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Hello all~

ɀiʋͼƞ (pronounced "seven"), and I'm pleased to make all of your acquaintances. A friend of mine recently introduced me to the awesome that is 91.8!

Although the rules advise for a lengthier intro, I'll try to curb myself a bit. I'm a fanatic (see what I did there?) about reading and writing - I even have a degree in English! - and therefore I tend to be very long winded, no matter what the subject of conversation is. I don't want this to be an essay, but I have a feeling...

My obsessive hobby is composed of literary pursuits - reading, writing and editing. Eventually I would like to publish a Young Adult Fantasy novel (which I am currently planning out and developing). On the side, I'm known in some small circles for my pervy Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction. I've been writing fanfiction for a decade, and other things for a few years longer.

For those of you may be familiar with it, I'm currently participating in the Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction Contest on FF.net, where authors write stories featuring a randomly selected pairing and compete for votes. When I'm not participating in this competition, I also write stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Wolf's Rain, and a few of the fandoms listed below as part of my interests.

I play video games sparingly, mostly because I don't often have time to sit still. Because of this, I prefer JRPGs, though sometimes I (jokingly) engaging in getting my butt kicked in a fighting game like Soul Caliber or Smash Bros. My favorite RPG series is the "Tales of" Series, and the story I'm most attached to is Tales of Symphonia, although Tales of the Abyss is runner up. I'm a big fan of the Zelda series, MegaMan and countless others. I'm a Nintendo baby and I like all of their classics, but I do branch out to other things and consoles. Dragon Age, Catherine, Monster Hunter (PSP), Heavy Rain, Portal, etc. are also on the list of things that I like.

I'm currently occupied with Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS - if anyone wants to exchange friend codes, hit me up.

I play tabletop as well, and am an officer at my Alma Mater's Gaming Organization (Wayne State, in case there are any Michiganders rolling around). I'm a fledgling D&D player, but I also do other systems like Mutants and Masterminds, Fiasco, and Monsters and Other Childish Things. I've recently fallen in love with Red Dragon Inn and Cards Against Humanity, and I'm pretty much up for whatever and learning about as much as I can. I occasionally RP online as well, although I'm not going to lie - It's usually for perverted sexytimes to quench my strong thirst for all things romantical. On a more professional note, I ran a successful supernatural/fantasy RP on Proboards for seven years. It's my crowning achievement, both in terms of developing my writing and also in being able to generally stick with a project consistently.

Anime and Manga have been a big part of my life since I was small, and while I admire and often sit in awe of such wonderful works as Hokuto no Ken and Record of Lodoss War, I'm also a sucker for anything by CLAMP and Ken Akamatsu, the mangaka of the infamous Love Hina and Negima! - which I think is somehow a more popular title - and things that were debuting in that era. I'm still a fan of newer things as well (by that, of course, I mean within the last 7 year or so), like Gurren Lagann, Madoka Magica, Tiger and Bunny, Panty and Stocking, Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu, Durarara! and Hataraku no Maou... there are lots of other things on this list, but I don't want to go on forever. As a pursuer of romance, of course, I'm into yaoi, although not limited to that. I tend not to like yuri as much - it's difficult for me to find satisfying iterations of works in that category.

I hope that's enough about me to give you a sense of a general disposition ^__^ More than anything, I'm looking forward to lurking and more often than not participating in this community. I don't mind random messages, questions and stuff like that. I tend to be very direct, and when I'm curious or want something, I don't hesitate to ask - you shouldn't either.


ɀiʋͼƞ and I like stuff. Hi everybody. *waves*

P.S.: Shoutouts: I'm also a Nerdfighter, a Cumberbabe, a Savage Lovecast listener, a Harry Pothead (Slytherin), a Whovian, a member of Loki's Army and a few other things. #thankyoubasedgod

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