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1/2 Prince

Hello everyone, I would like to talk about the "manga" 1/2 Prince.

Here are some tidbits -
  • 1/2 Prince is a Taiwanese manhua
  • Written by Yu Wo
  • Illustrated by Choi Hong Chong.
  • Serialized in Dragon Youth Comic

Here is a summary of the story -
  • 1/2 Prince takes place in the year 2100 A.D. where virtual reality games have been developed.

    Feng Lan is the main character of the story and she is challenged by her twin brother Feng Yang Ming to play the newest virtual reality game called Second Life

    She dislikes the idea of using a female character to her advantage due to the perks that being female in a game get you such as free gold and items from males

    So Feng Lan creates a male blood elf character that happens to be drop dead gorgeous to prove she can be just as good as Feng Yang Ming and prove her worth as a swordsman.

    Due to logging on too early she becomes the first person to log on to Second Life which grants her a reward of a single wish

    That wish happens to be the request to have a male character instead of a female character which starts Feng Lan on her journey as a male, blindly hot blood elf named Prince.

Interesting tidbits about the main character -
  • She is a very ruthless fighter when she is Prince
  • She states that she likes the feeling of being soaked in blood
  • She smiles when she kills people
  • The reason she smiles when killing people is because she states that it is only "good manners"
  • She uses vulgar language to benefit her in being thought of as a male

Let the journey begin!

SO let us now commence the discussing of 1/2 Prince!

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