills seem better than they might be.

    On a more fluffy note, Kana also understands why being a girl in this sort of situation might be beneficial. It can be used during an event that might aide her or her team. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a tendency to like cosplay or cutesy things despite being the boss-lady.
  • Personal History: She originally had a normal childhood with normal parents. Despite this, her parents were very contradicting the fact of telling Kana to do something she loved while trying to force her to do something of her parent's choosing. Her parents strongly desired for her to become a doctor of sorts, but this was not in her master plan. As such, she personally strives for her own wants and desires with a fiery determination.
She tossed aside regular schooling and college while instead proving she could do great things in an unconventional way. Assuming her position as the boss and driving force for 91.8 The Fan has been a quickening climb throughout the ranks to better asset herself and claim center attention for her own goals.
  • Good Or Bad: Good
  • Strengths: She has a tendency to go after what she wants even if it's with half of a plan, she is more confident in her ability to manage a team as well as come up with some sort of strategy as time goes on. Common-sense is a virtue after all.
In times where she needs to be she can be fairly friendly and the advice giver in a good deal of situations involving some of her close acquaintances.
  • Weaknesses: Kanashimi commonly desires to be the one receiving attention for her deeds, but at the very least she puts herself in a position to garner that consideration.
She loves cute things as many girls do, but also seems to showcase these far easier and perhaps a step farther. For example, the innocence of wearing a maid costume might not be so innocence in certain situations, but don't tell the Fuhrer (or maybe she knows...)!

She can become obsessive and miss noticeable things, and when feeling lost she would preferably want to... pretend to ask those on her team or that she trusts. Regardless, she wouldn't want to admit such a thing.
  • Weapon: As per the tradition here on 91.8 The Fan, Kana will have a small hammer at the ready... whether this is used merely to bop annoyances who make poor jokes or to actually attack her enemies is truly up to debate.
  • Abilities/Magic: Despite Kana's more bossy personality, her kinder skin is more apparent when she gets down to her magical abilities. She focuses squarely on becoming a better cleric by calming her mind while she heals teammates and victims alike. She expels her own energy to tend to others, and can work with sores as well as full blown gashes. Depending on the severity she could damage her own being however, and as such she is limited in what she can and can't do. She would be very careful not to give her life to help someone else, they better deserve it!
In relation to tending to others, she knows the basics of regular medicine and hospital protocol since she was forced to take some classes on this. Stitching a wound is something she'd rather not have to do... just sayin'

On some occasions, depending on her energy level she can create shields to protect herself until someone else assaults the enemy for her.

While she doesn't have any powers that could necessarily kill anyone, she is certainly fine with ordering someone else to do so (why would she want to get one of her adorable outfits bloody as is?).
  • Picture: I'd prefer you use the picture as a vague reference, it's never exactly what you want in these types of things as is (cause... you know, the hair is the complete opposite of what I described).



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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

I have the right to post this and save a spot. If you don't like it, TOUGH COOKIES! I'll get to work on it sometime later.

Oh yeah, do you have to use a picture? I rarely use pictures to describe my characters these days.
Need something new. Until then, Oshawott disguised as Piplup!

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